Chief Keef’s Second Baby Mama Professes Love For Another Man At His Mansion

Chief Keef needs to follow his own thot rule. It was recently speculated that Sosa moved his soon-to-be baby mama into his new pad.

The mother of Sosa’s second child is enjoying herself in Chief Keef’s mansion and made a few questionable IG posts professing her love for another man while Sosa’s away.

Sosa is currently in Los Angeles serving a court-ordered 90 days in rehab after failing a drug test, a violation of his probation terms.

Despite carrying Sosa’s alleged seed, the young lady posted an image of IG user @savage_spvzz and wrote a long thought-out message, referring to him as her “best friend” and “other half.”

“My main nigga I think I like this hoe, my best friend. My Otha half & more. A lot of y’all got it fucked up & I’m here to clear it up. He got the spot & Yall can’t take it. Y’all mad or nah? Thought y’all had one up on me but like always I Win & y’all lose…When it come to him there’s no comparing.. I aggravate the shit out of him, I call him for no reason, I ask him a million questions over & over, sometimes I be wanting the Stiiiii but he never give me it.. So on that not Y’all can’t fuck this up if y’all wanted too. Cause He Stuck BTW I love you,” she wrote.

She even found time to facetime her supposed “other half” on her iPhone device.

“Face timing @savage_spvzz Mean Self He’s never nice to me, Still Love him thou,” she wrote.

The young lady posted several more IG posts in Sosa’s bathtub and bed in his mansion.

“This Tub got Me hating showers

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are….

“Hate Sleeping Alone,” the captions on the photos read.

It was reported earlier that Sosa might be settling down with the woman. Last week, the young lady took a selfie in her undergarments in the bathroom of Keef’s mansion.

“I Got A Attitude & I Don’t feel Good. I’m Going To Sleep,” she wrote on IG.

Chief Keef revealed he was expecting another child a few weeks ago.

He took to Instagram to reveal the identity of his child’s mother. Sosa’s second baby’s mother is seven months pregnant and he has images to prove it.

Sosa hinted the child will be named “Mon’e.”

The young lady already has a nickname for baby Mon’e.

One cannot fault Sosa if the young lady is indeed a “thot.” The woman purports to be carrying his seed and Chief Keef is making sure his child is well taken care of. One can call Chief Keef every name in the book, but one thing he cannot be called is a deadbeat.

How should Chief Keef deal with his second baby mama? Sound off below

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  • gunot killa

    can’t ever trust a thot

  • da trap

    fucking thot!!!

  • Dee

    dats y niggas dat think dey bitch holding it down for dem when dey locked b on fufu shit. as soon as u leave dey fuckin dey dey best friends real shit

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    damn lol

  • tank


  • Anonymous

    bitches be cheatin on dey niggas for da dirtiest niggas lol

  • Matt

    what a low down sleazy whore smgdh

  • Anonymous

    don’t trust a pretty face and smile. those be da 1 frfr

  • Dro

    Aye FUCK THAT BITCH (Young Dro Voice)But nah Sosa going to kick that hoe to the curb asap!

  • dumbshit

    nigga still gotta pay this bych 18 million at least baha

  • drilldrill

    That Baby WOnt Make it out alive Ijs Bitches aint Shit

  • Jimmy

    you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife smh

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