600Breezy Featured In Debate On Black Lives Matter and Gangster Culture

Paul Joseph Watson, a self-described “Contrarian Polemicist,” posted a controversial commentary, stating black people’s culture leads to violent encounters with police.

On Twitter, Watson captioned his commentary, “Black people would get into less violent encounters with cops if their culture didn’t glorify criminality.”

In Watson’s commentary, he featured a clip from 600Breezy’s “24 Bars” music video.

“If black lives matter, why have you allowed your entire culture to based off the glorification of criminal behavior,” Watson said. “If black lives matter, why do you idolize and exalt wannabe gangsters waving guns around. If black lives matter, why does your culture inform kids that getting into violent confrontations with cops is cool?”

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  • Ken Hudson

    so i guess wen italian mobs were killing and controlling the drug/extortion/booze trade or protestants were killing catholics or cris Columbus was raping killing and pillaging a whole continent or the roman empire wasnt inventing homosexuality and killing people they wasnt glorifying shit huh …. oh wait American media glorified it for them by makin movies about and holding them to higher esteem or regards iz funny how black criminal acts are dehumanized and demoralized while white criminal acts are romanticized and sensationalized and revered as heros and odd beaters

    • TruthTalk

      It’s also funny how white people kill millions of people a year through war, drugs, poisoning, murder and wars they fund in other countries but picture themselves as Angels.


      The thing is whites aren’t watching and listening to these things then acting it out in the streets, and performing these actions. And when whites do commit crimes other the majority of other whites say “he a real cracker”.

      • Ken Hudson

        man u sound dumb as hell but its only typical cuz most white people are narcissistic and suffer from cognitive dissonance anyways

  • Oliver

    Notice how he doesn’t discuss police brutality lol. U sir are racist asf

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