50 Cent Says Eminem Is Better Than Jay Z

50 Cent is placing rap mentor Eminem above Jay Z. Fif explained his reasoning during an interview with Music Choice.

“Hip Hip is black music without question, and unfortunately, for some people it’s tough to accept you have a white artist that does it better than black artists,” he said. “It is what it is. You can get whoever you feel is the best black artist and stand him face to face to face in a room with Em and he will eat that n-gga alive. …I bet what I have, everything. That n-gga meatloaf.”

“It’s tough for me to say some of this sh-t cause I sound like a hater, but I don’t care,” he added.

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  • Anonymous

    eminem dope but he aint better than jay

  • Eat A Booty Gang: Cool Guy(former cop/former brown disciple gang leader)

    Is eminem a bd or gd

    • Obey

      This nigga…

  • OTF Nana

    This is like saying fuckin Warrant is better than Cindarella. Both of those dudes are wack af. Best my ass.

  • Squad

    This dumb ass nigga talm bout is he a bd or gd bds can only be black and he ain’t neither one

  • Zoom

    all ya niggas is dumb asf
    Eminem is a WD a White Disciple

  • Codeine

    Emm is WD40

  • 207mal

    Of course Eminem better than Jay-Z

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