Bobby Shmurda Talks Surviving Deadly Robbery

It’s a jungle in some areas of New York City, especially Brownsville, Brooklyn. Bobby, who hails from an equally dangerous neighborhood, East Flatbush, recounted a near death experience in an interview room at the Rockland County Correctional Center.

On the evening of November 5, 2013, Bobby headed to his friend Pluto’s apartment complex to purchase some weed. Unfortunately, Bobby was ambushed by two armed masked men upon reaching the landing of the apartment.

Bobby says one of the men pointed a large caliber revolver at him.

“Where the hell Pluto live?” Bobby recalled one of the men saying.

Pluto’s door suddenly opened at that moment, and one of the robbers shot him.

“They shot him right in front of my face,” Bobby said, according to GQ Mag. “When they shot him, I turned my head to the wall, like: I don’t know nothin’, I ain’t see nothin’. They grabbed me into the house. And then they had the gun to my mouth. They were like: ‘Where the drugs at?’ I’m like, ‘Listen, I never been here before. I just came for some weed. I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’.’ ‘Stop f***in’ lyin’! You wanna die, too?’ I’m like, ‘I do not wanna die, but I don’t know where no drugs are.’ It was like a fucked-up predicament.” The men ransacked the apartment and found the weed.

Bobby and two others in the apartment were ordered to get on the floor.

“They said if we move they gonna kill us right there.”

When the men left, Bobby and the others ran to the kitchen, where they found Pluto dead, lying in a pool of blood.

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  • OneMan

    That’s definitely a inside job….they knew he was lying from the you gonna speak and say you dont know nothing. Thats Bobby’s problem he looks soft so in this case they knew pluto wasn’t gonna give em shit and bobby was more then likely to talk. That’s what the D.A. Is doing to bobby right now using him to gain information cause he does look weak when you really look at him. He could of saved pluto from being shot if he would of just spoke up and said where the stash was… why speak up after they just murdered your plug to save your own life…that was dumb. I can see why bobby joined a gang…that must of really messed him up and hes small so he wanted to feel accepted,but then again who wouldn’t. Gang culture isnt for everyone….but gangs will take on new recruitment because just like a job you can be a potential asset to the turf..bobby may not have been the highest ranking but his hit song and new found fame helped him become a huge asset…well snitching on everyone.

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