Chicago Police Accused Of Dropping Gang Members Off In Opp Neighborhoods

Sounds like a scene from “Menace II Society,” but this is actually real life. The Chicago Police Department has been accused of dropping gang members off in dangerous rival neighborhoods in an effort to get them to talk, reports.

The Department of Justice learned the CPD took gang members into opp neighborhoods to “coerce information” about criminal activity. This news comes as the DOJ release information of their federal investigation into the CPD.

Chicago Police Officers will reportedly either leave the person there or show the gang member to rival members, jeopardizing that person’s life by suggesting he snitched to police.

Footage readily available on the YouTube shows this act in practice. Police officers open the backdoor of a vehicle where a teenage boy sits cowering in the backseat. Rival gang members crowd the vehicle and taunt the young boy at the approval of two officers on hand.

A lawsuit was later filed, and city officials settled for $33,000.

The officers involved in the incident, Susana La Casa and Luis Contreras, were later fired by the Chicago Police Board in 2013.

Residents reportedly told federal investigators that the practice has been happening for years, according to the DOJ report.

“A young black man told us that when he was 12 or 13 years old, he and his friends were picked up by CPD officers, dropped off in rival territory, and told to walk home,” according to the federal report. “Another black teen told us that his brother was picked up in one location, dropped off in another location known for rival gangs, and told: ‘Better get to running.'”

The police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October 2014 sparked the 13-month investigation.

Read more on DNAInfo by clicking here.

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  • Tony

    This shit was happening in the early 80’s. This is another reason why so many young men lost their lives because of scum cops. I was a victim back then but made it home safely. I’ve also witnessed on many occasions, the scums dropping off other guys in my hood. And you wonder why the murder rate is so high in Chicago?

    • Dotr

      So you’re telling me that the murder rate being high in chicago is due to the fact that on occasion cops will drop a gang member in another gang members territory. So if all the gang members stayed in their territory, there would be no murder rate problem? How about if there were no gangs and all street trash was thrown in prison. Then you will see a drop in the murder rates. Chicago has dangerous gangs that control the streets and that is why the murder rate is so high. Everybody with a brain knows this and liaghs at people like you that sympathize with the muderers.

      • Tony Hopkins

        It’s obviously that you don’t know what’s going on in the streets. You have been brainwashed by your media and the idiots who report on gang violence. I guess that mean you’re the one whom lacks a brain. Chicago doesn’t have a gang problem, they now have cliques, idiot. If you were smart you would have known that. If you don’t know what going on in the streets, maybe you need to keep your out of place comments to yourself? The facts still remains the same. Some scum cops are responsible for some of the deaths that goes on in people of color neighborhoods. If it was up to me, I would have special units on the streets pulling cops over and searching their cars for murder weapons and drugs. I guarantee a lot of scums, our hood street trash, will be going to jail and people like you would be crying foul play while sucking on the peter. You can’t tell a person that’s on the streets, what happens on the streets, unless you’re on the streets! Learn to use common sense when you listen to the news. Most of their stories are just that, stories, better known as lies.

  • 950Hoon

    Sooooo, don’t do that the stuff (gangbangin’).

  • Wolfe #EggSquad

    Lol that shit happened in the 1st scene gta san andreas

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