Chicago Rapper CashOut Takes Photo with Chief Keef’s Daughter Kay Kay

It looks like Chicago rapper CashOut is taking notes from rapper 50 Cent on diss tactics.

50 Cent took shots at Maybach Music Group artist Rick Ross by getting close and personal with the “Bag of Money” artist’s baby’s mother. He even took the rapper’s children to visit boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

CashOut’s actions were no different as he instagrammed a photo of the “I Don’t Like” rapper’s daughter.


CashOut then sent a series of tweets disparaging the “I Don’t Like” rapper. CashOut wrote he should have kidnapped Chief Keef’s daughter when he had the chance. He even entertained the idea of making the photo his mixtape cover.

The young gangster disciple claims he has a video of himself bottle feeding Chief Keef’s daughter. He wrote he would sell the footage for $50,000.

Chief Keef caught wind of CashOut’s actions and instagrammed a “sosagram” to CashOut.

“Jus woke up to a opp tryna get some credit by holdin my daughter #NoLackinHomie,” the message read.

This isn’t the first time CashOut took shots at Chief Keef. The BrickSquad Gangster Disciple claims to have had sexual relations with the rapper’s mother. CashOut released a viral video where he gets Chief Keef’s mom to discuss their sexual relationship on the phone. During the conclusion of the video, he calls Chief Keef’s mother a “slut.”

CashOut even made a diss track in response to Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” song.

Was this a low blow on CashOut’s part? Sound off below.

CashOut Talks to Chief Keef’s mother on the phone

Check out CashOut’s Chief Keef diss

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  • ChIraq Soulja

    Damn dis nicca Cashout craazy af

    • trapshyt

      fug dis nigga dis nigga fufu

    • nessa

      LMAO fufu ass nigga chief gon get u

      • mikemike

        Chief Queef aint gonna do shit

  • 3Hunna

    Chief Keef boutta have dat boy missin!!!!

  • Anonymous

    CashOut got a target on his forhead

    • fufu nigga

      nobody fuckin wit cashout

  • Real Nigga N Here

    Damn cold world

  • Southside

    cashout fucced dis nigga mama and taken piks w/ da nigga dawter. #mandown

  • Kelisha

    that boy is doing the most for sum attention ugh

  • Anonymous

    How the hell did cashout get a hold of Chief Keef’s daughter?? Keef need to check his circle cuz obviously it’s not tight enough

  • rachael

    i love cashout. he is so handsome. he should be a model 😉

  • juju bean

    damn cashout bang banged keef’s mama and may have banged his baby mama. the kid may not be chief keef’s

  • donnie

    haha this wild 4 this shit

  • ike


  • lareesa

    is this shit real?!?! I don’t think that’s her. fake!!!!!!

  • lil pint

    she looks unhappy 🙁

  • jasmine

    wow this can’t be real

  • Anonymous

    id have to kill a nigga for touchin my daughter

  • Keef is deh realest nigga out ere u niggaz be hatin cash out ur mumms a hoe and ur a punk ull get corn on door ur grand parents door step. About time u get layed down we otf nigga ur mum will get shot if she aint been deported u fake nigga thinkin ur bad cos of kay kay ur wet for tht no ratings about nap her ur nan wiLl get napped

  • cash out is a bitch chief keef should beat his ass an like killed lil jojo cash out nothing but a pussy

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