Fredo Santana Beat Up A School Teacher When He Was 14

Fredo Santana was a bonafide hot boy as a youngin. The Savage Squad frontman posted a criminal history report onto his IG account that is evidence of him being a hot head as a teenager.

The report, which contains Fredo’s mug shot, says he was charged with assaulting a school employee at age 14.

“Let me tell y’all about me bad self,” Fredo wrote in the post’s caption.

This isn’t Fredo’s first charge as a teen, though.

Fredo previously posted a photograph of his mug shot as a pre-teen on IG.

Fredo told followers he caught his first case at age 12.

“My first mug shot when I caught my first case in 2002 I was 12 been doing this street shit,” he wrote.

Fredo was arrested for allegedly kicking down a bus door on Halloween, according Village Voice.

This isn’t the only glimpse of Fredo at a younger age.

Footage surfaced online showing Fredo thugging with Black Disciple gang members in his hometown of Chicago.

Fredo who appears to be in his early teens in the footage is a stark contrast from his present tattooed self.

In the footage, Fredo referred to himself as the “original Santana from Chicago.” Fredo also referred to his crew as “Dip Set.”

To go even further back, Fredo Santana posted a photo to IG of himself as a baby cradled by his father.

“#TBT me and my pops this when I feel in love wit gunz I guess this y I love gunz so much lol,” he wrote on the caption of the photo.

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  • Jerry

    Fredo related to jojo?

    • everybody in chicago is related to somebody 1 way or another

  • Lil Tec

    Not the first special ed kid who beat up his teacher

  • Anonymous

    im dyin right now can’t stop laughing

  • Anonymous


  • longlivejojo…..

    Hes a dumbass. beating upp a person at work is the lowest form of fighting he couldnt wait ti after school. You guys seem to think rappers are gs when there really not. Gangster carry guns for protection fredo carries a gun for reasons 1 he afraid the teacher may come for his ass and two, hes a pussy. Id say he a g if he was getting set up like Gucci mane n disarmed the dude and killed a nigga but instead he making time to drive around shoot jojo in the back

    • Btch ngga exposer

      Please shut the fuck up wat teacher is gonna start a drive by on a student?

  • Anonymous


  • gangway ave

    This nigga crazy lmfao

  • Free9

    That baby pic mad me sad rns. Nigga been in the shxt since the crib this world ain’t right

    • Lil Tec

      Nigga your shit aint making no sense. In this shit since the crib? Really nigga….

      • FDB

        How does that not make sense he’s saying niggas been setup to lose since birth and that’s real talk

  • Free9

    The nigga daddy holdin a pole with his child in his arms like that shxt cool n it’s not. He shoulda been showing his sons books or something else good not how he be drillin shxt but I said REAL NIGGA SHIT. That’s why yo fufu ass didnt peep

    • Lil Tec

      Nigga i was talking bout “in this shit since the crib”. Nigga dafuq does that mean?

  • It means he been in this life since he was a baby…hence the phrase “in this shit since the crib”…God damn nigga are u fuckin slow??? Stop tryn troll niggas when u sound like a fuckin idiot urself!!!!



  • Yea,cause bragging about being a statistic is cool.

  • man_man068

    Fredo real name Derrick Coleman HE REALATED TO JOJO??????????

  • Comeon

    Ain’t nothing savage about beating up a teacher it actually makes you look weak just like reese stomping down a female Chicago niggas ain’t savage they grimey and fucked up and can’t be trusted instead of trying to better theirselves they wanna glorify the dumb shit but when they homie gets killed they want everybody to cry and say rip

  • Shaneekwah

    Bonafide Hot Garbage you meant to say.

    Have you seen how shitty this guy is on stage with a mic? This fuck tard is a pawn that label executives use to get hype – they want him to do crime to boost sales. He is so fuckin dumb it’s hilarious. “They buy’d me dis chain”

    Chicago is embarrassing – the fucking dumber and more reckless you are the cooler you are to those hopeless retards. What a fucking pile of shit. Yay, be real proud of that “savage life” while you destroy the image of your race. Everyone can see that you are shit bags. Just go fucking join Isis or some shit like that.

    The world will remember you as the worst generation of pathetic, excuse laden failures in the history of humanity. Imagine how people in really hard countries in the 3rd world see you – the laziest piles in history. They would kill for the opportunity you have, a fucking free life with free healthcare, fucking welfare, are you shitting me?

    As rap culture swirls the toilet bowl, so does your last chance at mild success in the USA. 98% of all Hip Hop revenue has come from white suburbia since the late 80s. It’s now dying off as a generation of young whites gets to see the truth about how you feel about them. When hip hop croaks it’s finally going to be the end of this bullshit, and good riddance. After that, good luck trying to get in the NBA.

    Bravo Fredo you the man. Just put the thing in your mouth and say good night already.

    PS – this message is written with desperate sympathy for honest black and mixed folks. Your opportunistic cultural leaders are to blame for seeding this white hatred. Most of the whites see the good in your people, but unfortunately it’s scum like this that rise to the top. The biggest joke recently was Farrakhan referring to this guy as a gifted and talented future leader. Make me puke on how shallow that is. Like Rakim would say – Think about it.

  • Fade

    His crew “Dip set”? lol

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