Chicago Young Money 051 Rapper Lil Marc Murdered Days After Release Of ‘No Competition’ Music Video

Rising Chicago rapper and Young Money 051 member Lil Marc was gunned down in a hail of bullets in broad daylight as he stood near a bus stop Friday afternoon.

The shooting occurred around 1:30 p.m. on the 300 block of East 51st Street, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Lil Marc’s tragic death comes only a few days after the release of his controversial “No Competition” music video.

Marc begins his track disrespecting dead members of rival gangs.

“Baldy pack, Moski pack, Tayski pack, Lil Rob pack, woke up, ate a bowl of Trix, I was blowing on D Thang, riding down to Steve Drive/Think I’m finna Odee/Took a trip to L’A while Kita, man, she throat me.”

“Mask up, young n*ggas on dummy, catch you in broad day leave em like J Money,” he later raps.

The visual also includes a short clip of Lil Marc on face time with Def Jam rapper and 300 Black Disciple affiliate Lil Reese.

Marc is the 60th homicide victim in Chicago this year. Marc’s death represents the latest in the urban genocide afflicting Black men in Chicago.

Marc was a father to be. He was expecting a boy with his girlfriend. Even more tragic is his son will never know his father.

Other songs Marc recorded before his untimely demise were “No Lacking Remix,” “Hang Wit Me Remix” and “Zeko World.”

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  • he fucks wit Tooka and Jaro city, but on facetime wit lil Reese and making a diss record about OTF, that’s why niggas killed him.

    • RondoNumbaNinetyYears and CdaiGot22ToLife

      Tooka was his brother

    • Anonymous

      You got to be ally’s to FaceTime eachother?

      • Anonymous

        him and reese were friends in grade school.. but went they seperate paths and became opps to one an other..

    • llll068

      you dumb as hell boi

      • Fto young cracker

        Stfu and GTFO cracker jack

    • Anonymous

      seen so many of u whyte bois sayin dat lol did u not watch da video n hear what dey said to eachother?

    • him and reese know each other but they from different gang.and they were taunting eacho other, DIE LAMRONS . DIE YOUNG MONEYS

  • FTO

    rip tho summer finna be real ugly now everybody Finna die

  • that bdk shit got him a tooka with a fat head ona side

  • ^ dude u mad lame for dissin they dead now when something happen to u you will kno why

    • Anonymous

      But it’s okay for them to diss dead bds shut yo dumbass fuck that nigga he dead now. #DIE Y #GDK

      • Anonymous

        You probably aint even from Chicago you dont know these niggas so stop netbanging and let then rest in peace

      • Anonymous

        Btw these niggas aint GDs so stop it

        • Anonymous

          No shit they not GDs you dumbass stfu

          • Anonymous

            You didnt know it stop acting like a bitch

        • toivo

          Y he a MC renegade bru always good to know who the outta towners sayin GDK

          • T

            Y’all the outter towners stop sucking nuts i said GD cuz i’m with that too no1 says MCK they say DIE y i said GDK too cuz its FTO dumb niggas.

  • bdgdhs

    Diss like 10 dead gang members in one “song”, be in lame set, die after all that, and your mans still wondering y u dead… No disrespet to dead cause im not with that stupid shit but u see u must be smart and dont get in bullshit…Now u got 2 brothers killed on bus stop, coincidene? I think not

  • ImaKulate Swag

    sad af man

  • Anonymous

    They killed him at the bustop like Tooka look like he tried to run cuz whoever it was blew the glass out that little sitting box then he was in the curb. He asked for it though…..

  • Anonymous

    Niggas say 051 lost 6 niggas in the last 2 months. Who else they lost? The Treys ain’t playing.

    • Anonymous

      Back to school boy this is the first nigga they lost these 2 months

  • Flatbush Rican

    funny dey killin 4 brownie points but aint gettin no type of money n dey city

  • RondoNumbaNinetyYears and CdaiGot22ToLife

    I hate it when niggas don’t learn from JoJo they just try to follow up

    • Anonymous

      Stop it man that shit J Money

  • Seth

    Crazy there’s some places in our own country where you could wake up and not know if you’re gonna make it home safe. Mind boggling if you ask me

    • NWO Wolf Pack

      First thing first, we need to examine the socioeconomic conditions of these communities where crime heavily occurs. Poverty and little education are usually associated. I don’t have an answer to what could fix it. But these people in the community have to help themselves first. No one forces these kids to pick up a gun. I say it falls on the parents honestly

      • Degeneration X

        Everyone else having a gun forces these kids to pick up guns. It’s the same reason North Korea wants a nuke

    • Matter Fact He Got A Mop!

      Its da life of a savage BOA!!! Stay on da porch if yu aint wit it!!!

      • Anonymous

        Nigga please shut yo net bangin ass up.


    Nigga tripping for being in 300 hood alone by himself

    • 3rdWorldHustlah

      ^ :/

      g o o f y


    300 niggas hype they got payback for LA.051 did smoke his ass tho.mob 50$trong gonna drill niggga watch

    • u a goofy boi thinkin cuz it say 300 block its a bd hood nigga it hella mc’s around dere

  • i be from Toronto. kollegkid is closet you dumb fucks will get to college.

    To me this is entertainment, you ediots want live this life? This is gonna start a war again,and all you wanna be’s wanna act,no lacking homie. it’s as though everytime a nigga makes a video he makes his death bed it’s sad but makes no sense. To make it worse niggas are taken head shots these days.have fun talking shit under fake names and Anonymous.

    • Out West OG

      @IBeFromToronto Glad a white kid from the suburbs admits this entertainment to you. Shit is real out here, but you can go home to your comfy home, eat a well balanced meal then go to your room and play with your new ipad. Must be nice. But you honkies get a kick out of ‘niggas’ dyin. Entertainment huh? Yall love for war and violence has promoted this violence in the hood. Yall own da record labels and get a 50 cent to promote violence in the music rather than use “old money” to give back to culture you raped and stole from. But it’s good we got sites like this to expose violence, cause Fox wants to hide it. But if all you get out of it is entertainment and not an urge to help, then you are no better than Satan himself.

      • i be from Toronto. kollegkid is closet you dumb fucks will get to college.

        IM NOT WHITE, I LIVE IN THE PROJECTS UNFORTUNATELY. Everyone who comes on here doeos it because it’s entertainment fuck, like when you go to the movies and you watch a movie about slaves or torcher and your like damn but you continue to watch it’s entertaining to you.YOu kids won’t last a chance in my city with attitude you produce online and my city ain’t like dat buh when you get us pissed it gets ugly. yall don’t see our shooting and violence because America has there own issues on the platter so don’t give me no crap about shit cause i let you niggas know where i be cause i ain’t no fraud i figure a real grown ass nigga would respect a niggas will to not be a fraud and come with the real. TORONTO IN DIS COME SEE THE REAL.

        • charlie

          Stop lying about “real niggas in Toronto.” Toronto murders less niggas than UNCF.

          • i be from Toronto. kollegkid is closet you dumb fucks will get to college.

            nigga where you at? let me come check you show you sum.

    • fucktoronto

      you toronto idiots be the one’s faking the hardest the fuck you talking about?

      • fucktoronto

        come down here fuck boy your country won’t let real hood niggaz in cuz your country safe as fuck

  • Cool guy(INstagram=general_juan)

    Drose and @1fivestar killed him someone tweeted it on lil reese page I’m gonna snitch

    • Cool guy(INstagram=general_juan)

      Lilreese300: @Thf_rome1 who got dT smoke I need dat stankkkkkkkk
      10:32pm – 28 Mar 14

      @thf_rome1: @LilReese300 fivestar nem people

      @lilreese300: @Thf_rome1 tell bro I’m Lookin 4 him

      @thf_rome1: @LilReese300 iight bro but these opps ain’t really in the field

      • Cool guy(INstagram=general_juan)

        I’m gonna send this info along with a video drose posted with five star on instagram right near the shooting after it happened to the chicago police department(anonymously of course) have fun in jail u niggers!

      • CurryGotDa30

        Nigga dt smoke means who got weed goofy and I seen da videos on Instagram too the one with 5star was from 3 days ago but the drose one was from yesterday and who would stay at the crime you the dumbest white snitch I know

        • Cool guy(INstagram=general_juan)

          I’m mexican not white and why the fuck would he need weed when he put a pic of a shit load of weed after he posted the tweet? Why would he say five star nem ppl instead of naming one person? Obv there talking subliminally so they don’t get caught retard

  • Vonte

    Guess we know y dey call it CHIRAQ!!


    Folly killed him?see I told 50 strong really gonna drill now.50 strong stay bodying folly.fuck folly

    • Anonymous

      Shut yo cheerleading ass up.

      • YASSS

        NIGGA YOU ME

  • Klassy Nupe

    They need to bring national guard into the city so they can start whippin niggas asses

    • Cool guy(INstagram=general_juan)

      National guards are pussies they don’t fight in war. Why the fuck would u say them and not army or marines.

    • Anonymous

      No the police just need to stop acting like a bunch pussies

  • Anonymous

    the city is scared to put real officers in the Englewood/Woodlawn district. The so called bad asses patrol the low crime areas. The poor black districts for the most part have black police officers and they are scared shitless of the areas they patrol

    • Shaaliver

      Wtf r u talking about 7th district gang unit is all white and there always out moron

      • T

        And they lookin to whack shit.

    • CurryGotDa30

      So you wouldn’t be scared they can lose they life at any minute

  • Cdai_22

    I don’t get it he say he bdk but on facetime wit Reese so is he bless wit Reese dem or not

    • Cdai_22


      • Anonymous

        Them niggas must’ve known each other before that beef and been cool but obviously they was taunting and dissing each other on Facetime.

        • Anonymous

          they been goin back n forth on twitter … that were talking shit n dissin each other n dat video? yall slow as hell did u not see reese drop a y and say die ys and ask where marc was at?

  • TJ

    Damn so the opps really came into his hood on 051 and got em? That shit crazy

  • Devin

    I want to see one of these lame ass rappers make a diss song about killing white, jews, gays, muslims etc and see how many records hey sell or views they get. This is getting old.

  • Dollaz

    Is this payback for la, or just a drill

    • Anonymous

      Payback. Niggas from Marc’s hood killed LA for the death of fat head and now lil marc is dead for LA

  • FreeRondo

    051k crazy for la

  • die y

    Fuck that dead opp. Fuck him..fuck yoinf money

  • Anonymous

    it was man down on 51st

  • die y

    I hate any opp fucc lil marc the fufu jerk

    • Anonymous

      Your mom love opp dicks tho

  • YungBfg

    it seem like if u tweak wit Reese u gon die..

  • 600 Boi

    Rip LA…This summer gonna be CRAZY! These niggas should know 300 aint playin they gonna smoke every nigga they see the BDs got real hittaz on they team if Rondo and Cdai go home ITS OVER for 051 YM 063 STL and 069 Bricksquad…sad how all these young dudes are getting killed but they took LA and they gotta pay

    • Anonymous

      You dumbass it wasnt a bd who killed him

      • 600 Boi

        Who killed him then fuck boy

  • dumb niggas on here talkin bout sum i said gdk cuz dont nobody say mck and everybody say die y if they was real dey wud kno dat its a lot mc’s dat aint young money nd 800 stay droppin gd

    • Anonymous

      Wtf nobody said all MCs are YM dumb nigga 300/600 only beef with YM’s MCs when you hear them say MCK tho dumbfuck and GDK for the gay insanes faggot.

      • nigga when did i say they beefin wit all mc’s yo goofy ass nigga nd dat shit aint for da insane gd’s cuz YM fuck wit billionaire black dats y reese was talkin bout him for bein cool wit dey ass on twitter dey droppin dat shit for hitsquad gd’s while yo dumbass talkin

        • Anonymous

          While yo dumbass talking u ain’t know Billionaire diss buddy yesterday on twitter after he died he aint cool with YM he from WelchWorld they opps yo dumbass dnt know what you talking about… lie please.

  • 600 Boi

    Man some of these dudes on here think they know everything LOL niggas think they can solve a murder like this one 45 minutes after it happened none of us were there so nobody knows who killed this nigga

  • chitownbd


  • Anonymous

    shit so sad smh 🙁

  • gogetyousomemoney

    99.9 percent of u commenting o n this are lame as fuck go live life go get some money go fuck a bitch go smok some weed stop fuckin commenting with your dumbass thoughts fuckin dummys make youre own rap following if you like following Chicago rap cuz yall all on there dix n its just stupid and annoying and PATHETIC go get a life losers stfu and get some money bitches why cuz money makes the world go round some people say money isn’t everything but you cant do SHIT without money so go get some money ur wastin time with ur dumb comments that don’t mean shit and aint getting u no money I know im wasting my time with this comment but yall fuckin stupid maybe one of u retards will listen and say he has a point im gonna stop wasting time doing stupid shit and go get some money to feed my family and put roofs over there heads in a nice neighborhood this chiraq shit isn’t helping you out any its just givin u mfrs autism

  • Anonymous

    i heard dey left his body out dere for hours. cpd aint shit


    All you young thugs (300,600 whatever you call your crew) just don’t know how bad y’all have it coming to y’all. You think you tough cause you can pull a trigger you think you got a team. You cats my be a 100 deep and I bet 95% of you fools don’t have any money or can’t read but as long as you can pull that trigger you the man. If the police caught one of your guys they ass going to turn to a state witness against your ass. Here’s some advice If you can be seen you can be hit a gun can’t save you.

  • Cdai_22

    Yo kollege kidd update us wit da rondo and cdai situation like real shit u lackin

    • Anonymous

      On everything they slackin. CPD killed a nigga from EBT today too, and a kid got shot on 061 Frontstreet or Indiana.

      • Cdai_22

        Ye it’s Indiana

        • Cdai_22

          ^ CPDK


    300 OTF 600 y’all have cross the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cool guyk insanek cool guy is a faggot

    Cool guy tou snitching bitch nigga. going to trace hurt your punk ass bas boy. I fucking hate yoir snitching and hope you die… this doesn’t have to wirj yoir bitch ass …I really hope you die in your sleep or lberace fingers can no longer type, toy bitch

  • I’m getting word that it wasn’t an opp that killed him but he was shot by police

  • Google the Sahu Avatar

  • Broski Mane

    Sad, but this make me mad, aint none of y’all with the shit, talkin bout no lack in, don’t diss

  • Broski Mane

    Sad, but this make me mad, aint none of y’all with the shit, talkin bout no lackin, don’t diss MCK fuck fatzworld and coreytown tres for days die Y


    Those dirty nasty stinky grimey should been flushed YM’s got what they deserve… BLACKWORLD b*itch

  • Stupid BOys


    • on odee you wanna suck my dick?? #OTF300

  • Stupid BOys


  • MustangGang717

    Free my nigga lil ninja got locked up for stealing a ballon

    • Anonymous

      yeah free all the guys
      free my nigga big mac he a real nigga he killed 4 niggas and raped 10 bitches

  • 2DIE4

    I been clickin thru dis shit fa a minute now. You out of towners funny asl.

  • 2DIE4

    Love Life Loyalty

  • 2DIE4

    For ya out of town ass niggaz. BD(Black Disciples) is wayyyy bigga dan #600 and LAmron. So wen u say bdk out ya mouth u jus don’t know where its comin from. Say wat u want fuc niggaz but dis shit real as it gets and belee it or not its niggaz in dey 30’s and 40’s dat will murk ya ass fa sayin it.

  • yooo

    they killed him in retaliation to LA capone

  • MelbourneBD”squqd

    Nigga we BD in Australia we bout that life we shooting shit goofy die lil Marc nigga we GDK


    BALDYPACK, TAYSKIPACK, MOSKIPACK, LILROBPACK WAKE UP ATE A BOWL OF TRIXX WHILE I WAS BLOWIN ON DTHANG RIDIN DOWN LIL STEVEDRIVE THINK IM FINNA ODEE TOOK A TRIP TO LA WHILE KETA MAN SHE THROAT ME !! These lines were probably the most disrespectful in rap history and this is what got RIP Lil Marc killed within a matter of days. You cant diss that many enemy dead homies from so many different sets and not expect them to be out on the hunt for you. I guess RIP Lil marc didn’t learn anything from RIP Don D.

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  • matown2

    “Baldy pack,Moeski pack, Tayski pack, lil rob pack, wake up at a bowl of trixxs while I was blowing on D thang riding down lil steve drive think im finna Odee took a trip to LA, while Keta man she throat me”. (got to be one of the most disrespectful diss songs in drill history) unfortuantley it may have sealed Lil marcs fate and led to his murder, in chiraq you jus cant diss that many opps dead homies and not expect immediate retaliation not on the wax but in the streets up close and personal which is exatly what happen to Lil marc 3 days later. Lil Marc played a bad hand and he lost. Marc said so himself in the No lackin remix “on the bustop with a thot yeah lackin No punt fakin in the field when its crackin”, He must have had premonition of his own demise and sadly he didnt even know it.

    • dhusu

      unnecessary comment. the story above sums it up , u basically repeated what the article reveals

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