Chief Keef’s Glo Gang Artist, Rocaine, In Hospital After Getting Shot In Detroit

Rocaine said he’s an advocate of the put guns down movement. This is why he opted to throw hands with two rap rivals on Saturday. But that didn’t go as planned because Ro is now in the hospital after he was shot in the arm and the finger. The Glo Gang rapper took to Periscope to show off his injuries while lying in a hospital bed.

“Them n****s ain’t have to pull out them 223s,” he said. “…Them n****s don’t know how to put down them guns.”

Rocaine said the bullets broke a bone in his arm.

“They broke my arm,” he said. “The 223 rip through the arm.”

He added, “They tried to kill me, but they didn’t.”

Ro inevitably became the talk of social media:

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  • Dray9Hunna

    rip rocaine

  • OneMan

    Staged a shootin to up his career….you really don’t have to, a 223 would knock you on your ass and all you have is a hand wound and arm…buddy you’d be swiss cheese if them dudes was really out for you.. you brough fists to a suppose gun fight…..staged…….this is becoming a major thing in hip hop meanwhile Chief keef never been shot once and gis career is up there.

  • OneMan

    Detroit trying to be like Chicago…. so bad it’s pathetic…

    • Fenkell mystripisWSHH

      All them clicks he had words with..calling them out to put the gun down for second and let me slide thru yo hood and beat yo ass….the rival says yea and the nigga actually show in your hood and throws them bitches…cant name to many chicago niggas that got that type of heart..Detroit been on tip dont act like you aint know

      • OneMan

        Name one successful artist from detroit?

        • Fenkell mystripisWSHH

          Not on bullshit with the where you from ? Just trying to gauge the perspective…your comment earlier was real interesting a lil unorthodox approach thats all

  • Xzavyer Ajia

    We got Lupe, Kanye, Common, Twista, Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, and etc…they all been preaching that anti-violence

    • Fenkell mystripisWSHH

      None of them niggas even in the same catagory my point .just like big sean and m&m …these artist arent typically connected to the city streets …there are plenty of artist from both Detroit and chicago thats living comfortably and have a independent following positive or not…my question is how many who are proactively or were proactively involved in this street shit went about. anti gun violence in this approach?? Just cuz he was wildin don’t mean he trying to be like a chicago nigga…thats the shit i wasn’t getting…like cuz these niggas from detroit this shit gotta be staged…like Detroit aint known for being on tip when tf have we ever staged beef? Ill wait

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