Famous Dex Gets Heart Face Tattoos

Has #famousdex gone too far with the #facetattoos? #dexter #dexmeetsdexter #ohhmanngodddamm

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Famous Dex continues to add to his body art. Dexter took to social media to show off his new face tattoos. Dexter added hearts on his left cheek. The hearts were added below the name of his deceased mother “Diana.” Dex got “Baby Dex” tatted under his right eye.

#famousdex gets new #facetattoo ? Would you ever tat your face? ?? #dexter #dexmeetdexter

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A closer look at #famousdex's #facetattoos ? y'all rockin with it? ?

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Dex broke down the meaning of his tats during an interview with Say Cheese TV. Dex’s first tat, he said, was in honor of his mother who passed.

“R.I.P. my mama. Diane, my baby,” he said. “I got her right here on my neck.”

Dex said his mom was not a fan of his tats.

“‘Boy, you better stop getting them tattoos,” Dex recalled his mother saying.

Dex knew that a regular nine-to-five was out of the question after getting his face tats.

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