Chief Keef Slams The Industry, Says He Is ‘Glo Gang EBK’

Chief Keef is not impressed with brushing shoulders with the elite of the music industry.

Sosa would much rather remain in the company of his Glo Gang clique.

“Bitch I’m GloGangEbk,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sosa is a rare breed of an artist. As an Interscope artist, he is signed to one of the most renowned record labels that have produced many of the world’s top acts. Yet he still carries himself as if he is an independent, underground artist.

Sosa has a confident “Glo” about himself.

He pretty much does his own marketing and has yet to win any music awards, let alone be invited to an awards show.

“See one thing About Da GLO Is we Doin Dis Shit by Ourself We don’t Fuck With The Industry And We Got Cars And Mansions Not one Not Two,” Sosa wrote on Twitter.

Despite a lack of presence in the mainstream spotlight, he still managed to sell 300,000 copies of his solo debut album “Finally Rich.”

“I deserve a lot man. I sold 300thousand Copies,” he wrote on Twitter.

“All that shit Talkin I know I’m such a big Deal No Promotions, no commercials, And No Tour. Still Sold 300k Copies Almighty,” he wrote on his IG account.

Sosa’s contract required him to sell at least 250,000 copies before the year’s end.

Chief Keef is a stark contrast from today’s Hip Hop industry. Many fans are drawn to the 18-year-old rapper because of his authentic street appeal.

The current genre can be very well regarded as “Hip Pop” with a growing number of backpack rappers taking over the industry.

Many rap artists are also changing their style of clothing to reach a broader audience.

Wiz Khalifa even posted a photo of himself to his Instagram sporting a skirt.

“Timeless sleezy ass pic are you kidding me. Selfie sleaze of the year now,” the caption on the photo read.

Sosa, on the other hand, is keeping his sound street. Many fans of the genre have zero problems with this since Hip Hop was created in the streets.

And fans don’t have to worry about the Chief wearing a skirt.

Chief Keef is currently prepping the release of his forthcoming mixtape project “Bang 3.” Sosa tapped DJ Holiday to host this much-anticipated project.

The mixtape is slated to drop on Dec. 25.

Sosa has leaked snippets of multiple songs from his “Bang 3” project. The most popular leak thus far has been the insane track “War.”

Chief Keef spazzes out in this intense track as he takes aim at rivals.

Other songs Chief Keef leaked include, “It’s The New Trap,” “Macaroni Time Remix,” “Un Un,” “Thots Gone Crazy” and “Off The Tooka.”

Listen to snippets of Chief Keef’s “Bang 3” tracks below

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22 Responses to Chief Keef Slams The Industry, Says He Is ‘Glo Gang EBK’

  1. GET CHANGE says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    N*gga cut it out yu a house boy ..loser talkin bout he everybody killa Lols watch his loser fans comment and they not even from Chicago .get off these losers d**k

  3. Dae Dae says:

    so chief keef don’t mess wit bds no more too?

  4. Anonymous says:

    n*ggas really wearing skirts tho

  5. amazin says:

    hip hop started from da streets and it will remain from the street

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree. the industry so fufu now smh

  7. Anonymous says:

    wait chief keef ebk now

  8. yall niggas are bitches abd snitches..stfu! says:

    once again a chief keef story brings a bunch of b***h n*ggas…. This one clown called keef a loser and a house boy , n*gga your b***h ass somewhere in Deleware …punk ass b***h.. it is so many fake ass wanna be n*ggas..wishing I could slap the sh*t out yall b***h n*ggas.

  9. macho says:

    i guess keef a insane bd now huh? lmaooooo

  10. Almighty Sosa says:

    We Getting That Fckin Money #RealMe

  11. he lying says:

    CHIEF KEEF – Finally Rich : 206,000

  12. Skate boa says:

    chief keef be off da sh*ts 4real

  13. Anonymous says:

    so chief keef insane wtf lol

  14. Kerry says:

    chief keef funny. he say anything lol

  15. Anonymous says:

    why dese cats wearing skirts n sh*t -_-

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