Chicagoan Lil’ Kemo Popularizes ‘Bop’ Dance

When Chicago artist Dreezy dropped her “Break a Band” official music video, the music wasn’t the only thing fans were captivated by.

There was a young man moving his body in a never before seen rhythmic motion to the beat of the song.

The young man, known as Lil’ Kemo, was performing a dance called the “Bop,” originally a form of ‘steppin.’

Some individuals may have even first caught glance off Lil’ Kemo in M.I.C. member Il Will’s “Go In” official music video shot by DGainz.

The “Bop” dance is clever, but Lil’ Kemo transformed it. This version, according to Lil’ Kemo, is called the “Kemo Walk.”

The “Bop” has undergone many transformations throughout several generations. Originally performed in the late 50s and early 60s, the “Bop” was a smooth, calm dance of striding, gliding, dipping and dabbing, according to

In today’s generation amongst a younger, hip demographic, the “Bop” now is performed to Hip Hop music. It incorporates a “bounce” with slick footwork and various body movements.

Check out Lil’ Kemo “Boppin” in the music videos below. You can also head over to Lil Kemo’s YouTube profile to check out more “Boppin” videos by clicking here.

I.l Will “Go In”

Dreezy “Break a Band”

King Louie “My Niggaz”

Lil’ Kemo Boppin to Chief Keef’s “Kay Kay” song.

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  • Kelisha

    lol he be gettin it doe

  • Meghan

    He make it look so easy lol

  • Nelly Boop

    That boy can dance his ass off lolz

  • Kimmie

    Goes to show black ppl are naturally gifted. He can do all that probably without any formal training. S/O to him

  • Fuck a name

    I aint even kno he was in dat Go In

  • high az a kite

    this is so dope!

  • eastsideboi

    i gotta learn that dance lol

  • shanetta

    love it!!!!!!!!

  • willie

    that shit swag. does he have any tutorial vidz?

  • Erica

    get it boy

  • destinee

    that break a band go hard as h3ll n ol boy was gettin it 😉

  • leslie

    I was tryna 2 do this n school but looked hella dumb doin it. i need practice 😛

  • triflin j

    ok now kemo i c u gettin a lil fame. don’t forget about us lil people

  • byron tee

    i’m literally tryna do this shyt lmao. the hoes gon love me

  • bx ni66a


  • ILoveMyAphiA

    Broooooooooooo i been tryna figure out who this kid was for the longest. nice dance. thanks for the article

  • abigail

    aww cut3 🙂

  • tito daddy


  • howard u

    get it!

  • Ehhhh this shit sweet lol

  • Whoever make a dopeass song dedicated to boppin gon blow up on my mama. I bet niggaz n da studio right now tryna a sumthin lol

  • We aint had a big dance since that Dougie shit. This bop dance nice. I can see this getting big

  • ready or not

    the kids gon be doin this dance soon. i aint flexible to do this 😛

  • Chi Town Folk

    This nigga Kemo boutta blow. He boutta have the world doin da Kemo walkk

  • Candace

    that boy was getting it

  • Moneisha

    I luv mi babi kemo 🙂

  • Kenny B

    there is nothin unique bout what he doing. it look lyke a fuckd up break dance freal

  • nick

    haha shout out to that kid. dance go hard

  • A Real Ass Nigga

    Buddy Be Makin That Shit Look Easy! I MUST Learn This Shit! I Can Do A Lil Bit But Nun Like Him Tho,When I Learn This These Bitches Gon Love Me…

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