Father Holds Baby Fredo Santana and Handgun

Chicago rapper Fredo Santana revealed a shocking photo Thursday via his Instagram account.

Santanna, a member of Glory Boyz Entertainment, uploaded a somewhat touching photo of his father holding him as a newborn.

Seems innocent enough, but the “This Rollie On My Wrist” wasn’t the only thing the father held.

Cradling baby Santana is his left arm, the father also clutched a gun in his right hand.

Santana believes this is the reason he loves guns.

“#TBT me and my pops this when I feel in love wit gunz I guess this y I love gunz so much lol,” he wrote on the caption of the photo.

If Santana believes this is the reason he loves guns, he is not alone.

Gun violence has plagued the city of Chicago for many years. Many residents have renamed the Windy City “Chiraq” for its high rate of violence. Chicago, according to statistics, has a higher homicide rate than Kabul, Afghanistan.

In 2012 alone, the city recorded 506 murders.

The beginning of 2013 didn’t show any slowdown in pace. Chicago saw its deadliest January since 2002 with 45 homicides reported, according to CBS.

NBC Chicago estimated the Windy City is on pace to reach 730 homicides this year.

In Chicago, the homicide rate is disproportionately higher amongst its minority residents. There have been 2,045 homicides since Jan. 1, 2007 amongst the African American demographic, according to Red Eye Chicago. There were 647 homicides amongst Caucasians since 2007.

Also one factor worth noting is the father looks to be a kid himself. How can a father make responsible decisions if he is still growing as a man?

What are your thoughts on Santana’s photo? Sound off below

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  • Cody Get Ca$h

    Holy SHIT!!!

  • Quincy

    Real nigga shit. My dad taught me how 2 use da burner when i was 5

    • Anonymous

      That’s sad

  • Ke$ha Bad Azz

    That’s not cute at all. I wish my baby daddy would hold ma son with a gun

  • Corn Flake

    Maybe the photo is symbolic meaning he will protect his son by any means???

  • Zay

    Ignant AF

  • Queen Parker

    Y is the mentality of Chicagoans so negative. What responsible father would take a photo of his son with a gun?

  • Off That I Can Fuck W/ Him Juice

    that shit cray

  • Reppin 4 Da Rhos

    @Corn Flake Good One lol

  • Ebony

    That is not something to be proud. If this photo got into the wrong hands when he was younger, he would’ve been sent to foster care

  • Kyrie


  • Lady of Virtue

    I hate judging ppl because there are a lot of ppl who make it out of bad circumstance, but you can look at this photo and see the outcome of this young man. He made be signed to a record label and make loads of money but is mentality is still the same. Now he will have a son and take pictures with guns also. Let’s be the change so our future generation wont have to live this negative lifestyl

  • Windy Boy

    His dad look 13 haha

  • Shanni

    Oh the shenanigans smh

  • WeezyFBabee

    Y dat nigga daddy so young. gotdamn lol. Nigga look like he still stay at home wit his momma lol

  • QuePsiPhi Brotherhood

    Damn that shit aint sweet bruh

  • Englewood Mobster

    all a nigga got is his family and his strap

  • Xavier

    Fredo dad look like a goofie

  • Inez

    nigga shoulda had on his thug face when he took da pic. he do look goofy doe lol

  • GiGi

    That is awful 🙁

  • Wendell D

    Fuck all ya’ll baNg…… 3hunna

  • Savage Shit we Out Here Come fuck wit this chiraq shit

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