Family Says Blood Money Was Murdered Out Of Jealousy After Inking Interscope Deal

Blood Money, an artist on Chief Keef’s Glo Gang label, was gunned down Wednesday night in a hail of bullets outside of his family’s home in the 5600 block of South Elizabeth Avenue around 9:30 p.m.

The shooting occurred as two gunman fired upon Blood, 33, and his 30-year-old cousin Darnell Patton as they were talking to girls.

Blood Money, born Mario Hess, was shot ten times. He was found lying on a sidewalk and later pronounced dead at John H. Stroger Hospital, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Patton was shot in the abdomen and underwent surgery at Stroger Hospital. He is in stable condition.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the gunman fired from different weapons and left more than two-dozen shell casings in the street.

Family and loved ones are still shocked by the rising rapper’s murder and attribute his death to jealousy over his recent signing with Interscope records.

Also rapping under the moniker “Big Glo,” Blood Money signed a recording contract with Interscope Records and received a $50,000 advance, his manager Uncle Ro told the Tribune.

Ro reportedly stated Blood Money wasn’t shy about flashing his newfound wealth, which included thousands of dollars in cash, a big diamond bracelet, rings, a gold chain and Denali truck.

Blood additionally took his five kids shopping for new clothes and paid his dad’s rent, DNAinfo reports.

“He was excited and just glad to tell people, ‘Man, I’m signed with Interscope now. I told you I was going to do it,’ and all that stuff,” Uncle Ro said, according to

“…He made it and they was mad,” Blood’s relative Allena Taylor told CBS Chicago. “They had a lot of people that was jealous of them and it’s sad. …He came from nothing to that. Look at him. He didn’t deserve that, though. Nan none of them. Darnell either.”

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  • Anonymous

    No he got murdered because he is a BD

    • Anonymous

      fuck no!!!

  • coolguyK

    He made alot of mommas cry too so don’t act like he was innocent man, you in this shit you get this shit. To me its surprise he was still livin at 33, bet he wacked few mfs…You can’t be successful man and be active gang member at the same time.

    • Anonymous

      He didnt kill anyone, he shot at Shy Glizzy in DC tho

      • Anonymous

        how do you know what hes done in his thirty years? he bust at shy and you didnt know till you checked this website

  • kollegekid deletes Toronto comments.

    he was killed for being a gangster what do women know about men and what they do away from home cmon now. jealousy isn’t the motive theres more to it.

  • scooby

    Niggas was jealous cuz he got day bag

    • Anonymous

      Nah his family mad cuz they cant have some more Blood Money. Thought he was!

  • Anonymous


  • Cool guy(instagram=general_juan) brown disciple gang leader(looking for recruits)

    Lol what a fag he was 33 in glo gang, a teenage rap group

  • Fuck this nigga , he been claimin bd for yrs so anybody coulda killed him ..he was mr untouchable .. Well atleast “he thought he was” Lmaooo .. Smh fuckin goofy

  • Anonymous

    da shit is really getting sad in chicago like all yall aint got nothin so yall gotta work together to make shit happen. ima pray for chicago

  • Anonymous

    live by the gun die by the gun

  • Anonymous

    Thought he was!

  • hustler400

    i was gonna suck blood money dick after his next show 🙁

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    • Anonymous

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  • Spazz

    damn. its funny how life be sometimes. one week he got a deal. next week that deal dont mean shit

  • Anonymous

    Rip big glo.

  • Anonymous

    rip a real savage ass nigga man shit ain’t right

  • liljojowrath

    Like nobody didn’t see this coming.

  • Montghanistan

    c da glo gang n dey run lmfao

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