Chief Keef’s GBE Associate Lil’ Durk Accuses Lil’ JoJo’s Brother Swagg Of ‘Dry Snitchin’

The beef between Glory Boyz Entertainment and Bricksquad continues after Lil’ Durk entered the foray Monday.

Def Jam artist Lil’ Durk echoed Lil’ Reese’s claims of Lil’ JoJo’s brother Swagg being a snitch.

Lil Durk also took to Instagram to disparage the “Bail In Bail Out” rapper.

“Niggas be like Ane snitchin I’m keepin it 100 lol #fukboi,” he wrote.

Lil’ Reese chimed in, writing, “@lildurk_ lol fuckin rat.”

Swagg caught wind of Lil’ Durk’s remakrs and blasted the rapper, saying, “@lildurk_ just let us know wen u finished getting low and touch back down in our shit. Gary already showed yo ass how we rock Soft ass.”

Swagg, born John Coleman, and his stepmother Robin Russell appeared on TJ Holmes “Don’t Sleep” late night talk show to discuss slain Chicago emcee Lil’ JoJo’s murder.

Holmes asked Russell who she thought was responsible for her son’s death.

Russell replied, “Chief Keef.”

Though Russell doesn’t believe Chief Keef was the actual triggerman, she “believes he paid somebody to do it.”

Following the interview, The “Right Here” rapper took to Twitter to accuse Swagg of “Dry snitchin.”

“Dry snitchin to get fame ain’t cool #3Hunna,” Lil’ Durk wrote on his Twitter account.

The feud between both camps reignited after Lil’ Reese and Swagg got into a war of words over Twitter this past weekend.

Lil’ Reese called the “Bail In Bail Out” rapper a “snitch.”

“@SwaggOTOD yu a snitch all on MTV we see yu bitch 300,” he wrote.

Swagg shot back, “@LilReese300 dat was BET you slow ass nigga. Yall aint made it yet. #Catchupppp N why u aint tell Mfs you is a HOOPER not a SHOOTER.”

Fellow GBE member Tray Savage also weighed in on the talk show interview also accusing Swagg of snitching.

“Mfz Need Da Shut Da F*ck Up #DrySnitchin,” he wrote.

“Wen Nem Ppl Snatch Me On Tell”Em Sh*t,” he continued.

Swagg denied snitching, saying, “Go look up my BET INTERVIEW. I AINT SAY 1 WORD BOUT NO HOE ASS GBE. TRY AGAAINN MUTHAFUCKAA LOL.”

The drama between Glory Boyz Entertainment and Bricksquad Gangster Disciples has been longstanding, but escalated after Lil’ JoJo released the GD street anthem “3HunnaK.”

In “3HunnaK,” Lil’ JoJo takes aim at the GBE crew, namely Def Jam artist Lil’ Durk.

“Durk said f*ck Bricksquad, so I can’t wait to catch him/ Squeeze this f*ckin 40, now they got him on the stretcher,” Lil’ JoJo raps.

Lil JoJo raps in the song’s hook, “These ni**as claim 300, but we BDK.”

Watch Lil’ JoJo ‘3HunnaK’ below

BDK is short for Black Disciples Killers and “300” is the gang numeric code for the Black Disciples street gang.

Swagg, born John Coleman, told the Chicago Sun-Times Lil’ JoJo wrote “3HunnaK” to expose studio gangsters whom he felt were frauds.

Just hours before his murder, Lil’ JoJo confronted Lil’ Reese. The whole event was recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Coleman tweeted the Youtube video of himself verbally assaulting Lil’ Reese with a barrage of expletives at 4:04 p.m. Lil’ Reese responded several times in the video that he would kill Lil’ JoJo.

Watch Lil JoJo and Lil’ Reese’s Confrontation Below

A glimpse at Lil JoJo’s twitter reveals the 16-year-old emcee traded shots with the Chief Keef protégé. Coleman directly tweeted Reese’s Twitter account and sent the rival emcee a series of insults:

“I am out here on my 2 feets way b*tch @LilReese300,” Coleman wrote.

Glory Boyz Entertainment members displayed no remorse following news of Coleman’s death. Interscope artist Chief Keef infamously laughed at the tragic news on Twitter.

“hahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhAAHAHAHAHA #RichNi**aShit,” Keef wrote. “Its Sad Cuz Dat N***a Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.”

Lil’ Reese echoed similar sentiment.

“Damn I just wke up 2da jojo shit fuck Em,” he wrote.

It is apparent rapper Swagg is seeking revenge for GBE’s disrespect of his brother.

Swagg has additionally released a shocking snippet from his upcoming music video “Opp Thot.”

In “Opp Thot,” an actor portraying Glory Boyz Entertainment member Fredo Santana is shown bound and gagged, while being doused with gasoline.

In the song, Swagg takes aim at the Chief Keef, rapping, “How you crying over two and you from O’ Bluhh.”

Check out sneak peak of “Opp Thot” below

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  • Isaac

    it don’t matter if he snitched or not. thatz his fuckin bro nigga. ill tell na heartbeat if i know who wacked my bro. fuck dat street shit

    • Chief keef

      Bitch I’m oblock for life

  • jet swag

    jojo his brother though. he can say whatever da fuck he wants lol

    • Anonymous

      Yall sound like bitches cant getm n jail but yall bitches wouldnt wanna c em

  • markimark

    we need to stop the violence out here. too many kids are getting murdered out here in the streets. a baby was just shot and killed. its sad man

  • p. miller

    durk a hoe for all dat sneak dissin 4real

  • kiesha

    damn shit bout 2 get real for em

    • Anonymous

      itz been real goofie

  • bass king

    wow they been goin at it for the past couple of days

  • Anonymous

    300 dont mean bd

  • burton

    Make music young ass spoiled now kids shut the fuck up beefn wtf u go kill sumbody and rot in a cell y sum other nigga watching yo kid fuckn yo bitch spending yo money. Wat hapen to fights all yall do is shoot cause u cant thump. Grown up .. aint even old enough to drink

  • Anonymous

    Fuck lil jojo300

  • Carlos

    Fuck 300 bdk fuck yea mean $wagg on his own shit y’all bd dick riden each other real memphis on Diz bitch nigga ant tuff cum to my hood u bd azz niggaz ant goin make it out hoe jojo world bitch I just wish I was out der I’ll kill u niggaz bra on god

  • terrell

    Shut yo goofy ass up a nigga claiming bdk I wish u would come to 062 claiming false shit real Gds out cheaa

  • john

    fuck chief keef ,fredo,Lil Reese’s all GBE niggas y’all some bitches for real y’all sound real hard in y’all rapes but y’all ain’t doing the shit doe….y’all fucked up for what y’all did to Jojo n no disrespect chief keef ain’t got the balls to shot somebody cuz he a bitch if it want 300 your ass be dead

  • Chris

    U shut the fuck up Terrell cuz gd’s some bitches too ATL goons all day bitch

  • Fuck Bd!! Swagg didnt snitch dummbies he aint bout tht
    #BDK # 3hunnaK Lil durk thinks he big nigga if you really big go back to Brick Squad Chief keef aint gonna protect you or lil reese forever watch when one yall niggas do somting stupid n he gonna get niggas to pop your ass like he did with My nigga Jojo
    R.I.P Lil jojo bdk shit ima fuck wit em for life Fuck Oblock
    We D block nigga

  • Trayvon Factory

    Trayvon got what he deserved. So did this loser in question. All of you Street rate need to hurry up and kill each other so that all of the humans can live life without hearing stupid n1g sh1t like this every day. Fkin n1gs lol nobody likes blacks. And that’s a fact.

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