Chicago Rapper CashOut Takes Photo on Chief Keef’s O-Block

Chicago rapper CashOut set out earlier this week to visit Chief Keef’s O-Block neighborhood.

CashOut, a reputed member of the notorious Gangster Disciples street gang, visited the Parkways Gardens Apartment in South Side Chicago to look for members of the rival Black Disciples street gang.

Cashout took to Twitter to upload a photo of himself posted on O-Block.





CashOut appears to have followed in the footsteps of slain Chicago emcee Lil JoJo.

Shortly before his demise, Lil’ JoJo took a photo late at night in the Black Disciples neighborhood on Lamron, which is Normal spelled backwards.

How do you feel about CashOut’s latest antics? Sound off below

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47 Responses to Chicago Rapper CashOut Takes Photo on Chief Keef’s O-Block

  1. A Milli says:

    Dis n*gga must’ve been off a bean 4 dat one

  2. NSane_GD says:

    Ma nicca silly af 4 dis LMBAO

  3. Cody Got Bandz says:

    Bullsh*t he probably in front of his apartment complex lol

  4. all praise justin beiber says:

    Yeah, I bet they all would have started running if Fredo was in the cut!

  5. Mandi says:

    Where Chief Keef at lol??

  6. Hasan says:

    N*gga in jail b***h tf lol

  7. LAMRON BD!!! says:


  8. on folk says:

    Look lyke he was out there n da morning. H*e ass n*gga came when the drillers were at skoo

    • pop adrill says:

      hell yea. lmao

      • 060 boy frm da real dblock says:

        damn rite he on kno got lil dre up on da blck mane tadoe keefy aint reely out chea keef grew up out hea buh dey all away across da world now sosa a noname buh gdk drop raakes die yzz ymk 051k 063k tooka tutu pack

  9. Hot Boy says:

    I neva saw dat JoJo pic. Dat boy crazy lol.

  10. Vaun says:

    CashOut pulled a JoJo

  11. Real nigga says:

    All you dumb ass chief keefa nd BD d**kriders need to stop it. half of you b***hes dont even know what a BD is. Half of you aint even from Chi town..

    Cashout the n*gga who fked keef momma.. but they in rival gangs so who gives a sh*t. Cashout, Lil Mister, JOjo, Billionare Black, Lil Jay, P Rico, Rico Recklezz, $waGG, SmylezP are all in the same gang.. and they are real n*ggas because they still in the hood… while Fredo, Chief Keef, SD, Lil Durk and Lil Reese are all in the suburbs now because they aint about that life…

    - from a real chi town n*gga from the same neighborhood as both the BD’s and GD’s

    • 404 says:

      Bruh you can’t be serious? So you a real n*gga to stay in a broke, poverty stricken hood that aint doin sh*t but gettin n*ggas killed. Yall need to stop with that sh*t. You a dumbass.if you have money but choose to stay in a hood that gangs, murder, and drugs are present. If yall n*ggas dont want yall life and wanna stay in a fucced up hood, that’s on you.

      • Jalon says:

        Bruh mess with? Send me yo # or email. I ask because u understand and get this sh*t others don’t. And you sound sophisticated as hell so f*** with me I like conversing with other smart people.

    • Sk says:

      If they (GBE) got money why would they stay where they could get killed.. Just about every successful rapper moves outta the hood, they still with their crew and sh*t..

    • 060 boy frm da real dblock says:

      u bout dum as hell boui dnt u kno dey rich y df dey wud go bck nd end it all u see wht happeney to lil brro la bout to mk it buh got chngd up on da blck mane i swea u a squally on bd

  12. SGRho_Lady says:

    I dont know anything bout a GD BD, ABC, this article a lil bit too hood for me i guess

  13. Ke$ha Bad Azz says:

    Ok so what was he tryna prove by going 2 Chief Keef hood. Like Chief Keef in Jail, so y cant he go there when Chief Keef get out is all im sayin?

  14. krs 2 says:

    lmao dis n*gga need a reality show. I would watch

  15. tip a mill says:

    Did n*gga casjout stay n da news. certified og hood n*gga

  16. Jazzy Jewelz says:

    He wanna be a bad azz when chief keef locked up. How bout he go there when chief keef get out

    • team fug u up says:

      b***h shut da hell up with all dat sh*t. u actin like chief keef run oblock. oblock runs oblock. they got alotof drillaz round dat areas. first tie u heard of oblock is when u listened to finally rich

  17. All I Rock is Polo! says:

    Ion really know who dis n*gga is but he got balls 2 go to chief keef hood #bangbang

  18. K dot says:

    Da shorties da real goons n da Chi. Dis n*gga went out there when da lil n*ggas was at school

  19. jimmy neutron says:

    damn dese n*ggaz bout dat life but i hope nothing happens to them. its not worth dyin over. we need to end the senseless violence goin on in chicago. peace one love

  20. Tae says:

    awww i miss jojo. he was so coo :’(

  21. grimy lee says:

    f*** da oblock sh*t. dat pelle pelle cold af. where can i get one like dat

  22. taco head says:


  23. Lil Mae says:

    he’s handsome

  24. Anonymous says:

    dese n*ggaz wanna be gbe so bad that they post on they block lmao

  25. bay area goon says:

    Cashout n*gga don’t look like he out here, he look like a pretty boy noh*mo

  26. All About Da Benjis says:

    f*** dat n*gga lol

  27. All About Da Benjis says:

    he tryna get street cred off chief keef name

  28. GDK Nigga says:

    They had the car parked nearby. They were there 30 seconds and dipped lol

  29. Fuck Da Small Talk says:

    Dem FBG n*ggas need 2 change dey name. My n*ggas in da D been reppin Fly Boy Gang 4 da longest. We ova a thousand strong

    • tiffanie says:

      cash dnt need street cred off sheefsheef hel he got ass credit off sheefsheef moms lol!LMFAO!!! A killa n da streetz packn dat heat but a b***h n court ………. dats dat sh*t I don’t like! Be a man n court dats dat sh*t I don’t try… pulling out a gun when I cop go by dats da life I try to liv by but win da judge sed 2months now goodbye I had 2 fkn cry!

  30. mister says:

    them n*ggaz got money so why would a n*gga wanna stay in da hood when they gettin legit bands no smart n*gga i know plus out of 4 3 of them n*ggaz have hoods on & i’m sure they didn’t stay mo then 5 min. cashout going to end up like jojo he keep it but he a self promoter which is da best promotion

  31. DJ says:

    Where dis n*gga been at?

  32. smokesz says:

    Come out to chiraq see how the movement is b***h ass n*ggas f*** Gbe and da Goofys who rock with them . Catch a opp turn him into JMoney LMFAO
    #FBG #OsoArrogant #BDK

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