Guy Catches Beat Down For Calling Black Man The ‘N Word’

It’s never okay to refer to another person as a racial slur. But when a racially insensitive term is used, it can make for a seriously awkward moment.

Awkward was definitely an understatement after party guest Fazil referred to Brandon, an African American man, as a “Nigga” several times in footage that surfaced online earlier this week.

“Who gave you the pass? Khaled,” Brandon retorted.

Brandon warned Fazil to not use the term in his presence.

“You can’t say it around me no more,” he said. “It’s your last time saying ni**a in here…I’m telling you, I will mop your ass… that’s disrespect.”

Fazil challenged Brandon to a fight, asking, “You want to take it outside?”

What happened next can be viewed in the video below

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  • Breon

    he asked him nicely not to use the word. at the end of the day its a respect thing.

  • Calvin


  • Anonymous

    fuck his bitch ass up

  • cane

    he asked for it

  • reggie driller

    bitch ass nigga got mopped. white mufuckas think its coo to say nigga n shit. fuck dat its time for us to start beatin some asses

    • f*ck you

      Nigga what the fuck you gonna do bitch ass?

  • scarface

    drill dat nigga

  • Phylis

    I run across a few white boys like that. They think its alright to say nigga. I find it very disrespectful and uncomfortable.

  • nick

    and he wonders why he called him nigger.. because he’s a wild ape! look at him. a menace to society

    • so fufu

      stfu faggot

    • Black Lion

      You can be next

    • Scott

      I hope you realize how dumb you sound to literally everyone.

  • walt

    haha epic

  • Omar


  • Jethro

    This video is a lesson in white stupidity! First stupid mistake: that these dummies even had Brandon the black dude in their house to begin with. Listen to what Snoop Dog says about how he used to rob stupid white people that were dumb enough to have him in their houses when he was younger. 2nd stupid mistake: to not kick him out the minute he threatened to assault someone. 3rd stupid mistake: to challenge Brandon to a fight outside with your fist down cause he said he wouldn’t fight in the house, Niggers are sucker punch masters, he may have said he wouldn’t fight in the house but that was just to “catch you slippin” and beat the hell out of you, which he considers fair cause you said nigger and he’s prejudice against white people and sees them as subhuman.4rth stupid mistake: acting like its acceptable for Brandon to beat the hell out of some white guy in your house “cause that’s just what black guys do when someone white says nigga.” Brandon says its all about respect, let me tell you,if you as a white person, were at a black persons house and started kicking some other black persons ass all over the house–it wouldn’t matter what they said or how bad it was–you would be dying, or getting shot or at least getting your ass beat into the hospital. It’s not about respect, cause if Brandon respected any of you white motherfuckers in the least he wouldn’t be beatin some white dudes ass all over the white people house.5th stupid mistake: for a house full of white people to plead “come on Brandon, stop beating his ass.” These stupid white folks are dumb enough to think they deserve to be treated like sub human cause maybe one of their ancestors owned a slave. Probably not,but either way they didn’t do it and no one is in a position that because of their race history they can just beat your ass and treat you subhuman, cause someone in the past over 100 years ago may have done that to some they were related to. Its wasn’t them and it wasn’t you, so stop being stupid and thinking that they have a right to take it out on you and that they can somehow fix history by beating yo ass, or that that’s what they are even trying to do. White people fall for that dumb stuff all the time. Like “I deserve to get my ass beat cause someone owned slaves 150 years ago” or some white chick thinks she has to fuck some black dude cause 150 there was slavery. Wake up white people you stupid motherfuckers, it’s a con, and the people conning you are the real racists and worse than that they are opportunist and you dumb white people are giving them an opportunity commit violent and horrendous crimes against you with impunity because you are so stupid. I probably left out some other stupid things these white people did here. There were so many.

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  • Ukko

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