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GBE’s Lil’ Reese Threatens Soulja Boy For Signing Bricksquad Rapper Lil’ Mister

Lil’ Mister had plenty good news to celebrate early Tuesday morning. The Bricksquad was added to the Stacks On Deck Money Gang roster, Soulja Boy announced via his Twitter account.

“My new artist @6775montana about to turn up #sodmg,” the “Speakers Going Hammer” rapper wrote.

But not everyone was pleased with the news.

Glory Boyz Entertainment rapper Lil’ Rapper took to Twitter to slam news of the signing, even going far as threatening harm to Soulja Boy and Lil’ Mister.

“@souljaboy @6775montana fuck Sodmg we gone get up wit u no twitter

“@Iloveswp53: @LilReese300: Heard u runnin wit the enemies yu Trippin homie…#300

“@imMaxJulian_ATS: @LilReese300: Niggas be flexin rapper dats Dat shit I don’t like…#300,” he wrote.

The tweets have since been deleted.

Rumors starting swirling in April that Lil’Mister had inked a deal with Soulja Boy’s imprint after the SODMG front man took to twitter to announce his search for a new artist to sign to his Stacks On Deck Entertainment label.

“Puttin a lot of money behind this #sodmg 2013 movement about to turn up for the summer signing new artist,” said SouljaBoy.

Souljaboy also stated that he was going to invest 2 million dollars into his new artists.

“Just for 2million to sign new artists to SODmg records for 2013. Gotta use this budget right find new talent and takeover with a loyal crew,” said Souljaboy

Souljaboy asked his Twitter followers who the hottest unsigned artist was.

“Who’s the hottest unsigned artist that deserves a deal with the new 2013 Sodmg roster. We just got two million to go find talent,” said Souljaboy

Souljaboy also retweeted the “No Lackin” artist.

“@souljaboy check yo dm bro,” said Lil Mister

Lil’ Mister, who occasionally raps under the moniker Montana, reportedly had an interview with the “Speakers Going Hammer” rapper in April.

“Rtrt got a interview in 20min #Squad #Sodmg #TeamNoLackin #Only4TheReal

“JUST GOT Off THE phone with bro @souljaboy,” he wrote.

The phone call apparently well. Soulja Boy took to Twitter to tweet Lil’ Mister’s “Take Off” official music video featuring Diesel.

Rumors went into overdrive after Soulja Boy sent a tweet suggesting the deal was finalized.

“@6775montana sod,” said SouljaBoy

The rest is history.

Watch Lil Mister & P. Rico’s “No Lackin” music video.

Watch Lil Mister & Lil JoJo “Episode” music video.

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23 Responses to GBE’s Lil’ Reese Threatens Soulja Boy For Signing Bricksquad Rapper Lil’ Mister

  1. olivia says:

    why lil reese tryna f*** with somebody. u mad?

    • KoolieDunkin says:

      cuz soulja boy going to do a track wid gbe den turns out he got robbed so he tryna f*** wid gbe enemies which really finna get him caught up in some deep sh*t lmao dat n*gga just hoppin around makin stupid decision dats all dis man doin lol hoppin all ova da media smh sh*ts crazy……

  2. vincent says:

    reese bout get n dat azz lol

  3. pied piper says:

    soulja startin to sign some real ass n*ggaz to his sh*t cus the n*ggaz he had before wasnt bout dat life.

  4. fucked yo thot n i dont wan her says:

    da opps stay mad while dey gettin money lmao

  5. sarah says:

    reese is a punk

  6. icey says:

    soulja boy a b***h. y he delete his tweet. n*gga bet not b playin games

  7. j says:

    Soulja boi a fake ass lame who wante to be 300 till dry played his ass now he wanna claim he f***in wid bricksquad fbg duck called yo ass out too

  8. Louie says:

    Soulja a b***h he sign Mister cus Mister and GbE beefing fufu ass n*gga

  9. Ke$ha Bad Azz says:

    #TEAMGBE :-)

  10. Anonymous says:

    F*ck Lil Mister wit his ol Predator lookin ass

    • Anonymous says:

      f*** you n*gga dont hate BDK we up next #squad

    • kaee says:

      excuse me ?????? you don’t even know lil mister you a hater frfr tf are you talking he look like a predator …… But your sucking him f*** you! . DONT BLOW YOUR ENGINE
      #Chiraq #Nolackin #LilMister #Sodmg #bdk #squad

  11. cuti3 pi3 says:

    reese jes mad cuz dey bout to make money n he broke. reese got caught sleepin n a car n he dont have a place to stay at

  12. DatNigga says:

    Team #S.O.D. & #Bricksquad

  13. Elijah Jones says:

    f*** lil reese b***h ass man

  14. MG says:

    f***a gbe, oblock ALL THAT SH*T. especially lilreese fa dissin my city ST.LOUIS/314. them n*ggas just mad cus they know dem igdz/ibdz finna take off n take over. f*** odie & lil moe real sh*t. im rockin wit tookagang & jojoworld! plus the I’z allies with rollin 60z. so u knw im on they side regardless. #stlouisnchiraqsh*t

  15. grape vines says:

    lil mister not even signed to dat bum. soulja been usin dem bricksquad n*ggas. he aint feedin dem or helpin nem or nothin. soulja boy a b***h

  16. dawaun says:

    Soulja boy jackin his gums he got dropped from his label so how he going to sign lil mister when other n*ggaz on dat dead ass label. Oh yea for u fake n*ggaz bdk is not a gang

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