GMEBE Allo Says Spike Lee Should Have Came To Roe Block Over East For ‘Chi-Raq’ Movie

GMEBE Allo hails from Roe Block, which is situated Over East in Chiraq. “Chi-Raq” happens to be the title of Spike Lee’s forthcoming feature film. Allo wishes the legendary filmmaker would’ve filmed on his set.

“I haven’t even seen that sh*t yet. His ass should’ve came to our block. Got us in that s**t,” Allo told Hip Hops Revival. “He should’ve came his ass right on Roe Block and got that s**t. I wanna see how that s**t turn out. Shout out Spike Lee for that s**t, but I feel like he left us out of that sh*t. We’ll see how that s**t it bro.”

Watch Allo’s Hip Hops Revival interview in full above.

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  • Toronto E (zeitgeist addendum)

    Dudes in chicago need to stop throwing up welly money,we know Chicago lost its real drug dealers due to all the violence going on. Niggas are doing hits for money. 20 years ago niggas would be standing on corners hustling, but now you gotta have n*ggas whose armed and ready like body guards, Mofos can’t just go anywhere nipping it down its too dangerous. I bet y’all mamas was like “y’all should go try out for the role”and none of y’all went to bummy of ops and shit and when you realized the event was a success y’all really started kicking yo own ass. Now you guys are doing interviews knowing y’all had no intention of going. Just kill yo self. Money should be everybodies business cause y’all live this and y’all don’t even need a script just be yourself and you phucked it all up. Montana of 300 just really started his career and got on Empire and all he had to do is just be himself, (Empire sus as hell) but still NEVER let NOBODY stop you from getting to dollas.

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