Brooklyn Rappers Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel Explain Why Their Block Is Important To Them: ‘It’s More Than Friends With Us’

Repping a block or hood is a common practice amongst residents of the urban community. Those on the outside sometimes regard this as gang practice.

On the contrary, there is a much deeper meaning for people of these neighborhoods. It is regarded as a support system for kids coming up amongst each other in deplorable conditions in their communities.

GS9 rappers Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel frequently rep their Brooklyn block and crew in music. The two up and coming artists revealed to Global Grind why the practice is important to them.

“It’s one of the craziest blocks in Brooklyn,” Bobby said. “Everybody know about that block.”

Rowdy went in detail on the special relationship he and his crew share.

“It’s more than friends with us now,” Rowdy said. “We done came up to a point where no mothers around, no fathers. And my money is my friend… my bro money now. If you don’t got it, I got it… he got it. It’s to a point where nothing else matter that much. Only us matter.”

Rowdy said they mention their friends in music to keep their names alive.

Watch at 9:35 mark.

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  • Windy Boy

    there’s always a judas at the table tho

  • lackin

    More than friends…. Aka lovers…

  • Anonymous

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  • New Orleans

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  • Anonymous

    they bout to take over the rap game

  • d thang

    I kno niggaz in there like damn i see u aint in a min wybo

  • Malik

    I like what Bobby Shmurda, and Rowdy Rebel are doing for the industry. Making things fun again, plus the dance is epic! –

  • Malik

    I like what Bobby Shmurda, and Rowdy Rebel are doing for the industry. Making things fun again, plus the dance is epic! –

  • ignacio davila

    “got these niggas walkin round like they some shooters BOWW” Bobby says that the opening of the video and yet he has the audacity to say he ain’t influenced by Chicago. Even goes as far saying that he ain’t ever heard of Chicago much less drill music. GTFO kid. Swagga jacka. Ain’t nothing wrong with copying other cats if everybody is doing it ‘ as long as you acknowledge the originators/originator/etc but this kid bobby shmurder acts like chicago doesn’t exist and didn’t influence him at all.

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