Chief Keef & Lil Durk Most Talked About Topic In Jail, Save Money’s Joey Purp Says

Chief Keef and Lil Durk’s popularity appears to spread far and wide. They’re not only the topic of discussion in the streets, but also in jail.

Joey Purp of Chance The Rapper’s Save Money Crew spent a night in jail for allegedly selling molly to an undercover cop, Vic Mensa told Thomas Morton of Noisey in episode five of “Chiraq” documentary.

Upon his release from Cook County, Joey went on to detail his experience.

Lil Durk and Chief Keef the most talked about topic in jail, Purp said.

“Motherf****rs was like ‘I heard Lil Durk don’t f**k with Chief Keef no more.’ Somebody else be like, ‘Man, I’m from 300, man. Chief Keef don’t even be over there,’” Purp recounted. “Another n***a was like, ‘Yeah, I know Lil Durk, bro. He be Out West at the dice games. And then after like 30 minutes of n****s talking bout Chief Keef, one of the n****s was like ‘Bro, Cook County too sweet now. All these n****s lame ass hell.”

“I was like ‘Hell nah, bronem been locked up too many times,’” Purp joked.

Check out episode five of “Chiraq” documentary.

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