Did Chief Keef Admit to Killing Lil’ JoJo in ‘Diamonds?’

“Catch you slipping Scottie Pippin one phone call and you hit”
-Chief Keef, ‘Diamonds’

There is much speculation on whether Chief Keef subtly admitted to being involved in slain Chicago emcee’s Lil’ JoJo’s murder on the “Diamonds” song in ‘Finally Rich.”

The Interscope artist takes a shot at rival street gangs St. Lawrence and Bricksquad Gangster Disciples in the song rapping, “And I’m riding in them foreigns Ima ride off St. Lawrence/ Ima ride on Bricksquad catch a ni**a I’m scoring.”

But one particular line has social media buzzing.

“Catch you slipping Scottie Pippin one phone call and you hit,” Chief Keef rapped.

Chief Keef is rumored to have played a role in the murder of the “3HunnaK” rapper.

Englewood resident Lil’ JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, was murdered in a hail of gunfire in a drive-by shooting on Sept. 4 as he was riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike.

Robin Russell, mother of slain Chicago rapper Lil’ JoJo, appeared on TJ Holmes’ “Don’t Sleep” late night talk show to discuss her son’s murder.

Holmes asked Russell who she thought was responsible for her son’s death.

Russell replied, “Chief Keef.”

Though Russell doesn’t believe Chief Keef was the actual triggerman, she “believes he paid somebody to do it.”

Chief Keef took to Twitter following Lil’ JoJo’s tragic murder and wrote, “hahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhAAHAHAHAHA #RichNiggaShit.

“Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigga Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO,” he wrote.

“Diamonds” isn’t the first track where Chief Keef is rumored to have taken a shot at Coleman and Bricksquad.

In ‘Love Sosa,’ questionable lyrics sparked controversy throughout social media. The questionable lyrics Chief Keef wrote were, “Hit him with that cobra/Now that boy slumped over/ They do it all for Sosa/ You boys ain’t making no noise/ Ya’ll know I’m a grown boy/ Your clique full of broke boys.”

Chicago police are continuing to investigate Coleman’s murder and believe members of the Black Disciples street gang are responsible for Coleman’s death.

Russell told Holmes authorities “have a couple leads” and that they are still working on her son’s case.

Listen to Chief Keef’s ‘Diamonds’ Below

Listen to ‘Love Sosa’ below

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  • geezy


  • icey

    i knew this nigga was bragging about killing jojo in that song 0_O

  • shanetta

    i don’t chief keef had anything to with that boy’s murder. people are just mad cuz he makin money and they stuck in the hood #ijs

  • paper trail

    Chief Keef put out the hit on lil jojo because he was jealous the jojo and his crew were gonna get signed to interscope

    • Anonymous

      chief come get some at 30075

    • wow man

      Really guys 1 chief is not jealous at all. Chief also needs a huge lesson because he is rude and if he did kill lil Jojo he needs to go to prison 4 life and I’m not hatting I like his music both of them.

  • vnex

    fuck jojo dis gbe all day #3hunna

  • cali guy

    i heard that jo jo’s crew killed him. chief keef had nothing to do with that. jojo should have watching who he was hanging with. sad, but true

  • Ke$ha Bad Azz

    I think so. He bragged about it in Love Sosa so it doesn’t surprise me

  • All I Rock is Polo!

    That’s fucked up cuz. This nigga Chief Keef illin

  • Shanni

    I don’t understand y is he so blatant about it. Chief Keef must be protected by the illumnati

  • Candace

    Lock him up if dey all got evidence. Either way Finally Rich is hot! “Hate Being Sober” on repeat!

  • Houston Lean

    Damn so cuz dissed him twice den. That love sosa bout jojo

  • Fuck a name

    this nigga keef cold blooded but i fux w/ his music. that nigga be havin me lifted when i get high to his shit

  • dj knowledge

    FUCK SOSA…..

    • Hywoski Manilo

      GBE OTF

  • Compton OG

    Deze yung niggas bitch made. Dey aint really bout dat life

  • Shawny Folkz

    Keef dissed JoJo in Love Sosa

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef DGAF!

  • Q

    I really think chief keef didn’t do anything. It’s just a coincidence that jojo and keef had a beef and then jojo died. Kinda like the PAC biggie thing. So yea.

    • Anonymous

      nah biggie got tupac killed so what are u talking about saying that jojo just died and chief keef had nothing to do with it.

    • MARIO

      dont bring pac in this

  • Anonymous

    hoe ass nigger

  • tiffanie

    Yea sheef sheef made da calll he was scared an threatend by jojo an his music. Now his pr team tryna make up a story bout tvs. All diim niggaz pie sheef sheef sheef even no da ladies wood flok to jojo n sted of his gay ass ask o. He say broke boys but dis nigga was shootn videos n his grannys an win she’d yel for him to turn da music off he’d hav to start da video over lol. Sheef sheef startd everything jojo was jus repn for his fam tooka whom was gund down by da gay clik an he put in a song fuk a tooka gang an aiki an uthas jaja an so on! Jojo was to muc competition for sheef sheef wno jojo rilly above dis nigga! Jojoworld jojo giirl rip jo luv u booo

    • Anonymous

      u cant spell worth a damn

  • Anonymous

    yall gon shut up yall on this site tawkin so buhbye lames

  • fukkk dat nigga and his click u know wat I’m tired of people talkin bout dissmoney shit dat nigga solded out fa dat shit now he can’t evven walk in his own city I respect niggas who real rather they have money or not bitch u bind like everybody else and fukk bcity u bitch GDs ain’t do datshit u bitch azz nigga I c y u ben shotmore then 20 times uand yo click som real live bitches str8 like dat fukkmoney in the lastt days tthey will b lovers of money dat nigga ain’t gone make it in this life or the next pirioed

  • U mafukkas blind he eve called dat shit rich nigga shitread between the lines anybody onthis type of fuckery doomed to go to hell lost sols the devil will takeit

  • tiffanie

    Kc I fil u! U no da bible an da game dat bitch bshhity jus da fk boi they probably gave a dub sak to jus to make dat bogus bs up he a follower not a leader! They think they rich an livin it up but I hurd hell iz prety hot!

  • Angie

    wow and he is not locked up on death row yet.

  • tsantos

    fuckk that shit nigga let um go

  • Anonymous

    sosa did not kill lil jojo ass people just hateing quit dickeating

  • polo

    He made videos at his granny’s cuz he was on house arrest dumb ass. And he still made it happen doin hisvideos n the crib. Hatin ass niggas

  • Man R.I.P Lil JoJo Who ever killed you gone rot in hell Better Believe it !

  • larry

    All of you no spelling ass niggas and bitches need to shut the fuck up and let the nigga RIP and stop acting like police investigators. Leave the nigga keef alone. Don’t get mad he making money and you not. The ones thats talking shit about chief keef are the ones who bought his album so shut the fuck up

  • dabuhl

    yous all bitch made 215 killadelphia

  • Anonymous

    That wack nigga Sosa .. Souldnt even be a rapper .
    (No talent)

  • j

    fuck chief queef -someone needs to put some holes in him – kill sosa

  • bd

    Chief Keef sent niggas to kill him.he didn’t do it because he was jealous thats just how it is in the chi niggas kill the opps

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