Detroit Goons Knock Doughboyz CashOut’s HBK Unconscious For Chain At Cobo Hall

HBK of DoughBoyz CashOut was the victim of a robbery Thursday at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The “Play Yo Role” rapper was beat unconscious and robbed of his chain during an ambush inside the convention center.

The Detroit-based rap group found themselves in media spotlight back in February after motel footage surfaced showing the rappers involved in a physical confrontation with two women.

Group member Crispy Quis took to Twitter to comment on the situation.

“SMH I guess this what comes wit success,” he wrote.

DoughBoyz CashOut gained mainstream recognition after signing with Young Jeezy’s CTE imprint. will report more information regarding the Cobo Hall incident as details unfold.

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  • Lil E

    man thats fucked up smh

  • obd

    dat boa went night night

    • Anonymous


      • tooly


      • truth

        rock bye baby

  • rocko

    wtf where was his niggas???

    • Anonymous

      they prolly ran lmao

    • Anonymous

      Thts my favorite rapper tho

    • Mona

      gettin jumped too!

  • Ace Boog

    dat some hoe ass shit right there. but niggas in detroit broke as fuck

    • Dmunna

      You a broke boy! You come to Detroit see what happen!

    • rezmoney

      Thats how real Detroit niggas do Fake D Niggas

      • Fck y’all

        detroit mufuckas ignorant as fuck. jealous cuz dem niggas got a deal n dey broke. dats y da city bankrupted cuz broke ass niggas don’t know how to make real money.

  • Rena

    i hope he alright

  • Anonymous

    dese niggas stay losin smh

  • marlo mike

    Did he die?

  • no lackin

    shouldn’t have been lackin frfr

  • Mack

    that’s what happens when you sign to young jeezy. he couldn’t even afford body guards

  • Anonymous

    buddy got rocked

  • Anonymous

    he had a bad ass day

    • J da Don

      lol…..that’s gone be a new track dissing them niggas i bet. you better copyright that shit right now

    • Anonymous

      bad ass day haha crazy

  • RED

    niggas thirsty in the D niggas cant have shit but hey they do got smart mouths probably deserve it ijs my opinion

  • RED

    they jumpin on females but throw the them hands with them green guys smh at least be able to knock a nigga out to if you gone beat on females

    • Mona

      you must not have seen all them niggas on each nigga! I saw the full video, he was getting wit my mans til another nigga snuck em from the back. but im not sayin it’s cool to hit a female. jus sayin they really aren’t hoes about their shit. MonaLisa signing out!

    • Ied

      Dem ratchet hoes deserved to be touched

  • cee cee

    who tf is dough boy cash out

  • Darne Stamps

    Thats mess up… nigga s hate so hard… Stars cant even enjoy where they live no more…

  • He got his ass whipped because that chick was serious… and had her dude catch his ass at the airport. They should change it from a robbery to retaliation.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not an airport…if you ain’t from the D don’t speak on Detroit affairs.

  • yall some fake bitcches …stop snitching

    Niggas need to stop flexing. If you watch the video , it was two people knocked out . Dude in all black. These cats stay in drama ain’t nobody hating….

  • yall some fake bitcches …stop snitching


    shut the fuck . Them niggas was at cobo hall and that bitch didn’t have shit to do with this.. stupid ass bitch nigga.

  • Wouldnt have happen to no inktown niggas

    • Them Eastside niggas was just on they head.. That was a click called Green Guys who was behind that. My Inktown niggas were there.. We too thick out here.. I got the full length version of the fight.. it’s ugly.


  • O

    Team eastside niggas took his shit

    • Tina

      wtf is team eastside? lol

    • K

      That was not Team Eastside. Rumors get the wrong people hurt. just cuz u do a collabo does not make that person part of the group.

  • I fuck wit everybody and everybody fuck wit me. from east to west to inktown. We need to get this money together or we just go keeped gettin get black balled. Niggas don’t want to fuck with us for all the wrong reasons brody

  • Tone

    they took cuz 72 chain, typical detroit eastside vs westside shit somebody gone die behind this shit smh

  • Anonymous

    NIGGAZ smh

  • loddy

    ima eastside nigga u cant say shit out the way to a eastside nigga or this will be a result gucci needs to sign team east and them green guys..

  • J da Don

    like icewood say…”lil nigga get ya carties crack!!!”

  • J da Don

    plus that shit was bond to happen cuz them lil niggas to light in the a**. niggas wasn’t deep at cobo hall doing that event. that’s definetly not bossing up.

  • Anonymous

    That chain probably fake anyway it came from greenfield plaza with them lab created diamond bullshit them niggas ain’t made not one album so where’s the royalty money at from sales learn the business and if they got an advanced that wasn’t shit either they can’t afford a bodyguard they ain’t got it like y’all niggas make it seem stop given these niggas more kudos than they deserve

    • Anonymous

      U hatin hard

  • Killa_K

    Haaaaagot that ass slumped can’t stand them hoe ass cashout bitches got beat by females at the bar& shot my home girl they deserve it ain’t nobody hating bitch I’m from the murder mitten team eastside ALL DAY & I’m from the west wtf was jeezy thinking signing them weak fuck boiz lol

    • Anonymous

      nigga u sound like a broke ass hatin no money getting ass bitch. get yo ass on

  • lame

    1.THE incedent in the Motel.
    2.SEND a message to jeezy or Trinidad james from 50.
    3.signing with jeezy and not reailizing them new york niggas ain’t cool with feud with jeezy and feeling like if you widd them you with it.

    you fail to realize you need money to attend these types of for you too say they picked him or his chain out all the niggas there is crazy and if it wasn’t meant to be filmed he look like he about to head out the front door,they could of wait for him in the parking lot.

    • fye up

      It was dem inktown n green guyz. It s ome street shit u wouldnt understand

  • O

    ITiThis shit crazy hbk like 100 pounds myman didnt need to be jumped but at the same time you can’t get on these songs and talk dat tough shit… East vs West the D has been going on forever si this just about to be some mo shit….shots bout to be fired and all dat … Should had Security though…Just because you come home dont think your safe put love you and peiple hate you…in tge summer team eastside and doughboyz cashout got into it shots was fired this might be a replay of streetlordz and eastside chedda boyz…but who is my mans in all,black laid out?

  • Anonymous

    Come to D town cause Imma jack yo chain

  • Diamond

    broke niggas do broke things

  • D Man

    What happened to aspirint to be a MAN? What’s with all this “nigga” mentality shit? If y’all young dudes don’t demand better, it will never get better. Be the change you want to see!

  • Lamron Trey

    Broke Ass Niggas OnBD Dey Wld Be Donuts If It Was Me #BoomBoom

    • toon


    • macho

      u sound dumb as fuk, u can try that lamron 300 shit if u want to in detroit them niggaz will bang bang them heaters on BD

  • king

    It was like 15 on 3, so what u expect. At least the nigga stood his ground and did not run.

  • Nita B

    BYLUG!!!!!!!! All yall WEAK NIGHAS Laughing at some BUM ass OLD LOOKING ass NIGHAS that rushed them…. TRY Something New and Laugh at they SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Sam

    This is some bull it don’t take all them to fight or rob one person ( new niggs aren’t real nights ) just pus hanging out in pack’s

    • Anonymous

      Real shit

  • Rocko

    Mann all you’ll nigga’s talking shit! you’ll ain’t shit! never going to be shit! broke ass bitch! Get money you broke ass lames and stop hating!

    • Rocko

      It’s still #BYLUG Bitch

  • Southside

    In the word’s of blade R.I.P nigg ant your nigg just some cool ass nigg riding in your car blowing gang with you think he you mans but he just waiting to get you

  • Blaaat

    westside aint on shit. all da killas from eastside and dem dough boy niggas not even from da city. dey went to southfield lmfao

  • goon artists

    Green guy and vezzo week af too be apart of that shit I fuck with vezzo do but that shit bold af but green guy a bum a st8 bum how tf you claim you get money buy robbing niggas for they shit thats better then yours she a bum

  • goon artists Fuck green guy and them team eastside niggas im from the east but the east niggas some hams

    • macho

      shut yo goofy ass up team east wasnt even there stupid

  • turk eazy

    Airbody got sumthin ta say.. airbody rich.. airbody hard.. airbody a killer.. airbody jus need ta shut da fuk up sumtimez.. smh.. if u wuznt there or dont no them niggaz personaly or they neva did shit ta u and u not from detroit.. wtf r u talkin about????? ppl talk 2 much an dont even no shit.. females gossip..

  • turk eazy

    Niggaz can do alot of shit.. but caint come tagether.. the day we do dat is da day we all come up.. niggaz quick ta call other niggaz broke smh we all broke.. if u dont got millions in the bank then u broke… period.. on that note letme be da first ta say it.. im broke.. if u rich then plz help da 1s das broke instead of talkin shit.. playa turk 7mile im outy..

  • If u a real Detroit nigga that type of shit happens.hbk take comfort cuz he a fat ugly nigga he going to be that long after when no cares about neither group. Dat kind of shit make u strong and help u examine yo life

  • whiteman

    We will rule you niggers forever.Keep up the good work.

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