Capo Raps Chief Keef & Tadoe’s ‘Tooka’ Song

Chief Keef and Tadoe recorded a “Tooka” song shortly before the Interscope rapper went into rehab in Los Angeles.

Capo posted himself on IG rapping the track.

The song is a diss to slain St. Lawrence resident Shondale Gregory. Gregory, known as “Tooka,” was shot and killed on Jan. 12, 2011 while awaiting a bus. He was 15.

Friends formed “Tooka Gang” and “Tookaville” in his honor.

Chief Keef’s “Tooka” track may make its way on his “Bang 3” mixtape.

Check out Capo rapping the track below

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  • monty

    capo knows his music sucks donkey balls that’s why he sings everybody else’s songs

    • da chief


  • Anonymous

    I’m off da tooka!


    Somebody need to off this goofy clone ass boy

  • lame

    i agress with the nigga above str8 out the mayor crack smoking city he gon get hit fo acting a fool like these same dick riding chief keef fans who think keef gon pull a 188 on the so called ops. keep to your goodo boy i got a career as fooh job.

  • LilJay_UpNext00

    capo wanna be chief keef ass niggas be out here fake in like fuck #bdk


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