August Alsina Tells Story Of Brother’s Murder In ‘Downtown’ Official Music Video Featuring Kidd Kidd

R&B newcomer August Alsina has a new visual for his latest single “Downtown,” a soulful, gritty tale of revenge.

“Downtown” is an intimate story of loss and heartache story written by 20-year-old Alsina that details the circumstances of his older brother’s tragic murder.

Alsina, a native of New Orleans, was barely 18 when he received the news.

In “Downtown,” Alsina croons, “Phone just ringing heard a nigga got got/He was over on the East last thing that he heard six shots/He ain’t getting no love from the cops, nobody got caught/Real talk when I heard who it was, my heart near damn stop/Somebody done killed my brother, now I gotta get back, let ’em know cause a nigga gotta feel that!”

Melvin LaBranch III, 24, was found lying face-down on a sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the head Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010, according to The Times-Picayune.

He was momentarily responsive when authorities arrived on the scene but succumbed to injuries later in a hospital.

Alsina walks through a cemetery in the visual and visits LaBranch’s grave as he plots retribution.

LaBranch’s three daughters, who wore white dresses, made cameo appearances in the visual.

Alsina tapped fellow N’Awlins MC Kidd Kidd as his song’s guest feature. Kidd Kidd didn’t disappoint, rapping, “Once upon a time downtown in the 9 (9th ward), what it don’t mind dyin’/Sworn to a life of crime, was a youngin’ only stood 5’5, big money on his mind/Clothes ain’t wrinkled while his hands on the iron, shot six times run in front of my mom.”

“Downtown” is a definite must watch.

August Alsina’s EP “Downtown: Life Under The Gun” is now available for download on iTunes.

Check out August Alsina “Downtown” below

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  • big mac w/cheese


    • How is that dope

      • im august bigest friend and its touching that he really made the truest story about his brother exspressing him self how he fill DOPE

  • I had watched his video to downtown and its just sad what happen to his older brother but i do understand where he coming from. thats all i gotta say

    • jamie

      I love u and ur music I am ur biggest fann but I am so sorry about brother please stay alive people think u will die in too more years but I think u can do better

  • i had watched this video and i falled in loved with it instanly.i hope august is holding on strong for he lost im pretty sure his brotehr would want him to good even if hes gone.
    R.I.P Melvin

    • Aww I’m sorry what happen I lost a couple people in my family august keep calm and call god

  • i am so sorry about your lost and i hope u fell better and keep onn with your music.

  • im so sorry about your lost keep your head up and focus on your career. also keep singing because you have a amazing voice… strong voice.. R.I.P melvin

  • I’M so sorry about your loss keep your head up and stay strong. Also keep on singing cuz you have a great voice.. R.I.P MELVIN.

    • Tieraney Cameron

      R.I.P. MELVIN

  • MzIndependent

    I’m so sorry for your loss… I hope you and your family and them beautiful little girls are doing better but, man you are very talented and some of these R&b singers about to be In trouble keep doing what you do because you got a great voice I love it!

  • leanna

    dame that crazy wat happened to hi older broth R.I.P to Melvin LaBranch and i love this video <3

  • Rajanae’

    Man When I First Heard The Song “Dont Forget About Me” From Beginning To End It Made Me Drop A Tear. Man I Couldnt Believe It!!But I Love That Song.. I Hope I Get To See You Some Day August Alsina !! <3 <3 Big Fan Since Day 1 !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I really hope you stay strong R.I.P mel

      • anonyomus even sexyyyyyyy i hope he stay strong 4 mel. R.I.P MEL

  • Earnestforevergirl66

    I got children his age,im old enuff to b this young mans mother but i love his music my daughter introduced me to his music and his story is sad and moving i feel in love with his story keep Ur head up young brother u r on ur way to great things and keep on grinding. Rest in peace melvin.

  • we share similar stories brother! my mans put me on AA because of that. i shed tears listening to your album, im right with you. keep making that shit that people with nothing can relate to. we need it. youre our voice! stay strong!

  • jadababymybaeAUGUSalsina

    I am so sorry for your lost august can u plz respond to my comment and u r cute and I love u

  • love u bae august

  • love u bae august hi

  • Dum that’s shit is crazy

    • I’m so sorry about ur brother

  • I Love August Alsinam Really diggin your Music, Love the fact how you talk bout you and yor family and Not money or bitches, You is the Next Trey songz, and Im really Sorry bout your Brotha

  • I love August Alsina…..and after reading the story about his brother then watching the video…I couldn’t do anything but cry. The part where they showed his nieces is what got me….my eyes were watery during the whole thing but when they showed them i couldnt hold it back anymore.. 🙁

  • Myasiaa Dawson

    I love you and hope you are keeping your head up. Your my inspiration and always will be. I net your brother is proud for you.

  • I Hope u stay strong 4 mel. ILY august stay strong. R.I.P MEL

  • Mrs.Alsina

    This man is an extremely talented individual. It is a blessing that August has turned his pain into a Testimony for the World to hear! This traumatic event could have been viewed negatively, but he relied on his God given talent to change his life for the better!! Being able to hear this story has also inspired me to be the best person I can be. Keep motivating and inspiring your fans August…Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Day after my birthday… </3

  • I love this song,but it’s sad.

  • Love this song

  • William

    Ride on ’em! Eye for an eye…

  • trinity_got_bands

    srry for your lost and i liked mama love b.i.p melivn labranch

  • Jasmine Miller
  • Charnesha L Davidson

    OMG! I am so sorry about your lost; I know what it feel like to be hurt so bad. that you will do anything to get that person back. I wish you luck and just pour your heart out though your music don’t do nothing to the people that murdered your brother, because to wrong don’t make a right. Just live your experience though the music, so your experience can help others. Whatever don’t kill you makes you stronger. #R.I.P Melvin Labranch III

    • angel

      I agree

  • angel

    I love your music nd this video touched my heart I kno how u feel to lose your love one… I love u nd R.I.P august big brother

  • sorry for ur lost august keep ur head up i know how u feel i lost my mama nov 10 2013

  • Jaleecia Hughes

    August alsina stay strong keep it head up god is always the person to call for you lee me in your prayers I keep u and ur family in my prayers I am so sorry for ur loss stay strong and I think u are the realist raper ever cause u gust don’t rap or sing for no reason u tell
    About ur life or what’s really going on I listen to every one of ur songs keep the good work up and take care of your nieces I will pray for you Melvin will never forget about u.

  • Jasmine

    Ilove u August..sorri for ur lost

  • zee

    Hy august heard about yoh bro I also had a bro who was shot when he was 16 hope u keepin strong don’t have fear be brave because u lovE this shit love all your songs hope u continue delivering hot tracks love benedicition I’m your biggest fan ehat u do for your brothers children is awesome may god bless u and melvin R.I.P. Wish u all the best braaaaaaa u got taste in life live the life the way u planned it to be wish and pray say what u wanna say love your song rolE moDEL of The Year AUGUST ALSINA

  • zee

    Show them hater what u got in you bag full of tricks show them flames then they won’t be the same put them on pause put them on mute and reject it don’t accept it and interject from zee lots of love BIBLE is the key to succes

  • AshleyBraylock

    I love this song, this song go hard R.I.P Mel

  • kajuandrawright

    august alsina i love yo song i remember wen took a pic with you i was crying and you gave me a hug and a kiss and you gave me yo shrit and yo jacket and one of your tape

  • August I love u and I hope you find the person who killed your brother and keep doing what you do best and do you

  • bennija wills

    U sexy boo

  • I love him

  • I fill ur Pain and ur video is sad

  • Reggie b.

    I once lived in uptown New orleans, as a matter of fact my uncle plays zydeco down in the french quatre periodically. I don’t know if you heard of sun pie barnes but when I watched the “downtown” video it brought back memories ya heard me. Keep ya head up. I’m truly truly a fan of the art visual and musical. Keep doing what you do

  • Omg I sooo sorry August your soo strong to deal with that and make a video of it I think your brother is soo proud of you keep it up from tour biggest fan#1fan ya Yess love you August

  • Omg I sooo sorry August your soo strong to deal with that and make a video of it I think your brother is soo proud of you keep it up from tour biggest fan#1fan ya Yess love you August and R.I.P MELVIN

  • i love how august actually tells the truth in his songs.

  • Pooh

    Keep ur head up homie..I lost my oldest brother as well and i found out on da bus ride 2 school…It still hurts cuz he tried 2 call b4 he was killed…R.I.P Mel & My bro Bone

  • dkarlaangulo

    I actually cried

  • August alsina its past now…jus wanna say i love benediction and u lukin so cute…..ah wanna b a sis tu u and yur broda’s children….i luh u

  • Sorry for your lost you inspire me you always will and I love you always will btw love your songs

  • Ianna Paster

    Im so so sorry for what happen to your brother

  • Well August had made a good story about his brother. In if he feel like he did a good story should not nobodi say nun about it let him say wat he wanted to say.. Hell he should no every thing bout his brother hell his mama had them.. So don’t be sayin he dint no nun bout his brother shit mind yall own BISSNESS

  • Tamara Johnsn

    Hey August, I’m so sorry about what happened to your brother, but I feel the same way my brother die March 11,2009, and I was crying my self to sleep and when I woke up I cried so do act like you are alone because you are not alone. I was only 9 years old when my mom told me and my sisters that my brother got shot in the face. Thanks.

  • emare
  • qualls


  • qualls

    i sorry for you lost august

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