Al Sharpton and Phi Beta Sigma Launch Campaign to Fight Hazing

Al Sharpton and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. are teaming up to launch a national anti-hazing campaign, Associated Press reports.

The coalition comes in response to hazing death of Florida A&M Marching 100 band member Robert Champion.

Phi Beta Sigma president Jimmy Hammock told AP deaths due to hazing could no longer be treated as isolated or unrelated incidents.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity has been rocked by hazing scandals in the past. Donnie Wade, a 20-year-old Prairie View A&M student, died after an early morning exercise session conducted by fraternity members.

The coalition will observe a National Anti-hazing Day on Sept. 6.

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7 Responses to Al Sharpton and Phi Beta Sigma Launch Campaign to Fight Hazing

  1. Kappa Swag says:

    Sharpton prolly partnering up with the sigmas so he can be an honorary member lol

  2. gg man says:

    Yea it would be the sigmas. They don’t pledge

  3. lilo says:

    al sharpton is an attention [expletive]

  4. mr. fred says:

    long live hazing!

  5. Supa Nupa says:

    Sigmas don’t pledge that they recruit off junior college campus’s

  6. Gomab says:

    If the SIGMAS dont pledge then the kappas sure as hell dont pledge!!

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