Bethune-Cookman Marching Band Member Pronounced Dead at Party

A Bethune-Cookman student was found dead at an off-campus apartment early Sunday morning, WFTV reports.

Primas Christopher Foulks, 23, a member of Bethune-Cookman Wildcats band, died after attending a party where alcohol was being served. Witness told police Foulks began to vomit and sweat heavily shortly after he arrived, CFNews 13 reports.

Foulks later passed out. Witnesses called police after checking his pulse and found none, CFNews 13 reports.

Foulks reportedly pronounced after police arrived.

Bethune-Cookman President Trudie Kibbe-Reed issued a statement Sunday.

“On behalf of the entire university family, we extend our condolences to Mr. Foulks’ family and loved ones and we will lift them up in prayer during this incredibly difficult time,” she said.

An autopsy and toxicology will be performed on Foulks to determine his cause of death.

Watch Primas Foulks Tribute Video Below

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  • B-CU luv

    RIP Primas. We miss you!!

  • Shay

    We love you Primas! Continue to look down on us love

  • Anonymous

    We love you Primas!!!!

  • Monica

    Aww so sad. RIP

  • Sarah

    He was so handsome. RIP

  • charles rasheed

    damn im sittin here in tears and u kno i dnt cry but damn man we just spoke and laughed ima miss you so much and i thank god 4 blessing me wit a friend like you i love you lil bro and we will see 1 anotha again so keep my spot warm!

  • nuvo


  • BobNance

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