Glo Gang & OTF Support RondoNumbaNine In Midst Of Murder Charge

RondoNumbaNine is currently sitting in Cook County Jail awaiting trial after he was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing a dispatch driver. He is being held on $2 million bail.

Rondo, 17, and an unnamed accomplice allegedly fired their handguns into 28-year-old Javan Boyd’s vehicle on Feb. 22 as he was waiting for a passenger, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Boyd was reportedly shot seven times in all, including, twice in the back and three times in the leg.

The 600 and 300 black disciple community is standing behind Rondo with many expressing their support throughout social media, including, Edai, Cdai, Lil Reese, Young Chop, Gino Marley and Capo.

A portion of Boyd’s murder was caught on surveillance camera, according to the Sun-Times. Rondo’s fingerprints were also allegedly found on the cab, according to the Tribune.

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  • realnigga

    you want him free, but u posted a pic with him with a bag full of weed and lean in his hand??? oh yea that’s gonna help .. dumb niggas i hope they turn him out in jail

    • Larry Paschal

      You gay as fuck

    • kidd_savage

      Thats the savage life nigga got a prob with rondo pop yo ass to #gdk #freerondonumbanine

  • Toronto

    if rondo was a true savage do you think they would of offered him bail? think about it, either that or lack of evidence.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah probably a lack of evidence i think that too. But he had fingerprints on the car tho and people saw him that’s my only problem.

      • Anonymous

        they say its on tape too



      • Anonymous

        they got to pay 10% of it in chicago so they got to pay 200k still none gonna do that

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  • big Nox

    you guys are all dumb .everyone has the right to get bail no matter what the charges maybe. None of those lil niggas have 2 mill and if they do drop 2 mill they are going to responsible for him, so if he fucks up there goes their money .

    • Except murder.

      In certain states like N.y,P.a,Illinois,la, and many more your bail is automatically forfited due from it being such a serious high class felony such as a A1/A2.These type of felony’s from any offense to arson,conspiracy to murder usually forfeit your bail.

    • fuck yall niggaz man talk about rondo man i wish i knew yall niggas man i would let that heat out on all yall niggaz man fuck you niggaz fake ass hoez

  • drosenumbaone

    Saying “Free Rondo” is basically the same thing as saying “yeah, Rondo committed a heinous crime, but because he’s my nigga, he should be exempt from it.” Because fuck the law.

    • Anonymous


  • tipatoehozxle

    Big nox makes the most sense. …he needs 200,000 to bail but they need the responsibility …plus homie needs LAWYERS and good ones. GOOD LAWYERS are more important . Niggas was talking about rondo was soft and he wasn’t a savage and now the same donkies talking about he stupid and fake for ahooting a driver . That driver was not innocent at all. They got him all dressed up looking nice and shit . That nigga did something for them to fire inside of that car. They said they had a fight earlier.Theu was saying Fathead, Zeko, Boss Trel ,Tutu, Tyquan, Jaja , Dale aka Squrriel , model , Doc and all them other niggas were innocent when they got gunned down and they were rivals. That’s the gang life unfortunately. Some of want to be Chicago niggas eat this shit up…..this is want you fake ganhbangers want for chicago to put on a show to satisfy your bitch made lives. You can troll me with internet touhh guy shit all you want but fuck you, your internet fantasy gang and your life in advance. Motherfuckas be stalking these niggas facebooks, twitter and IG and claiming their sets and shit talking about ” fuck these bds or fuck the opps” shut the fuck up. You niggas will hop on the next gang and the next cities nuts after Chicago , just yall did california or any other popular gang or place. Yoi calling niggas broke because they dont have 200,000 gees to bail a nigga out but do yoi have it ? Stfu trying be hard and be yourself. Just enjoy the music.

    • no lackin ova here


  • cheezey

    stupid nigga for life

  • Anonymous

    rondo a junkie. they were probably trying to rob them to get a fix

  • Anonymous


  • southcak

    no actually they can deny u bail on murder cases it’s obviously a lack of evidence if they actually had him commiting the murder in plain sight on tape their wouldnt be any bail and that nigga was not no dispatch driver he obviously is in a rival gang and probably killed someone himself

    • Anonymous

      how do you know? u dont know shit

  • Anonymous

    if none of these niggas pay his bail that goes to show that these rap niggas aint gettin no money and they is gettin money it goes to show that these niggas in the da street dont give a fuck about u frfr

    • kidd_savage

      You right

  • Fuck yu!!

    Why would yu waste money bailing a nigga out if he in for murder? i wouldn’t bail him out, i’d take that money and get him a good ass lawyer so he can at least have a chance at beating the case

  • Terrence

    its funny how how these niggas be like free rondo woo woo but naw niggas need to be like keep him

  • Broski_Aside

    Free Rondo, but if you catch another murder case (not saying that you killed him), then make sure its a fuck nigga!!!

    • kidd_savage

      He need to catch lil jay bitch ass

  • Broski_Aside

    And try not to get caught, you’ll never know if 12 watching. This if you beat the case

  • The cab driver said he was tookville

  • Anonymous

    Everybody in glo gang otf 600 300 got to put money up even fbg n bricksqaud

    • wack a opp

      nigga are you out yo rabbit ass mind ?!?!?!?!?! why would da opps help pay his bail

      • Anonymous

        fufu ass anonymous nigga fuck up

        • LOOOL

          • Chitown boy

            Damn this nigga got me rolling on the floor LMAO.”are you out of your rabbit ass mind”





    THAT $200,000


  • Utah gangster

    RondoNumbaNine needs to learn the consequences of his actions, this just shows the mnd set of these guys, their friend kills a guy and they all say free him, no accountability, Real Savages no brains.

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