Comedian Lil’ JJ Pledges Omega Psi Phi

Most folks remember Lil’ JJ as the adorable, baby-face 13-year-old comedian from BET’s comedy talent search program “Comin’ to the Stage.”

Lil’ JJ, born James Lewis, Jr., has since blossomed as a comedian in his career after receiving his own Nickelodeon series “Just Jordan” following his win from the BET contest.

The actor, now 22, now stars as ‘Brandon’ in the TV One series “The Rickey Smiley Show.”

But another interesting tidbit about the comedian, who hails from Little Rock, AR, is his affiliation to a prominent historically African American fraternity.

A photo surfaced online showing Lil’ JJ as a newly inducted “made” member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. at Arkansas Baptist College.

Lil’ JJ sticks out his tongue and throws up the fraternity’s signature hook with a sorority member of Delta Sigma Theta.

The Delta @2manytaylors posted the photo to her Instagram account with a caption that read, “Congrats to my Frat ‘Lil JJ’ the newest member of Omega Psi Phi.’

Omega Psi Fraternity, Inc. is the first black fraternity found at a historically black college university. Founded on Nov. 17, 1911, the fraternity is dedicated to its Cardinal Principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift. The fraternity’s members include civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson, comedian and philanthropist Bill Cosby and radio host Steve Harvey, to name a few.

Check out a classic Lil’ JJ stand-up routine below

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53 Responses to Comedian Lil’ JJ Pledges Omega Psi Phi

  1. latoya says:

    i remember him lol

  2. P3rQUEsetz says:

    ROO 2 da good ol bruhz

  3. jenette says:

    wow he a que

  4. Blu Phi!! says:

    he chose da wrong frat. he should have pledged sigma

  5. Nina says:

    I remember from coming to the stage. he was so funny.

  6. Brandon says:

    thats dope! Congrats!

  7. The One says:


  8. Symone says:

    I remember that lil boy ctm

  9. Gabbi says:

    he’s very handsome

  10. Que says:

    roo 2 da bruhz!!!!

  11. Donovan says:

    Rickey Smiley probably inspired him. He plays JJ’s dad on the Rickey Smiley show

    • JMoney - CSU says:

      He already said a while ago that Rickey Smiley has been mentoring him since he came into the game and treating him like one of his sons. He has been connected with Rickey Smiley since he like 10 or 11

  12. perry says:

    i don’t believe it

  13. dnash says:


  14. 1ota Ow Ow! says:

    he probably skated lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody Skates

      • 1ota Ow Ow! says:

        everyone knows the most of the ques in entrainment are paper. steve harvey, shaq, need I say more

        • Anonymous says:

          I can promise you he didnt skate through nothing

        • Scruff6 says:

          Dude your an Iota! Like for real…come on now!

        • JMoney - CSU says:

          Actually you do need to say more, because I had the pleasure of being around when two different stars pledged QUE – on the outside of course because I am a girl, and both of them didnt SKATE. It wasnt for show. Ask John Salley. Hell, ask his Vinny Johnson who was trying to pledge at the same time but dropped line WHILE HE WAS A DETROIT PISTON. Ppl always on the owtside trying to look in. QUE-PSI

          • 1ota Ow Ow! says:

            your comments are very funny just like your organization. I don’t know too many ques that actually graduated from college lmbo!!! I highly doubt lil jj finishes too :P

        • TheMightyBambino says:

          Shaq Pledged. And, Steve Harvey supposedly pledged but didn’t cross during undergrad. Honorary Status does not necessarily mean that they didn’t get a process. Check your history.

    • Owt says:

      Hell nahh he didn’t skate thru he was made damit I promise I can vouch for my neo!!

  15. The Bruhs says:

    If your “bond”, which isn’t even a term Omegas use btw, gets you nothing… You’re CAT. Period, no 2 ways about it. That goes for any fraternal organization.

  16. chiraq niqqa says:

    lil jj illuminati?

  17. George Wilkerson says:

    and i’m pretty he banged that delta the same night :P

  18. laughingatiotas says:

    Did the iota who can’t spell entertainment say something about paper? #chyleplease!

  19. Miami Ques says:


  20. Ms. Grant says:

    congrats to him. that’s awesome news

  21. gina says:

    lil jj all grown up ;)

  22. Boomerang says:

    For the iOTA (and purposely left the I lower case) what institution do you attend ? Rarely graduate do your history the Bruz (We are The Ω’s that the only BRUZ) have helped shape the world which date back to Black history week (now Know as black history Month) and further! And normally have the highest GPA on our respective yards! And as someone stated earlier there is no skating in OMEGA if you don’t PLEDGE to get in you PLEDGE while your in! We Still get to Know each other! If you Had a process you should understand ! And it’s funny how your worried about what the Ω’s doing lmaoo.. Just so you know Shaquille . Steve Harvey are MADE Bruz!!! And by the Way Lill JJ did graduate. The Bruh with the Doing hops behind closed doors classic lmaoo

  23. Anonymous says:

    lil jj need his own movie

  24. melissa says:

    im watchin lil jj on bet right now :)

  25. 2013LMofZPHIB2003 says:

    Congrats to JJ for becoming part of a wonderful organization. Now that you have earned the letters, the REAL work began!!

  26. manly says:

    lil jj a que? since when

  27. Anonymous says:

    i bet rickey smiley came through 2 make him during that process

  28. Soror Lisa K says:

    Congrats to my Frat Lil JJ. Just saw the commercial for the upcoming Rickey Smiley Show. Will be glued to the TV that night. Oooooo-oop! You go Boy!!!

  29. Beast says:

    What’s an iota? is that a new organization?

  30. Richard says:

    This is all foolery. JJ congrats on your 1 year plus being in the game. Hope you are making connections and being great in all you do. This Alpha Brother welcomes you to the brotherhood of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. SKATED, PLEDGED, MADE, or PAPER: he a brother of the NPHC and who cares? The ones who care probably aren’t active or do anything of value for their organizations anyways. Be of value in your community and stop talking about who pledged and was MADE. Who cares?

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