Boxer Adrien Broner Reps Freemasonry In ‘Versace’ Freestyle

Adrien Broner, current WBA welterweight champion, stepped outside of the ring to get in front of a mic.

The world champion decided to try his hand at rapping while dropping a freestyle to Migo’s “Versace” freestyle in a newly released visual.

The Cincinnati native surprised fans with his lyrical skills, rapping, ““If it’s a problem with you and me, dog you will die… animal cruelty/My niggas get drunk and pop molly in clubs and start acting like hooligans.”

But fans were also thrown for a loop to learn of Broner’s affiliation with freemasonry. At 17 seconds in the video, the Masonic square and compass flashes across the screen.

Freemasonry is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the world.

No word on the lodge the boxer belongs to.

Check out Broner’s “Versace” music video below

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14 Responses to Boxer Adrien Broner Reps Freemasonry In ‘Versace’ Freestyle

  1. Peanut says:

    Illuminati azz n*gga

  2. lil Ciara says:


  3. Breon says:


  4. Shananay says:

    oh ma goodness

  5. off da bean says:

    dis n*gga in secret societies n sh*t

  6. Pelle on my back says:

    damn why everybody joining the illuminati

  7. jim jonez says:

    im bout to join dat sh*t lol

  8. X says:

    no wonder he’s gay

  9. Anonymous says:

    n*gga tryna start controversy. i bet da mason gon come after dat azz for usin dey sh*t in his vid

  10. Priceless Cutie says:

    i love him

  11. ice cream man says:

    gay ass n*gga

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