Chicago Teen, DeAndre Baber, Murdered After Car Gets Stuck In Wrong Neighborhood

An 18-year-old teen set to graduate from high school this spring was shot dead in a senseless act of violence in South Side Chicago.

DeAndre Baber was riding as a passenger in his brother’s mini van when it got stuck in a pothole near South Elizabeth and West 81st streets in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

A party bus of area gang members approached Baber and other passengers as they were working to push the vehicle out of the pothole.

The gang members questioned Baber and passengers’ gang affiliations. The confrontation grew more hostile after the gang members broke the windows of the van, robbed Baber and passengers and took the keys to the van, according to the Sun Times.

When authorities arrived, gang members fled into nearby residences. Baber and passengers were taken home by police.

Baber retrieved another set of keys from his home and returned to the location of the van to have another attempt at moving it.

Baber was shot in the back of the head during his efforts. He died at the scene.

Brion M. Dowdell was identified by witnesses as the alleged shooter. He was arrested and charged with one count of first-degree murder.

Baber attended Bogan Computer Technical High School.

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  • SHhhitt man thats sensless man they weren’t even gangmembers

  • Anonymous


  • Globetrotter

    niggas is weak smh how u kill a innocent nigga who dont gangbang for tryna get his car unstuck AFTER you already robbed him and his homeboys…smh niggas is pussy

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    whyy would he go back…i would left that shit there nd call da tow truck

  • pino


  • Anonymous

    niggas catch bodies for a name in Chiraq

  • Lashay Boo

    What is a real nigga? A more real nigga thing would’ve been to help the brother push his car out of the pothole. But this stupid nigga wanna be a bad ass and catch a body. Life in prison is too good for him, he needs the death peantly

  • Ganja

    That’s why if you aint with that shit stay yo ass on the porch rip him tho

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • diplomat

    um co signin. u know u on some fucc shit if ya peeps snitch u out n u know it was somebody he fucced wit

  • Anonymous

    This why that high school shit aint worth it

    All these years in school for our future and we dont even get to see it

  • ..

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