Chris Brown Clowns Kevin Gates For Eating Booty

Chris Brown had a little bit of fun on IG Monday. The unlikely target of Brown’s jokes was none other than controversial up and coming rapper Kevin Gates.

Breezy put on his best Kevin Gates impersonation and threw jabs at the Baton Rouge rapper for having an acquired taste for eating booty.

“Say thug, my girl got mad at me I was eating the booty. She gon say my breath smell like sh-t. B-tch, it’s yo booty! I don’t get tired,” Brown said in the first posted IG video.

In the second IG video, he said, “I’m out here in Bosnia. Ain’t got no KFC for a thug. Guess I’ma be eating yo booty tonight.”

Gates has been the “butt” of jokes as of late after revealing his favorite sex act. Gates went into detail on his bedroom secrets during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on the “Whoolywood Shuffle.”

“I don’t talk about that to be nasty, to be explicit. It’s art. I’m passionate about whatever woman I making love to at the time. I ‘posed to suck yo toes. I’m posed to eat your p**sy. I’m posed to eat all yo booty. This how I’m living.

Gates said one should eat the booty before eating the p**sy.

“The cl*t is way more sensitive than the booty,” he said. “So you eat the booty first, then you eat the p*ssy.”

Gates later clarified his statements during an interview with Revolt TV.

“When I talked about aiming to please my partner….if it’s a woman that I love that I’m dealing with and we develop a level of intimacy… I was saying I’m supposed to lick her toes, eat her p**sy, eat her booty,” he said.

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  • Anonymous

    real niggas eat booty

    • New Orleans

      Gay niggas eat booty yahuuurrrrrmee the fuck real niggas need to eat booty foa yahuuurrrrrmee

      • Anonymous

        new orleans funny asl. yall be eating booty there

        • New Orleans

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          • youretarded

            he claims BR you dumbfuck obviously your ass aint from new orleans yahuurrme

      • dumbass

        eating a girls booty does not make you gay you new orleans niggas are backwards as fuck aint the biggest record label from your city known for kissing niggas on the mouth FOH sit your backwards ass down

        • New Orleans

          dirty ass eater get your fanboy Gay ass on yahuuurrrrrmee So if some niggas from NO kiss eachother on they mouth we all do that? Where yo dirty ass from anyway? Yahuuurrrrrmee

          • New Orleans

            BR and NO is the same shit to me yahuuurrrrrmee we one big family yahuuurrrrrmee

      • Anonymous

        dude u frm a city where dudes call each othr bae wtf u talking about gay, jus sayin

  • Anonymous

    funny asl lmfao

  • REd

    hahahaha no kfc in bosnia so he gotta he booty

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    damn lol

  • Marina

    cb know he was eating rihanna zzz crack so need to stop

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha smh

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    who cares what chris browns fake ass says he got a nose and bleach blonde hair fake ass wannabe thug

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  • toontownlivin

    every bitch dont gotta eata ass status

  • Gang!

  • I drizzle chocolate syrup on da booty yaaaahhhhuuuurrrrrrmmmmeeeeee

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  • yungcharley


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