Chief Keef & BossTop Spark Beef

There’s trouble in O’Block.

Chief Keef and former protégé BossTop aren’t seeing eye to eye.

BossTop directed a subliminal jab at Sosa late Wednesday, writing, “N*ggas ain’t really your bro.”

Sosa responded to Top’s statement with a not so subliminal tweet and sparked a short-lived rumor suggesting the “30 Choppaz” rapper was dead.

“R.I.P boss top,” he wrote.

Top shot back with a fiery message to Sosa, writing, “@ChiefKeef LET ME KNOW SOMETHING #p*ssyboa.”

“R.I.P. WHOEVER RUN UP ON ME,” he added.

Top continued his rant against Sosa in several more social media posts.

“Nah Not Me Dad He Still Drunk,” Top wrote on Twitter.

Top regarded Sosa as a “ghost” on his set in a meme posted to IG.

“Can’t beef with a ghost,” the meme read.

Top captioned his post, “Gotta Be In This Sh*t Foreal.”

An IG post created by Top a few days ago has much more meaning now that his beef with Sosa has come to light.

He teased his new song “Danny Glover” via IG with a caption that read, “You No Longer Gang Now #DannyGloverFreestyle.”

This suggests Top is putting his differences with Sosa on wax in the song’s upcoming release.

What are your thoughts on Chief Keef and BossTop’s beef? Sound off below.

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37 Responses to Chief Keef & BossTop Spark Beef

  1. Why? says:

    I Agree with You on the Disloyal Part , as for the Nut and Swallowing , Thats all you

  2. Anonymous says:

    n*ggas mad when dey aint got a bag

  3. Lantop says:

    Man no one f***ing with sosa cuz he think he some type of god this sh*t deeper than rap. This that street sh*t. Look at all the keef riders attack bosstop on insta like that’s gonna do something bosstop better anyways

  4. Sanchez says:

    Bosstop stole chief song name now its beef lool no more money for bosstop DAT gbe cheack ain’t coming yo way watch how he fall off

  5. Anonymous says:

    they suppose to be day ones smh

  6. Anonymous says:

    chief keef wanna kill boss top or sumthin?

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Sam says:

    Bosstop is hood keef b getting locked up for DUI and stupid parole violations. Boss is in the streets

  9. Anonymous says:

    Muf***as beefin n sh*t n dey from da same hood. What part of the game is that

  10. Toronto says:

    n*gga gonna either run over to otf or some other sqaud and xpose chief keef for more fan base. chief burning his bridges typical sh*t we see in rap when n*ggas get rich they start snaking erbody til ain’t noone left. thank they start plottting on how to take you out to take over.

  11. Chief keef shot boss top at his mansion

  12. sam says:

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  13. koolin says:

    WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! DESE N*GGAS TRIPPIN!!!

  14. CrackinTreys says:

    F*ck both of clowns and bosstop a b***h his puss ass seen kemo and he ran like a b***h but he claim he with da sh*ts

    Don’t end up like your brother odee and yo sister keta f***ing goofy BDK b***h

  15. Phil Chesterwood says:

    Boss Top should start wearin a top hat and a cane. He needs his own style to rise to the top of hip hop.

  16. Anonymous says:

    he posted an old pic of sosa/gbe 2 months ago that said “b4 n*ggas changed up #Icantfoldonmyn*ggas” so he been salty

  17. he aint run from no f***in kemo stop da f***in flexin n*gga we so GDK n we die y n die 5z

  18. he aint run from no f***in kemo stop da f***in flexin n*gga we so GDK n we die y

  19. RondoNumbaNinetyYears and CdaiGot22ToLife says:

    How tf keef n bosstop beef these n*ggas were bros keef a b***h cause he end up beefin wit everybody watch him start beefin wit Gino n SD

  20. Flex says:

    Hate seeing rap tear n*ggaz apart. Hope this is some FuFu SMH

  21. wheres my shit? says:

    I don’t think chief keef really wanna be BD no more he burnin bridges with his homies, and didn’t the police say he can’t be on oblock? Well why not kick it on other BD turfs?

  22. King Sosaa says:

    Dat f*** n*gga playing wit da wrong n*gga thats w’y in IC now

  23. freakezz says:

    Dammm al these n*ggas backstabbin, would shoot m all going solo gettin my money pronto

  24. day says:


  25. IGDN says:

    Fucc bt he a leg shooter not a head shooter

  26. ChiefKeefcocksucker says:

    Fick Bosstop on Chief d**k bra!!!

  27. Malik says:

    Yall kill me with that cheif aint in the streets no more crap smh why would he be that n*gga PAID.. What was the point of grinding and sh*t if he wasent tryina get out of a f***ed up situation lls he put all them n*ggas on even tho she slacking now..

  28. Xavier says:

    Aint no oe gonna kill sosa he at the top getting guap day and night hell walk up to bosstop crib and put a hole in his head

  29. Xavier says:

    he aint with that opp sh*t

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