Cdai Sentenced To 38 Years In Prison For Murder; RondoNumbaNine To Be Sentenced On June 14

Cdai, born Courtney Ealy, was sentenced to 38 years in prison on Monday for the 2014 murder of cab driver Javan Boyd.

RondoNumbaNine, whose real name is Clint Massey, is scheduled to be sentenced on June 14.

Cdai, 21, and Rondo, 19, were found guilty of the Feb. 22, 2014 slaying in March.

Prosecutors allege Cdai and Rondo were part of a three-car entourage riding through enemy territory looking for revenge due to an earlier altercation with an unnamed party, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Rondo and Cdai allegedly sighted Boyd sitting in his vehicle and pulled their vehicle alongside his.

The two allegedly went to Boyd’s passenger door and asked if he was from the neighborhood. When Boyd replied he was from the neighborhood, Rondo and Cdai opened the passenger door and opened fire, according to the Tribune.

Boyd was reportedly shot seven times in all, including, twice in the back and three times in the leg, according to the Sun Times.

Rondo and Cdai allegedly rushed back to their vehicle and all three vehicles fled the scene.

Cdai is reported to have dropped his cellphone at the scene before he and Rondo returned to their car and the group drove away, prosecutors told DNAinfo. Chicago Housing Authority surveillance cameras reportedly caught the shooting on video. Police also recovered Cdai’s fingerprint on the window of the car.

Cdai and Rondo have been in jail for over two years awaiting trial. The two rappers’ trial has consistently been delayed because the prosecution had a hard time gathering their witnesses.

Prosecutors say this is often an issue in cases that involved “gang slayings.”

Rondo’s attorney, David Hill, told the Chicago Tribune in a phone interview last week his client has been demanding trial for more than four months.

In March, 600Breezy took to Twitter to reveal the two talented emcees were facing a 45 year-to-life sentence.

“45 to life tho,” he wrote.

On IG, Breezo wrote, “I don’t even kno what to say bro….. I love y’all for life. Real 600’s real n***a for life.”

On Twitter, he added, “9 couldn’t even look me in my face cdai just dropped his head and walked out I’m sick to my stomach.”

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  • Bill Bailey

    I guess you aint never had someone close to you get locked up for a long time, of course they want they boys free if my boy got locked on something like this i would say the same thing, and i had people close to me killed already and the shooters fam was saying free them and had t shirts and everything aint nothing. What i dont get is all these comments from people who aint bout this life or even know about it that use it for entertainment and dont realize its real out in these streets. Why is you’s even here? go comment on the brady bunch or some shit

    • michael salinas

      You’re whats wrong with society and exactly the type of person the commenter was talking about you fucking idiot.

    • michael salinas

      People that aint bout this life?? Look if u kill a opp on some gang shyt then its justified casualty of war. But if u hit civillians or innocent people youre a fucking amateur and deserve to get locked up or someone in the victims family should kill u. If ur stupid enough to pull a burn 3 cars deep with females and leave finger prints and drop ur damn cell phone at the scene u deserve to go to jail. And i bet they used their own personal cars and not stolen cars. Stupid niggaz like that are a liability to their nation. Man I swear black gangs dont know how to put in work. Dumb wreckless ass niggaz.

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