Coke Boy Rapper Lil’ Durk Disses Chief Keef & GBE

Lil’ Durk’s message to Chief Keef: “This Ain’t What You Want.”

There is turmoil occurring between two of Chicago’s most popular rap groups “OTF” and “GBE.”

OTF frontman Lil’ Durk and associate, OTF Landlord @IINKY_chiefwuk, went on a social media tirade Friday disparaging Chief Keef and his label Glory Boyz Entertainment.

The entire altercation may possibly stem from Keef’s refusal to put up the bond money required to free Lil’ Durk who was arrested on a weapons charge in early June, according to Durk’s OTF associate OTFLANDLORD @IINKY_chiefwuk.

“Niggas kno who was puttin up all that bond money for folks nem to get out that jam on bd ‪@lildurk_

“Ion respect no nigga that leave they homies n jail

“If any of r niggas got a bond we goin to get em on bd,” he wrote.

IINKY commented that money changed Keef, writing, “MONEY DONT CHANGE REAL NIGGAS ON BD ME N BRO ‪@lildurk_ still n these streets we ain’t duckn shit on lil moe.”

“NEVA switch UP on yo niggas that’s bad for yo Heath ‪#OTF300,” he added.

Lil’ Durk spent more than four weeks in jail and is rumored to have engaged in several physical altercations with rival gang members, according Bricksquad 069 rapper P. Rico.


IINKY belittled Chief Keef, calling the “Hate Being Sober” a “bitch.”

“‪@ChiefKeef u a bitch shorty ‪#TURNUP ‪#OTF,” he wrote. The message was retweeted by Lil’ Durk.

Lil’ Durk attacked Chief Keef for staying in the suburbs and leaving the O’ Block neighborhood, writing, “Im on 64th and normal tweetin not in DA woods tweetin ‪#glosquad.”

“Fuck gbe bitch,” he added.

Chief Keef moved to a Chicago suburb just before the release of his solo debut album “Finally Rich” in December.

But the Def Jam rapper doesn’t hold any ill-will towards GBE members Fredo Santana and Lil’ Reese.

“S/o ‪@LilReese300 and ‪@FREDOSANTANA300 for bein 100 and not ‪#fufu ‪#Squaaaaaad,” he wrote.

But all of GBE wasn’t safe from wrath of OTF.

IINKY went on to attack several members of Glory Boyz.

IINKY slammed Capo, writing, “I kno all YU niggas b y’all ain’t bout this life cuss.”

IINKY referred to Keef as being “fufu” to GBE member Tray Savage, writing, “y’all kno how we rockn son yo mans nem fufu on bd.”

Chief Keef is not taking threats seriously and has nothing but love for his 3Hunna compadres.

“Niggas Funny As Fuck

“Still Love U Doe Cuss,” he wrote.

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101 Responses to Coke Boy Rapper Lil’ Durk Disses Chief Keef & GBE

  1. Flatbush Rican says:

    All dem 300 n*ggas fufu

  2. Bompton Piru says:

    lil durk like b***h dis aint what u want haha

  3. Charlene says:

    F*ck lil Durk he just mad dat chief keep beta den him

  4. Shawny Folks says:

    Deze n*ggaz fufu. N*ggaz bickerin like b***hez. n*ggaz should b tryna get dis money

  5. Kraig Mack says:

    n*gga pay yo own f***in bond. chief keef got a job just like u got a job. i hate n*ggas. dey always want a hand out n sh*t. chief keep got child support to pay not jail support 4 every n*gga dat go in n out of jail

  6. ChiefKeef1Fan says:

    durk a goofy azz n*gga dat try 2 kick it without no legs

    • Glock40 says:

      N*gga U A P*ssy. DC Sh*t Real Live 640 & Im Out U can Katchup Nd Get Pushed Back Wit My Block Datt Got 42 Shots

  7. bosscrack says:

    f*k chief keef!

  8. bosscrack says:

    bdk fbg

  9. TMac says:

    Durk a foo lol

  10. Quita says:

    Uh oh Chief Keef dont want it wit OTF

  11. Turning Up In Orange County says:

    This is a clear competition. Lil Durk makes waay better music than Chief Keef

  12. Anonymous says:

    dese n*ggaz b cool by next week

  13. so high says:

    chief keep better den lil durk. i ridin wit gbe on dis 1

  14. marco says:

    lmao dey beef too funny

  15. Scotty G. says:

    dis n*gga become a coke boy n think he hard now lol

  16. Kirk says:

    What the f*** so know it’s
    GBE vs OTF
    GBE vs FBG
    OTF vs SOD
    SOD vs GBE
    FBG vs OTF
    GBE vs Bo’Deal and Waka Flocka
    This Rap Sh*t Funny as Hell

  17. irene blow says:

    sh*t getting real bout now smh

  18. Deshawn says:

    wtf dey beefin. y’all supposed to be brothers!!!!!!

  19. Brent says:

    Chief Keef got way more money than Lil Durk. CHief Keef got way more followers on Twitter than Lil Durk. Chief Keef got badder b***h than lil Durk. Have any of all seen lil duck’s baby mama lately? Chief Keef Clearly won in life without lifting a finger :P

  20. Anonymous says:

    n*ggas is fufu smh

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  22. real shit says:

    lil durk got a record deal too. y he another man to put money on his books

  23. powder toast man says:

    damn dese n*ggas serious tho freal

  24. man man says:

    jes get in da ring. ill pay to see it

  25. dada says:

    lil durk actin like a real b***h right now. chief served his time n he aint b***h about it. u been in jail for few weeks now u cry in on twitter. man up n*gga n make dis music so u can support ur family n leave dat street sh*t alone n*gga

    • 064 O'BLOCC says:

      F*ck You B*tch O’Blocc Or No Blocc B*tch Ass N*gga FuFu Ass B*tch!!

      • dada says:


    • Jordans says:

      chief keef cried over 60 day JUVENILLE violation…. Durk aint shed a tear for a SECOND felony pistol charge & violation…. whose really the b***h?

  26. howlin n woofin says:

    damn bro

  27. larry king says:

    chief keef haven a bad day

  28. trill like webbie says:

    dis sh*t fake. i don’t believe it

  29. TC.Lamron says:

    Take the 300 outta GBE because that belongs to lamron 300 OTF.

  30. Anonymous says:

    All yall n*ggas some fckin groupies .all yall d**k a mf.bdk

  31. tyrone jones says:

    dis sh*t cray. n*ggaz aint loyal

  32. ShawtyRed says:

    i hope they get back cool :(

  33. jim jones says:

    why aint french montana bail him out. i would b mad at dat n*gga lol

  34. tiny tim says:

    da beef is real

  35. juice Santana says:

    y’all n*ggas talking bout duck fufu but yet he aint cry like chief keep cried duck took it like a men

  36. slim says:

    mo money mo problems smh

  37. Joseph says:

    Chief keef going say some to lil durk then they cool again

  38. Anonymous says:

    SMH n*ggas beefin over dumb sh*t now..
    I f*** with both Keef nd Durk but tbh, Durk wrong here.
    1. Why isn’t he mad at Reese, Frenchy, Fredo, or w[thot]ver else got guap for not paying for his bail?
    2. Why you need another n*gga paying your bail? You getting money right?
    3. You really getting mad at Keef and calling him fake because he up and left the hood dubbed as “Chiraq”? He obviously sees what he has and the risk vs reward of staying in “Chiraq” vs living where someone with his money should be living especially with a child to take care of. Nobody wants to stay on “o block” if they had the chance of better pastures.
    4. If it wasn’t for Keef, you PROBABLY would not have your deal. Don’t bite the hand of the n*gga that pretty much put u on.
    5.N*ggas gotta realize Keef got a daughter and so does Durk. Yall should be working and getting this money for them kids. Everything else is irrelevant. N*ggas beefin over dumbsh*t. Duck acting like some lil ass kid who’s upset at his mom for picking him up late from daycare.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Shame shame shame. Its not about lookin out for the bond. It seems like durk is takin back by not gettin that support. Friendship bond wasnt tight enough to look out for each other on both sides. Keef is a man so is Durk. Chop it up with that and both sides should just let it go. U guys are adding fuel to a fire that can only render smoke… Peace out

  40. Tiny Tim says:

    Chief Keef gettin money and takin care of KK. He aint worried bout Durk. His baby momma tryna get mo money out da n*gga for child support. Erybody ad dey mamam tryna extort da n*gga. he jes being smart.

  41. G Money says:

    sumbody hypin dat n*gga durk up 2 say dat sh*t. muf***as need 2 kno aint no loyalty n da streets. yall lil n*ggas need 2 watch paid in full.

  42. KILLA KOUNTY says:

    Klearly n*ggas instigatin and eggin durk on. Keef got shows 2 do and money 2 get. Durk broke boy. n*gga signed 2 def jam n still on food stamps lol

  43. watchmen says:

    n*ggaz tryna extort chief keef

  44. white tee jimmy says:

    i rock wit lil durk hard but he out of line right here yo. u got newborn to worry bout bruh. focus on your music n try to build your empire to make sure your family never go broke or hungry

  45. Salih says:

    He f*** with coke boyz too why couldn’t they put bond money up too? But I hope they don’t beef…these some waka flocka and kebo gotti type sh*t

  46. fan says:

    Im a fan of both and this beef makes me mad. They need to make up and get to doing shows together. Its rumored a fan asked Keef on twitter does he not f*ck with OTF and keef said f*uck it its OTG. It seems Durk got mad about that and said f*uck GBE and the whole twitter beef started Keef didnt respond back much because he said the feds is watching. LOL, but its sad two who group up together all their life it letting money and fame divide them. I thought gang members are supposed to be thick and thin brothers. One thing they need to understand is Keef gets 13,000 a month which im sure he goes though quick with child support, bills, and taking care of his boys. Its rumored He does not get all that 6 mill from his trust until he turns 18 in August.

  47. fan says:

    Keef has a daughter, and now Durk has a son, and a daughter. They need to worry about staying alive to take care of their kids. Its to many fatherless kids out here. It rumored Durk stay in the suburbs too, but still come to the block

  48. pop out says:

    put dem n*ggaz n da glovez n box it out

  49. rex says:

    chief keef aint worried bout durk b***h azz. lil durk should had french montana put up da bail for him sh*t

  50. melanie says:

    dey beefin? wtf

  51. grip grain hit a stain says:

    haha dese n*ggaz fufu

  52. DaCute1 says:

    my baby chief keef need to jes leave it alone. continue getting yo money baby. durk jes jealous

  53. LIL TOMMY says:

    Lil Durk should have kept that to himself. he jes let da whole world know he aint got no money lol

  54. nate dawg cuzin says:

    lil durk just made a song with fredo santana n he chief keef cuzin. y aint fredo say nuthin

  55. fan says:

    Fredo already said on twitter when he has a problem with someone he take it directly to them. He said that’s the way he was taught. So yes im sure he thinks they both are fufu. LOL, but Keef is his cousin, so he won’t let anything go down for real. Im sure he will make them two talk it out first.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Yall Trippin N*gga Keefe a [thot] he leaving his n*ggas in jail but he steady screaming 300 and he got the money real street n*ggas understand the situation sayin n*ggas names in his songs but can’t go get his homies out for that Lil money and this N*gga cried for 60 days in a juvenile faculty wtf??

  57. Joe says:

    Durk [thot] ass prolly dropped the soap and now mad at keef for not getting him out so that wouldn’t have happened. Smh

  58. big gquap says:

    f*** with p.rico lil jay all them chief keef a peaice of sh*t he will prob be a one hit wounder 5 6 years from now one will hear about him

  59. june bug says:

    chief keef aint putting his n*ggaz on. dey feel he hid in out n da burbs n aint sharin da wealth

  60. tooly says:

    GBE on dis f*** n*gga

  61. Raveen says:

    LMAO this sh*t funny asl. them n*gga FAKE switching up or whateva the case may be storty

  62. Anonymous says:

    Dem n*ggas gonna die like 300

  63. VegaBdn says:

    Mayne Chief Keef Is Doin Way Betta Den Dat N*gga Lil Dirt Sorry I Meant Lil Durk, Imma Catch That N*gga Durk Slippin And I Got Hollows For Dat N*ggas Head. Lil Durk A Weak Ass F*ck Boy He Gon Get Wuz Comin

  64. Anonymous says:

    Durk & other dude bullied chief keef & GBE just because in gang concept their under them prolly or sum’n like that but at end of the day their as of durk & otf , chief keef didn’t take the time out to care let along see how any of the other n*ggas was doing behind bars

  65. Anonymous says:

    They both cool Durk in keef need to leave that a long in get money togather I don’t understand if somebody want to leave the hood in make things better for there self that’s ok to when u got kids or a kid put that sh*t behind you frfr in who ever got mad because somebody didn get u out of jail Yall say you getting money tell somebody where your money is put up at in get yo self out of jail because ain’t nobody tell Yall young bad ass to go to jail

  66. tyrisha says:

    Man f*** that durk a p***y n*gga chief keef a real n*gga

  67. demetrius says:

    yall need to stop that sh*t

  68. demetrius says:

    chief keef i fu with you G.B.E.

  69. Antwon says:

    fck chief keef on the E

  70. 6 lil dK 3 says:

    O BLOCK we on the trey. We don’t hear no noise
    where y’all at

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