Fredo Santana Caught His First Case At 12 Years Old

Fredo Santana jumped off the porch early. Fredo posted a photograph of his mug shot as a pre-teen on IG.

Fredo told followers he caught his first case at age 12.

“My first mug shot when I caught my first case in 2002 I was 12 been doing this street shit,” he wrote.

Fredo was arrested for allegedly kicking down a bus door on Halloween, according Village Voice.

This isn’t the only glimpse of Fredo at a younger age.

Footage surfaced online showing Fredo thugging with Black Disciple gang members in his hometown of Chicago.

Fredo who appears to be in his early teens in the footage is a stark contrast from his present tattooed self.

In the footage, Fredo referred to himself as the “original Santana from Chicago.” Fredo also referred to his crew as “Dip Set.”

To go even further back, Fredo Santana posted a photo to IG of himself as a baby cradled by his father.

“#TBT me and my pops this when I feel in love wit gunz I guess this y I love gunz so much lol,” he wrote on the caption of the photo.

Despite being heavily involved in the streets, Fredo can now regard himself as a success story. Many people who come from Fredo’s background are either dead or in jail.

Fredo once commented that many people don’t make it to see 16 in Chiraq.

“Today my birthday just turn 23 were I’m from niggas don’t even see 16 #Blessed,” the “War” rapper wrote.

But Fredo turned a negative into a positive.

He is the proud owner of Savage Squad Records and released his solo debut album “Trappin Ain’t Dead.” One track on this project has Fredo collaborating with current Hip Hop titan Kendrick Lamar.

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    Fredo n da cut dats a scary site

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    fredo was out here goin crazy on foenem

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      if you ain’t Foe don’t say on “foenem” false flaggin ass

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    haha damn fredo

  • Derrick

    by the looks of the baby photo, his criminal ways was predetermined by familial and environmental factors. kind of sad when you think about it.

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    Fredo was catching bodies at 12 lol

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      fuck bdk nigga #GBE ALL DAY

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  • say word dude been trill

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    His momma must be so proud. Age 12


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