Chiraq OG JoJo Capone Gets NBA Youngboy’s Icy Chain Back

#jojocapone a real one 💯 #nbayoungboy Click link in bio for story

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JoJo Capone is always clutch. The Chiraq OG used his influence to retrieve NBA Youngboy’s icy chain.

Youngboy’s chain was stolen during a performance in Greensboro, NC. The chain was reportedly snatched from a crewmember’s neck.

The thieves initially wanted $20,000 for the chain. But Capone was able to mediate a peaceful resolution for both parties, TMZ reports.

#NBAYoungBoy’s chain snatcher wants $20K to return chain 😮👀

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#northcarolina goon who took #nbayoungboy’s chain reveals himself 😮👀 (see previous post)

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Youngboy has since forgiven his friend for getting caught lackin.

“My n***a slipped up,” Youngboy wrote. “I still love him though plus I got it. Just a never wear it after a lame.”

#nbayoungboy forgives friend for getting chain snatched 💯

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