Chiraq Rapper Shootashellz Shot and Killed In South Side Chicago

oppotunity comes once in a lifetime

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Controversial Chicago rapper Shootashelzz was gunned down early Monday in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood in South Side Chicago. Shootashellz, 21, was walking to his vehicle around 9:32 a.m. when three gunmen exited a white vehicle and fired several rounds at him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have no one in custody.

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  • KanyeKimBadParents

    I am safe in nyc, thank god. 95% my family was in chicago and aurora(Was real nice prior)not anymore really. Aurora becoming just as bad as Chicago.

    Black Men always killing each other around and in Chicago,IL,
    AURORA bad now too, Aurora getting worse,no good out there.

    RIP young man. You didn’t deserve it,even if you’re allegedly living that type of a life, jealousy took you away.Nothing more.

    Chicago, all over i am sick of it, glad most of my entire family left, and 1 brother i have left got out from meeting while in a prison system awaiting trial, he met praise GOD a good low-key smart biz woman and they are living good now east coast, in Philly, Pennsylvania(good part) and he is so not looking back at all. Chicago is ridiculously and gangs are large there still. No 1 in my family thank god had to die from it and all got out of it by leaving chi-town.

    NWI#Notworthit my brother 28 said he too old for same sh—t and wanted to be happy, truly happy as we all (if lucky will grow old one day)so he wanted to get out of it and left the gang and moved away for good. He happier,healthier with a REAL woman in his world.#NOMOREVIOLENCE around him in
    This man should be alive making music and living a nice quiet life.
    Not right.

    I PRAY THE KILLER punk azzes with a gun are caught,and wish they all get death row. GIVE EM LIFE in prison NO PAROLE even if found with a gun period. that will change how many no good punk asses with a gun are living in ILLINOIS and all over.


    • OreoMilkLover215

      word. the power of a good lady, power of a real great woman mami, and yea, real talk about him getting out of chicago, or aurora, illinois, wanting better and he did it, proving it can be done. Many of our people there in IL. need motivation/a way out lil durk talk bout it,wait i mean HERB did about “Show me a betta way” on LIL HERB song Take me away.1 of my fave by herb real talk.
      that’s great to read (kanye kim bad parents) today, about how ya bruh got out. real talk on that. i agree wit rest of ya post too. no doubt.Little too late for shoota shellz damn shame, real talk on that.

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