Before They Were Opps: Old Photo Surfaces Of Lil Durk & Billionaire Black

An old photo surfaced online showing Lil Durk and Billionaire Black being at least on neutral terms prior to their sets’ ongoing beef.

Lil Durk and Billionaire have since been at odds since this photo was taken. The two have directed verbal shots at each other in music.

Durk upped the ante on his beef against the FBG camp in the Lil Reese-assisted song “Competition,” which appears on the OTF rapper’s “Signed From The Streets” mixtape.

Durk raps, “Bricksquad K, I tweet the shit/Labels call, don’t leak the shit/Loyal money got the shit/I catch a opp, I beat the shit/Catch Lil Jay, I heat his face/My nigga will meet with them/Lil Duck, he can’t duck this clip/Wugga World K cause they f*ck with them.”

Billionaire Black boasted flows of his own weeks later with the assistance of FBG Duck on “Expose,” a GBE and OTF diss track.

Billionaire appears to have directed a shot at either Lil Reese or Durk as he raps, “No lackin in the field, keep the steel/Smoking dope to the face, I would deal/See a lot of you rappers ain’t real/Def Jam hear this, you gon lose your deal.”

This photo above could be referred to as the Chiraq version of the iconic Tupac and Biggie photo. Pac and Big were once friends before their beef flared off.

Lil Durk coincidently compared himself to Tupac days ago.

“I feel like PAC,” he wrote on Twitter.

The verbal threats between the two has since settled down with Durk and Black focusing their attention on music. Durk is currently prepping his sequel to “Signed To The Streets” and an “OTF” album.

Bilionaire Black recently dropped his latest mixtape “Clout God.”

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  • Elroy Jetson

    I really dont understand OTF n FBG beef. Dont they stay like a street over from each other?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah they do i thought it was just me that notided but for real if they was seriously in some shit niggas would be dying every month or so.

      • jay

        They are dying every month LOL where you been

    • Anonymous


  • Illy

    Billionaire went in on that Expose. fuk Durk punk ass

  • Tank

    Billionaire Black can’t see Durk in Flows. That’s why Durk gotta deal and Billionaire don’t. Durk music way better. They just hating on Durk cause he got money


      durk cant even rap without autotune foh

      • jay

        Autotune doesnt enhance the ability to rap, u talking that dumb shit lol

  • Anonymous

    The reason dey not coo cause Durk was on sum fucc shit. Ho ass niga a pretender actin like he n da field but he really aint.

  • Will

    Yeah Durk sings. He’s like the new R Kelly with auto tune.

    Billionaire is going to keep working and blow up. He’s too smart to take a shitty 360 deal that promises him “his own label”. That is a bunch of bullshit that the labels set up for those other rappers. This industry will chew them up and spit them out just before their rent is due on the cars and condos.

  • Seth

    FBG > OTF

  • Inez

    None of em touchin NY niggaz

    • Anonymous

      fuck ny

    • you not on count

      didn’t Lil Durk give French Montana a hug tho?

  • Anonymous

    lil durk plain both sides or vice versa

  • lame

    interscope prolly has alot to do with this opp shit take dis in folks.. sign a average kid a multi million dollar deal make him rap about violence basically rapping about other street gangs seperate them from each other, break communities and start basically a war and pay a way for them all never to be friends. and sacrafise one to build tention which was lil jojo.

  • AlmightyShoota

    I found a pic of lil mister n chief keef before they both of them had dreads.Them niggas were like 14

  • Anonymous

    photo don’t even look like it was that long ago either

    • Your Mom Loves The D

      It had to been like 2011 or before. Durk still had dreads and Black dreads shorters

  • Anonymous

    the only opps are the people in chicago politics. y’all stupid niggas rather kill each and make the white man money off y’all bodies

  • Khalil

    Imagine how big a movement it would be if Chiraq united. Ever since listening to chicago underground i stopped fucking with the industry

    • Anonymous

      rite. niggas killin each other over nothin

    • Anonymous

      me 2 fam

  • hbgh

    That’s real shit imagine all of them making songs together. It’s far from possible cause both sides got too many dead homies, but they should end this bullshit beef.

  • It Aint Trickin If U Got It

    Durk suck monkey balls. He aint no pac

  • C3L3BRiTy

    Dis shit funny as hell

    Durk & Montana Cousins
    Smylez did some songs for Edai
    Now these niggas

    • Anonymous

      shit wild

  • JoJo World Til The World Blow

    But yall know what happened between pac and big. We lost two of the greatest mcs to ever touch the mic. Now look what happened to Hip Hop. We got gay ass Macklemore winning grammys. Niggas need to get off that beef shit fr fr. Aint nobody gotta hold hands just do yall n get this money

  • Quan Stack$

    Photo kinda crazy cuz yu wouldnt know if dey was bd, gd moe or anything if yu didnt know em. we all niggas at the end of the day. But fuck Durk n otf still doe.

  • Anonymous

    yall niggas lame if yall think this is some news. Even Lil JoJo knew durk n reese before they stated beefing. jojo was like “Went to school with these niggas, but that dont mean shit” Dey all from they same area.

  • ImaKulate Swag

    The Clout God Dope af. Bumpin this rite now

  • Anonymous

    Durk a real nigga

  • I got Ben Stein $

    If I’m a bitch then fuck nigga show me!!!
    – Billion

  • 600freemthang

    liljay bro got killed and lil duck bro got killed and they still aint do shit they jus run they gums and twitter wolf but aint on a mf crumb

    • Da Trap

      boa yu prolly frm the suburbs. fuck up

      • ………-_-

        I know an nigga that’s bricksquad 069. He is on the block with lil jay everyday. I know how you can be an gangster disciples member but you don’t have to be from chiraq to become an gangster disciples member.

  • A.P.

    I just hope no ones dies. I mess with both they music

  • I get checks like nike

    haha that’s an epic photo man. They should start doing music.

  • CeeJae_2K
    Its Cause Black Was In Buck 20 With Dgainz 2 Bros And DGainz Cool With Durk And They Even Got A Song Together

  • Lyrics ass backwards..

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