Chief Keef’s Affiliate D. Rose Arrested & Charged With Murder Of Chicago Teen Venzel Richardson

D. Rose, an affiliate of Interscope rapper Chief Keef, has been arrested and charged with the Feb. 12 murder of South Side Chicago teenager Venzel Richardson. Rose, whose birth name is Ahbir Sardin, is being held in lieu of $1 million bail, according to Chicago Tribune.

D. Rose, 17, hails from the 600 block Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, a stronghold of the Black Disciples.

Rose was released months ago from Cook County Department of Corrections after he was charged with armed robbery with a firearm.

Chief Keef name-dropped Rose in “Love Sosa,” rapping, “Don’t make me call D. Rose boy/He six double-0 boy/And he keep that pole boy/You gon’ get f*cked over.”

D. Rose was also mentioned in one of Keef’s earliest works “John Madden” where Sosa raps, “600 boy, I ride those boys/ D. Rose boy, My lil bro boy.”

Rose can be seen making a cameo appearance in the track’s visual wearing a blue t-shirt and a white skullcap.

D. Rose is being charged as an adult in the slaying, the Tribune reports. Witnesses reportedly identified him as the shooter in a photo array and a police lineup.

Venzel, 14, was shot multiple times upon leaving a corner store with friends. Venzel a freshman at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, was struck by an assailant inside a white van, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Venzel was reportedly shot in the upper back, left lower buttock and outer hip. A fourth bullet went though Venzel’s neck and exited through his forehead, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The shooting occurred in the West Woodlawn neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

Friends and family were shocked by Venzel’s sudden passing and took to social media to mourn his death:

Dunbar instructor Greg Ingleright also mourned Venzel’s loss.

“RIP Venzel,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ingleright shared a Chicago News Now story to his Twitter account titled, “Teen, 14, fatally shot in head in Woodlawn on South Side near 61st, Vernon.”

Ingleright is distraught by the violence-plagued areas where his students reside, referring to the city of Chicago as “Chiraq.”

“Teaching in a war zone has got me down #Chiraq,” he wrote.

Venzel’s mother Laveta Richardson was distraught by her son’s death. Richardson and family say they don’t want the slain teen’s death to be written off as just another dead black kid.

“We don’t want Venzel to be known how the police are portraying him — as a gangbanger,” the boy’s aunt, Denise Richardson, told DNAInfo. “We don’t want him to be another statistic, just lying out there in the snow. Dead. Just another black kid. ‘Oh, he’s in a gang.’”

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80 Responses to Chief Keef’s Affiliate D. Rose Arrested & Charged With Murder Of Chicago Teen Venzel Richardson

  1. Bo$$hit says:

    Free my n*gga drose! Realist hitta in chiraq! Dey got him f***ed up in dis b***h

  2. lel says:

    What a f***in dumbass. He f***ed his life with doing this dumb sh*t, he will get his ass drilled again

  3. kollegekid deletes Toronto comments. says:

    for jojo!! smoking on dat keke bond. and d rose gonna be singing love songs in juvi.

    • Bo$$hit says:

      He ain’t gon be in juvi fam. Trying his ass as an adult smh #FreeDroseNRondo dem n*ggas be on dat Aiki pack 24/7

      • Anonymous says:

        Your wrong how the f*** they on that pack while in jail. F*ck em

        • Bo$$hit says:

          Aiki pack Tooka pack Jojo Pack f*** all dem n*ggas. Gdk CobraK f*** a brick f*** 069 f*** 051 f*** all dem bd up in dis b***h all day erday Crack Treys this 30 gon crack ur head fufu f*** nigggggguuuz [expletive] VONTAY. All u n*ggas wouldn’t talk dis sh*t to Drose face f*** boiiii

      • Adubz says:

        No sh*t he ain’t goin to juvi.. Hes 17.. in chicago/IL when you’re 17 you’re ALWAYS going to be tried as an adult because YOU ARE AN ADULT in this state at 17. Dude just threw away his life over some nonsense.. But sh*t, it was bound to happen. Have fun standing tall in prison D rose.. you don’t have a banger in there.. Dudes that are 6’6 300 lbs are gonna be running all up in your ass

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dumbass n*gga is in all them video’s and don’t even wear a mask or some sh*t when he killed that lil boy. Retarded ass n*gga. R.I.P Venzel

  5. Anonymous says:

    FREE DAT BOA!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Drose Boa drop that soap on purpose boa!

  7. G Money says:

    600 dropping like flies lol

  8. dan says:

    damm they all taking ls all 600 but they really bout that you cant rap and b successful in the chi real talk u finna take all types of ls stay to your 9 to 5 average joe

  9. Cool guy(instagram=general_juan)(brown disciple) says:

    Drose getting that buck buck macaroni time treatment in jail

  10. Savage says:

    Yall forgetting the venzel n*gga bang too he had to be bdk look at the twitter post and wat his aunt saud

  11. Savage says:

    Yall forgetting the venzel n*gga bang too he had to be bdk look at the twitter post and wat his aunt said

  12. 416-TDOT says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    600 is saturated with snitches.

  14. For Everybody That Don’t Know Venzell was not innocent he used to Bang 062 M.O.B the same clique the n*gga who killed Lil Steve is From!! He Was A Opp And D.Rose Turnt Up For His Homie He Should’ve Wore A Mask Tho! Fareal!!!

  15. rocko says:

    rondo snitching

  16. li wong says:

    Release my brothers Ð. Rose in one of the most authentic hittas chiraq! Free Rondo ninth, free CDAI, free all people!
    Rose NEM drill stuck in them b***h ass Oh, how do you know 300 & 600 Rock my brothers!
    F*cking thug, f*** jarocity, Jojo smoking on the package, sipping this cute little mark, sounded the tooka package faded this venzel package!
    # 300 # 600 # GDK # Ken # InsaneK # FreeAllTheGuys

  17. true says:

    All you f***ing outta towers and lil ass f***ing kids need to stfu and stop with this sh*t. NONE of you f***ing little sh*ts are plugged or connected, NONE. Just cause you’re from the f***ing hood doesn’t mean you with the mob. NONE of these kids are actually plugged with these street gangs. they all think they are but aren’t! NONE of these little f***ing sh*ts know their lit, or their demos. bunch of stupid f***ing crack babies with poles running around the damn city clapping at anything moving. you f***ing kids are pathetic on some real sh*t. This sh*t is getting out of hand because of incompetent parents who can’t keep an eye over their f***ing kids because those stupid ass [thot]s out here f***ing useless block n*ggas, and these dumbass thots out here becoming moms and know now how to be a f***ing nurturing mother thus the cycle of single black mothers who can’t raise men. This cycle has to f***ing break! I don’t hate my people but we have to rise above this f***ing sh*t. seriously. Its impossible to on one hand condone this f***ery but on the other hand be mad at that clippers owner for thinking of black people the way he does. Its all full circle

  18. bx babi says:

    600 sum goofy ass n*ggas lmfao

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Bmore Trill says:

    Ima keep praying for all them folks n youngins hood to hood,city to city,worldwide,real talk!!!Its a lot of $$$ and opportunity out here for us all to get rich if we stay cool and be more great-Bmore 2 Chi-Town much love 2 everybody,take care mane!!!

  21. Handzdwn says:

    It’s crazy they jst picking him out a line up he jst came home around tht time why he jst go shoot at n*ggas n*ggas lying to get shawty out the way I’m bmore so I already no wats up

    • Anonymous says:

      Armed Robbery wasnt “Cool” enough for him so he killed a n*gga. That n*gga just wants a name well that n*gga got an inmate number now.

  22. Anonyfuckingmous says:

    F*ck these [racial expletive]s, worthless s[expletive]. F*ck all of you gang members; motherf***ers are dying for no reasonable purpose. Thank god I don’t live in the cesspool of pure filth.

  23. didnt i tell u f*** n*ggas he locked up they jus findin out now smh free drose!

  24. Dick Roads says:

    Aye I got Kollege Kidd in da Jam turnup!

  25. GuwopGang 500 says:

    All of you goofy lames saying Free D.Rose. I guarantee you never met him personally, guarantee if someone murdered someone close to you, you wouldn’t be saying free the hitta. Guarantee you wouldn’t ride for him in jail or try to bond him out. Bet his own guys won’t bond out, like before.

  26. inglewood tingke mingle single lingle fart pop tart wlevate this says:

    That Lil boy was not innocent. . He was in gang. Stfu….eye witnesses pointed him out meaning n*ggas are snitching…..the otherside in snitching because they are broke and reward money…I hate kollege kidd now because the comment are a bunch of troll n*ggas and Internet be snitching…n*ggas trying from the otherside bw talking a bunch of sh*t and let’s see how many die….watch its going to be a long summer.

    • Anonymous says:

      This n*gga keep d**kridin them BDs. I bet your ass blown out as a maf***a. It might be Rondo who snitched because that n*gga was home when Drose killed Denzel. And them 600 n*ggas broke too if you got 2 designer belts doesnt mean your rich.

  27. inglewood tingke mingle single lingle fart pop tart wlevate this says:

    Yall boy are some snitches on this page , damn smh

  28. 065 YM BITCH says:

    Tell me drose don’t remind u of odog from menace 2 society , [expletive] THE SNITCHES THO like lil bibby said y’all know what snitches get #FREEDROSE #FREERONDO #FREECDAI real hitters #RIPLA

  29. yall got my n*gga drose f*** up man we drillin sh*t 40 make em bop like kemo 064 all bay 300 600 dogpound fivestar ebk oblock free da gang lonelivela ress in piss venzel die brick die y die lzz die 5 and we gdk

  30. idiots...idiots everywhere says:

    Yall dumb asf. Yall screaming free drose n most likely neva meet him
    Let a murderer roam the streets cuz he yo homie?. Funny cuz the same rappers dat shout him out prolly gone say free D.rose on IG but ain’t gone pay his bond just like the n*ggas on here that’s shoutin him out.

    OR Send them n*ggas back to pick cotton
    dumb “[expletive] BOIZ”

  32. ride thru says:

    Free dat boy drose man wtf GDK FTO #SQUAD

  33. Anonymous says:

    it seems like the bds are the dumbest gang in chicago

  34. chief keef says:

    Rondo snitching on his whole squad smh.. THINGS N*GGAS WILL DO TO GET OUT THAT JAM..

  35. die y twinki dinkie dak ahahaha nuke da yasa in thy fart poot oopps6 says:

    I bet cash money that all you pisn*ggasuogging on the internet about on people you don’t even know , are b***hes a won’t do sh*t in person, f***ing [expletive]gots. First you say n*ggas is fake now you sating rhw are weak withoit gun …yall n*ggas is straight p*ssies.n*ggas are so f***ing get off chiraq nuts .. how are goong to dis anyones dead homies. P*ssies do that b illsh*t ..half of you n*ggas are f***ing pissy and powered puffed…if you are all sh*t on the Internet, claim gangs bia interney ans dis dead homies deom another state , then flat out…you to sie … fake ass n*ggas… b***hes. F*gs. If you reply then yoy are a [expletive]got, b***h ass COONS…COONS…COONS.

  36. Anonymous says:

    ^^^lamest n*gga on earth^^^

  37. ya-mama-raise-dicks-nsted-of-kids says:

    U hopeless broke ass parkway n*ggas. The government yo opp . Get a education, get out the situation, and stop being the diarrhea of the nation. Somebody need to send some Charmin to wipe u runny ass n*ggas off the planet. What a waste of sperm.

  38. jojo's bike be like we BDK but boom boom I'm a dead man...keemo is a snitch...I swear you internet goof troops are making my blood pressure noil . yall snitch and the feds are watching but yall aint from chiraq coons dap apple jack twenty tinky hahahahaha says:

    Miss me with all that Rondo snitching sh*t ….yall cake ass n*ggas don’t even know the definition of snitching f***ing white boys and wanna be chiraq n*ggas , smh. I’m going to keep it real , n*ggas on this site is the one who snitching. … killa keemo be snitching on twitter…l I l jay be snitching …police be reading these site . They know these p***y n*ggas be giving tips and sh*t . This site is so wack now and fill of trolls and snitches. These out of town n*ggas talking about ahit that they know nothing about. Starting internet gangs .. giving out street information on the f***ing net and got the nerve to say someone is snitching …gtfoh [expletive]gots. Soft ass n*ggas. Yall said n*ggas was no drillers and wouldn’t “turn up”but when they do yall call them stupid….backwards back stabbing coon ass n*ggas… n*ggas is so caught up in these n*ggas lives …smh… this site use to be decent but then came all these gay n*ggas trolling. Only a b***h n*gga will get mad at what I’m saying . Just because yoy lost under anom and snitch doesn’t mean that you can’t get caught snitches. Personally I know it’s the opps snitching and framing rondo…you internet n*ggas are feeble. ..when the chiraq craze die down who d**k are yall puppets going suck next? Yall did it with l.a , new york and every other popular city at the time… now everyone want to bang a chicago or act like they are from the city …f***ing coons. Smh.

  39. not from chiraq says:

    Man just getting money and you do this dumb sh*t didn’t even were a mask or wait till the spot cooled down a little with all the witnesses

  40. They brag on Twitter n insta bout everybody they kill, and yall talk about who switched? they did! when they call home tell him to shoot theyself! says:

    That’s what trying to get a name get yo ass. And f*** u and yo blood pressure parkway sub eating ass n*ggas!

  41. Anonymous says:

    All these fanboys on here. Y’all n*ggas d**kride your favorite chicago rappers.

  42. Mr. Rogers says:

    I’m white. I must have clicked the wrong internet. I wish you all the best, but I’ll be leaving now.

  43. LOONEY 064 SAVAGE says:


  44. 600Snitch says:

    He gonna get f***ed in his ass in prison…. And what yall mean noone would say sh*t to his face; N*gga cant fight; thats why he always shooting somebody. He a p***y

  45. Squadddddddddddddddd Free lil d N drose u kno how im rockin yal lames OnDave i bet cash money yal won’t say dat sh*t yal say behind dat keyboard to drose face lol yal lames get a life foe i take it on4 yal not n chi so stop talkin get off d**k

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