Glo Gang Does Drugs Around A Rehabilitating Chief Keef

They say you are the company you keep.

If this saying holds true, Chief Keef may need to surround himself around a different crew of people. Sosa is currently attempting to stay clean to retain his freedom, yet his Glo Gang crew isn’t making it any easy for him.

Footage surfaced of the Glo Gang clique engaging in drugs use in a vehicle shared with Sosa.

BallOut can be seen smoking pot whereas Tadoe appears to have induced something much stronger.

Tadoe’s eyes can be seen rolling back, which hints that the “Tadoe Tuesday” rapper may have been off the influence of Molly, a powdered or crystallized form of MDMA. The drug is known to cause the eyes to roll back.

Molly produces euphoria and stimulates the sensory organs. The street version of the drug is usually never pure and laced with unsafe chemical products, including methamphetamine.

Tray Savage found Tadoe’s reaction to the drugs hilarious, writing, “Tadoe Trippin #HighAsFuck.”

The song streaming inside vehicle ironically repeats the line, “I’m high ass fuck.”

Chief Keef wasn’t using drugs in the small clip.

In mid-October, a judge ordered Chief Keef to serve 20 days in jail for violating the terms of his probation after testing positive for marijuana, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Sosa was released a few days later for good behavior.

But Keef soon found himself back in jail Nov. 7 after failing yet another drug test.

Chief Keef was granted permission to enter a drug treatment program in California.

A judge initially ordered Chief Keef to undergo 90 days of drug treatment at the Haymarket Center on Chicago’s West Side.

Sosa will spend his first 30 days in the facility. He will be able to work following that phase depending on his 30-day progress report, the Tribune reports.

Sosa was placed on probation following a speeding arrest in June.

Northfield Police clocked Sosa driving 110 mph on the Edens Expressway. Keef’s arrest came following a performance in Davenport, Iowa.

Sosa was relayed a stern warning through lawyers from a Cook County Judge Thursday. Chief Keef will find himself back in jail if he fails another drug test.

“I’ve had murderers who haven’t had so much time before this court. It’s getting ridiculous. …I’m very happy he’s doing well, but if he comes back dirty, I’m done. This is it,” Judge Earl Hoffenberg said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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  • Anonymous

    niggas smh

  • Chris

    If sosa is in rehab then his gang should be in rehab too #js

  • Anonymous

    wow smh

  • Dreadhead

    I think this shit old but its still funny af!! whats up wit tadoe?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    thats why he always failing his drug test.

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  • Vin Deisel

    glo gang or no gang suckaz

  • Anonymous

    tadoe high asl lol

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Tadoe He a Bitch

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  • Daffy Duckin Dese Hoes

    molly would do that to you. his eyes rolling back is on the severe end. tadoe needs to stay off of it for a while

  • Khalil

    This was b4 the rock the bells concert in Cali in August. Shit is old

    • Stewey

      he still been on probation since june though n rock da bells was in september n he been failing his drug test ever since

      • Anonymous

        he jest said he smoking on gas on twitter lol

  • G-Unot Killa

    then niggaz some junkies bums

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