Chief Keef’s GBE Associate Tray Savage Accuses Lil’ JoJo’s Family of ‘Snitchin’ on BET

Chief Keef wasn’t the only Glory Boy upset with the BET special segment on the death of Lil’ JoJo. GBE associate Tray Savage took to Twitter to accuse the slain Chicago rapper’s mother and brother of “#DrySnitchin.”

Lil JoJo’s mother Robin Russell and his older half-brother John Coleman appeared on BET’s “Don’t Sleep” with host T.J. Holmes to discuss the fallen emcee’s tragic murder.

Holmes asked Russell who she thought was responsible for her son’s death.

Russell replied, “Chief Keef.”

Though Russell doesn’t believe Chief Keef was the actual triggerman, she “believes he paid somebody to do it.”

Tray Savage took to Twitter to slam the remarks.

“Mfz Need Da Shut Da F*ck Up #DrySnitchin,” he wrote.

“Wen Nem Ppl Snatch Me On Tell”Em Sh*t,” he continued.

Englewood resident Lil’ JoJo was murdered in a hail of gunfire in a drive-by shooting as he was riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike. Witnesses described the vehicle as a tan, older model, four-door Ford Taurus that was riding low in the back, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Authorities believe members of the Black Disciples street gang are responsible for Coleman’s death.

Russell told Holmes authorities “have a couple leads” and that they are still working on her son’s case.

Watch BET Interview Below

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  • Anonymous

    tray savage is irrelevant

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ol gb e-thug. savage would talk dat talk behind a cpu scree, but he a real life bitch

    • iesha


  • Ke$ha Bad Azz

    oh he mad??

  • jay o

    okay stupid fuck nigga accusin someone else of snitchin but indirectly snitched on his crew stupid fuck head

  • tigger

    fuck da ops

  • tank

    haha s/0 GBE #squaaaaaaadddddd

  • marie

    how in the fuck is that dry snitching?!?!?! They told on yall azzes LMFAO!!!!!!!!

  • leeana

    what is up with this snitchin shit. A mother lost her child!! like is this loser serious? o.0

  • Shelly

    I dont understand. If yhu aint had nothin 2 do w/ it. Den y yhu so nervous. Tell us dat???

  • Brittany S.

    What is up w/ this stop snitch bs. A mother lost her son. She is supposed to follow some street code bs u so called gang bangers came up. This is why we are backwards today. Wake up my ppl!!!

  • Anonymous

    Snitch Boy

  • Anonymous

    Who puht Duhh worqq hnnn …???? Trayy Savaggee puht duhh worqq hnnn …. 3 hunna we ahh takee ya lifee ehf we wonna !!!!

  • tiffanie

    Hey negro rite above me do u hav kids? U type tootn disn da ded but I c da name u goin by stay dat way! Jojoworld jojo girl rip jo

  • Ima keep it real dogjust told on his crew plus any real nigga know wat happend yawl wonder y he mad cushe was in the car wit the nigga who did it and we know who did it andit wasn’t keef it was reece bitch azz who set dat shit up keef just tagged along

  • A anonymous yo boy lil merve put da work in

  • They hole click a bunch of bitches wit guns scary azz niggas they. Somreal live bitches

  • Anonymous

    Fuck wat dat nigga sayn! Actually it was Lil Dirk who killd him. But im sure keef n reese had sum shit to do wit it

  • Anonymous

    Fukk chief keef

  • ReallDOPE… JOJOworldd

    Fck Chief Keef Ugly Jamacian looking Ass . & Fck GBE & Fck Tray Savage. They all Some dumb fucks they wasnt saying shit when JOJO was Here , shidd when he was Chasing durk &Reese in traffic ? Nothing was Said . They wanna disrespect the deadd & They Family = Bitch Ass Move . FTO # Jojoworld the Movement & #3hunnak

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