Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Hopes He Drowns From Surfing; Sosa Calls Her A ‘Transsexual’

Chief Keef and his daughter Kay Kay’s mother Jasmine have a love, hate relationship. Sosa showcased a bit of exchanges between himself and Jasmine via social media.

Chief Keef referred to his baby’s mother as a hater and “crazy,” even going as far as likening her to a “transsexual.”

“Kaykay Moma Be Hating, Jus How she Look Is how she Is. Crazy! She say I love hoes and Spend money on dem…No. right mind frame Wrong

“Kaykay mama already Know That I’m that nigga. –Killer Voice

“They said Kaykays Mom look like like a transsexual Why? Lord why?” he wrote.

Sosa then revealed an SMS message from his baby’s mother, reading, “Focus on drowning for us.”

“Me & Kaykay it will be better,” she added.

The abovementioned statement is a jab at Sosa taking up surfing lessons.

Sosa posted an image of his surfboard and another of himself by the Pacific seafront onto his IG accounts.

“Finna Get Surf Lessons If Ima Switch anything ima Be Different Ima Surfin wit 30 on me But naw doe Ima be da first Celebrity Negro To do this Niggas Like skate boarding ! fuck it lol Ima snatch Dese surfers up

“Me and The owner Of RVCA Finna do some real big! For my surfers and RVCA rockers @pmtenore,” the captions on the posts read.

A later SMS message from Jasmine has her turning Sosa’s daughter against him, writing, “She said f*ck you.”

Sosa and Kay Kay’s mom have long been at odds with their relationship deteriorating over a heated child support battle.

Sosa owed more than $20,000 to her in October 2013.

Chief Keef was forced to cough over $11,000 to her in late November for missed child support payments, according to gossip site TMZ. Sosa owes a total of $20,900.

A Cook County judge ordered Chief Keef to appear in court Oct. 21 for a status hearing, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Sosa’s payment kept from him from serving jail time.

Chief Keef has long regarded the child support system as unfair.

Chief Keef questioned its legality in an IG post, writing, “Child Support court For @KaydenKashCozart Even Tho I’m The One Who buys her all Her stuff!”

These circumstances have prompted Sosa to seek joint custody of Kay Kay.

XXL Magazine ran a feature story detailing Chief Keef as a doting father to Kay Kay.

Sosa posted a screenshot of the article to IG with a caption, reading, “Xxl Me And my Baby I gotta Get joint custody Now.”

Chief Keef’s child support woes prompted multiple news outlets to refer to the Interscope rapper as a deadbeat dad.

But Sosa appears to be far from it.

Chief Keef is very active in his daughter’s life. The “Ight Doe” rapper occasionally takes to social media to boast his love for his one-year-old daughter.

“#ManWordsCantExplain,” the caption on an Instagram post read.

Keef was deeply saddened after Kay Kay suffered injuries sustained during an automobile accident.

LooseEverything ILoveHer @KaysenKashCozart,” he wrote on an Instagram post.

The “Ight Doe” rapper referred to his daughter as his “queen.”

Chief Keef also spoils Kay Kay with a lot of material items, including expensive name-brand clothes, sneakers and toys.

Chief Keef even took his daughter on a shopping spree for her birthday.

Head over Kollege Kidd Gallery to view more of Chief Keef’s expensive gifts for his daughter by clicking here.

Method Man and Redman had much to say about the country’s child support laws.

The rap duo commented on Nas and Kelis court battle over child support during an interview with EZ Street of WKYS.

Method Man, who was surprised upon learning of a court ordering Nas to pay upwards of $50,000 to Kelis, said, “ …I don’t know the ends and outs of their relationship, as far as speaking for men in general, ladies come on, yall know that’s some bullsh*t. 50 grand a month for some p*ssy? And I’m not speaking about Nas and Kelis cause that’d be disrespectful to say 50 grand for some p*ssy. But ladies for real, let’s be real… all you did was f*ck your man. That money right there, a kid don’t need that much money to survive.”

Chief Keef’s baby’s mother

The “All I Need” rapper accused women of using the money on themselves.

“You tryna maintain your lifestyle. That’s f*cked up man,” he continued. “I want to see the shoe on the other foot. That shit is ridiculous cause then you got a lot of chicks…that’s not all of them because I respect women that respect themselves 110 percent… but there are some chicks out there that are striving to get… like ‘I’m get me an NBA player, get pregnant by him and rook that ni**a.’”

Method Man called for lawmakers to revisit the ordinance of child support.

“Like if we don’t nip this shit in the bud and have the court systems seeing sh*t for what it really is… cause if you ask me, the court system is geared more towards the women than the men,” he said.

“What the kids don’t understand is the air they breathing,” he continued. “The lights, the cable, the mortgage… All that fall on daddy’s shoulders. Not to mention he has to pay this stanking ass b*tch that he don’t even f*ck with no more to look good for some other ni**a. This sh*t is crazy to me, man. That shit is ridiculous. And any chick that’s doing that shit is dead f*cking wrong.”

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  • Anonymous

    well he had a baby with that transexual lol

  • Anonymous

    she still love dat nigga

  • Kerry

    LMAO damn really tho

  • steve-o

    chief keef surfing now wtf lol

  • Dizzy

    how he gonna say she look like a tranny when he used to date her. he must be gay

  • Anonymous


  • Ace

    dit shit funny 😀 but baby mamas do be trippin like wtf

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why she still bitchin 4. she got the 20k. leave my nigga sosa alone

  • Anonymous


  • maybach

    Got that right he need to marry his baby momma and stop playing with thots! Any woman who carries a man’s child and still missing around with each other need to make it official. U cant leave this earth with money and nothing else. Step up and be an official daddy for all these young black men in the community. dam!!! She loved him when he didn’t have anything and still do now.

  • awheaten

    I hate to say this… But as a proud payer of childsupport… I have to say that… Though I disagree with the system of cs (childsupport) I do agree that it is more than a women taking care of a child. It really does ‘take a village to raise a child’. It is very difficult to wake up in the middle of the night when the child wakes up. In a certain aspect, a mother risks her life during child birth. The mother doesn’t really have other people to take care of the child in most instances except grand parents. And they should be at least paid to watch the children. I still agree that it is unfair of the amount. But, it is still some what understandable due to all of the emotion a mother goes through during and after child birth.

    • Tadoe

      you sound goofy. what emotional distraught do women go through with their kids from 5 different baby daddies. they should learn to put the dick down

    • melanie

      You sound super stupid, and im a women. What does money have to do with emotions? Just as long as hes taking care of the kid, why must he give the baby mom money. Kay kay has everything she needs and more? Im sure if her mother needed anything for kay kay, he would give it. But why does he have to provide for kay Kay’s mom. Hell she needs to get on her own grind instead of waiting for a child support check. Im sure she thought she would be taken care of for life when he became famous which is a horrible way to think. Hev gets that child everything, so why does she need all that money? I dont blame him for filling joint. He is young, and does more than most older dads. I completely understand him.

      • Sue

        She didn’t sit down thinking he would take care of her-she is a nursing student. That is what she should be doing as an 18 year old girl. The reason his child support bill is so big is because he hasn’t been paying it and thus has back child support. I forget the exact amount per month but it is what someone making like 120k a year would pay which gives her like 45k a year or something like that-if he actually paid it. The 45k includes additional money for child care while she is at school or working. She also wants him to pay for health insurance. I don’t think this is ridiculous. What we are talking about here is what method man mentioned as being ok (the rent, electric, water etc.) The fact of the matter is, if you have a baby you have to take care of it period. For the record I don’t think he is a deadbeat either. I think he is mad he has to give her (an ex that he probably can’t stand) money to live instead of just buying the baby cars and other toys. But parenting is not just buying toys, its about bills. He as the father needs to pay some in that household-period.

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