Chief Keef Off Da Shitz, Slapped With A Chicken Patty

Chief Keef got a taste of his own medicine. The O’Block jokester was on the receiving end of hijinks while in a deep sleep.

Tadoe teases Sosa, saying, “The struggle real. Almighty ain’t budging, folk. Almighty folk. Almighty don’t like nobody. Almighty don’t like nobody.”

Later in the footage, Sosa, still knocked out, is slapped with a breaded chicken patty.

Check out footage below.

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  • LL Cool J

    LMAO Slapped his ass wit a McChicken

  • chicago died with lil jojo. nuke chiraq already


    • yh word, but KK suck glo gang dick so he wont post it, for everyone hu dont kno… Capo from GBE said he lost his chain cos he was high of zans on twitter then next day OJ from 300 was posting pics n videos of him with Capo chain on. look at instagram @300oj his insta aint private i think so yall can jus look but he posting videos wit his chain, Bosstop was laughing in the comments, a nigga from NLMB said “never” but yh

      • Anonymous

        Who cares .the serious question is when is kollegekidd gonna make a thread about bully mob and oth. I know his ass be reading our comments laughing every night

  • skid mark squad

    Got smacked wit a chicken patty..crumbs all on his face..smh..he look dead, I think tadoe smoked him

  • Anonymous

    he gonna get robbed for being slumped like that



  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef had so much potential. It was interesting to watch him via the internet. But now it’s just sad to see such a young man addicted to drugs. I think he still stay relevant for another year at least.

    • Anonymous

      I chuckled at your comment. He a junkie like frankie lymon

  • Anonymous

    y dey wasting food

  • chief eatin LMAO

  • rip my lil nigha nunu

    Eh anybody know who killed nunu

    • Anonymous

      Yeah my nigga Cashout dropped that nigga

      • juju beans

        king louie people dropped him. Sum petty shit

      • tunechi

        I hope cashout didnt cuz if he did he a b a fuck nigga

  • Anonymous

    KollegeKidd trippin Thats Keefs cologne

  • Anonymous


  • Todd

    Keef a real pimped getten his houses Repo hahaha broke as necka and yet you faggits think he’s paided he just another livening check to check. In 10 years people be like chief keef Who. Broke necka with his bitch ass I rape his daughter in front him That on Odee

  • Todd

    Keef a real pimped getten his houses Repo hahaha broke as necka and yet you faggits think he’s paided he Broke trash Look at his crack whore mom. I seen that bitch taken pipe for rock. On odee

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