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African American Women HIV Rates on the Rise, Rivals African Women

Posted on March 13, 2012 | No Comments

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1 out of every 32 black women will be infected with HIV during her lifetime. Although black women represent only 14 percent of the US female population, they constitute 66 percent of all new HIV infections. The infection rates of black women in the United States rival those in the Congo and Kenya.

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Minority Students Face Harsher Punishments than Whites

Posted on March 12, 2012 | No Comments

More than 70% of students involved in school-related arrests or cases referred to law enforcement were Hispanic or African-American. A report that will be released Education Department Tuesday raises questions on the severity of treatment minorities receive when facing disciplinary action. Black students are more than three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended or expelled.

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Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman Says Single Mothers ‘Expect Government Handouts’

Posted on March 8, 2012 | No Comments

Wisconsin state senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) appeared on Fox New Talk Radio with Alan Colmes to discuss his proposed Senate Bill 507, which would consider single parenthood to be a contributing factor to child abuse. Grothman blamed the government for “pushing the single parenthood lifestyle” and said they are doing it with all the “benefit programs, which primarily benefit single motherhood.”

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Libyan Rebels Torture Black African Prisoners

Posted on March 5, 2012 | No Comments

A video released last week is making its way around the Internet showing Libyan rebels horribly mistreating black Africans. These are the same Libyan Rebels that ousted Muammar Gaddafi and formed the Libya’s National Transitional Council.

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