Chicago Rapper CashOut Says Chief Keef Beef Stems from ‘Tooka’ Diss

Chicago rapper CashOut, who resides from the St. Lawrence area of the city, broke down the brewing beef between himself and Interscope Recording artist Chief Keef.

The feud began after Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, made the track “3Hunna” dissing Shondale Gregory, affectionately known to close friends and relatives as “Tooka.” Gregory, 15, was murdered after he was shot several times on Jan. 12, 2011 as he was awaiting a bus on the 600 block of East 63rd street, according to Chicago News Report.

On the track, Chief Keef raps, “F*ck a Tooka gang b*tch, I’m 3hunna.”

“One of my lil’ homies got killed who was like a brother to me, which is Tooka,” CashOut said in an interview.

“When I came home I’m steady hearing him dissing us and I’m like ‘who is that?’” he said. “This is a couple months before he got signed and they like ‘it’s this ni**a named Chief Keef.”

Upon hearing songs disparaging his fallen “brother,” CashOut, 21, took it upon himself to find a way to “turn the situation around and make a way for my team to win.”

“I’m tryna put on where I can get out there and when I get in the mainstream and when I get on World Star I can bring my homies in with me; I can bring my team in with me and show how real talented they are,” he said. “At the same time, show them that this is that same Tooka gang that Chief Keef been talking about.” ‘

CashOut explained the origins of Chief Keef’s squad “O Block” and his crew “Tooka Gang.”

O Block, CashOut said, is somebody who died.

“They feeling like the shots that killed dude from O Block came from us,” he said. “He O Block, so he wanna diss Tooka Gang.”

Chief Keef’s “3Hunna” track will appear on his major label debut album “Finally Rich.” No word yet if the 17-year-old rapper will remove the Tooka diss from the song.

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Check out CashOut’s Interview Below

Check out Chief Keef’s “3Hunna” song below

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11 Responses to Chicago Rapper CashOut Says Chief Keef Beef Stems from ‘Tooka’ Diss

  1. yungmula says:

    bang bang

  2. clockwise says:

    chief queef can eat a d**k

  3. Brittany says:

    it seem like they both need a hug lol

  4. Troy says:

    who is tooka?

  5. Reginald says:

    @Troy U read da story n*gga lol???

  6. FBGDaMovement says:

    Fly Boy Gang 4 Lyfe

  7. Anonymous says:

    These 2 n*ggas scrap it out on pay per view or sum sh*t lol

  8. TookaGangSoulja says:

    TookaGang All Day B*tch!!! BIP ma n*gga

  9. N_Sane063 says:

    F*ck Boy Chief Keef Gon Die

  10. JassBass says:

    fck tooka gang , chief keef BBY ((; o block b***h

  11. tiffanie says:

    As much as I dislike sheef sheef I hate lil reesy rees! (Wit da peanut buda n syd assssssssk sheef). They r tru menace 2 society!!! At times I hate b n blaq an I (wee) shoodnt hav 2 do dat cuz dat ain’t wher iz at. Yal cooda put da past n da past an rilly put chi on da map! But n sted u putm unda da grass an made chi look lyk crap. Cooda came togetha dats wher iz at an playd it 4 publicity an made mills off of dat . Cooda playd dim crackers an get sum get bak but n sted probly paid a baser a sak or a f*k boy a stak 2 shootm n his bak din wanna put it n a rap. I pray thers no get bak cuz unlike u i’d hate 4 yo fam or dawta 2 hav 2 go thru dat so fkn wut if at adriannas yal ran out da bak i’d retha do dat din get shot n da bak by a fkn rat! U myt hav beat da case an THINK u got away wit dat but god no wher u an urs at an cally ain’t far u can spin three dollas on a map jus no wut u spit will always [expletive] bak an we all no daz a fact! Jojo world. Da movementt, ril n*ggaz fyt wit fist dnt pull lame guns an sh*t u wil liv to fyt anutha day but not wit gunplay! Jojowrld

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