Chicago Emcee Killa Kellz Drops Controversial ‘300k’ Music Video

Coming off the heels of slain Chicago rapper Lil’ JoJo’s “3HunnaK,” Gangster Disciple Killa Kellz filmed a music video for his Smylez-produced “300k” song shot by @mr2cannons.

“300 ni**as/ That’s that sh*t I don’t like/So I make em fade away, just like Mike,” he raps.

The music video is controversial given the tragic outcome of Lil’ JoJo.

Watch Lil’ JoJo’s “3HunnaK” below

Lil’ JoJo allegedly had a hit out on him due to his highly publicized beef with the Black Disciples street gang, namely rappers Lil’ Durk and Lil’ Reese. The rapper posted a video “3HunnaK” to Youtube attacking the Glory Boyz Entertainment affiliates.

“These ni**as claim 300, but we BDK,” he rapped.

BDK is short for Black Disciples Killers and “300” is the gang numeric code for the Black Disciples street gang.

Check out ‘300k’ below

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  • pied piper

    this bitch slap

  • stephanie

    ctfu all dem niggaz controversial AF. they do that shit for fun lol

  • bdk

    folk nem went in on jojo

  • Anonymous

    300 killa i killin 300 niggas fuck a 300 nigga dont fuck with 300 niggas. dis bitch go hard lol

  • chiraqz

    killa kellz insane boi yall no. he america worst nightmare like odawg

  • dirty dave

    i hate the message but the sad thing bout it is that the song actually sounds good o_0

  • dat nigga will

    ill blow a nigga down n go fuck his bitch lol damn nigga add insult to injury lol

  • Anonymous

    he do this for jojo

  • tone

    make dem niggaz fade away just like mike

  • black dude

    is he bricksquad? I never heard of him before. this song hard

    • die6lkn

      yeah you dumb bitch

  • myron

    yall think there will ever b peace between gdz n bdz?

    • die6lkn

      no becuse they dumb they killin each other both with 6 while they fighting the 5 killin them niggas

      • RIDE6DIE5

        nigga please where tha 5 be killin them at? folks run englewood… killa kellz is a bd he is jus 300k 300 is a bd set on normal ave aka lamron. so it is sum gd’s and bd’s that get along but only a few which it aint no different from stones not fuckin wit mickey cobras or tha 4’s and they under tha 5 together. its a war zone niggaz gettin dropped erry where so fuck u GDN or no N we stakkin and crakin treys i respect sum of tha 5 s/o to some of tha moez. as far as yall mf’s jus worry bout my SD niggaz

  • loddy doddy

    damn dem niggaz serious

  • jknox

    this go in doe rip jojo

  • tiffanie

    Dim niggaz hit jojo an ima hit bak! Just like Mike! Killa k killing dim 300 niggaz! I hate da violence but dis nigga stunting 4 Jojo! Sheef sheef wish he new big words an cood b as lyrical as killa k. We backing dis man an da jojo movement all n da FLA! #jojo world ima jojo girl!

  • Kat stacks sucked my dick

    He ain’t with the shitz

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