Is Chief Keef the First Autistic Rapper?

chief keef

Chicago emcee Chief Keef is blowing up the airwaves with his hit single “I Don’t Like.” Keef’s talents even caused a much-publicized bidding war amongst various record labels. The rapper, born Keith Cozart, eventually landed on Interscope Records.

But little do most Hip-Hop fans know, Keef suffers from a mental disorder known as Asperger’s syndrome.

Asperger’s syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that causes difficulty with social interaction. The mental disorder is characterized by a lack of nonverbal communication skills, limited empathy with peers and clumsiness. Individuals diagnosed with the disorder have much difficulty with linguistic and cognitive development.

This disorder makes it very difficult for Keef to articulate himself in interviews. The Englewood resident keeps his responses very short.

Despite the disorder, Keef has managed to become one of the hottest rappers currently out on the underground rap scene. Keef’s “Don’t Like” single reached number 20 on the U.S. R&B Billboard charts and 15 on the U.S. Rap charts.

The rapper may potentially face legal woes for a shooting of a fellow Chicago rapper. The Chicago Sun Times reported the rapper is being investigated for a possible connection in the shooting death of 18-year-old Joseph “Lil Jo Jo” Coleman.

Keef sent out an insensitive tweet following the murder of Coleman who was shot several times in the back.

“It’s Sad Cuz Dat N***a Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO,” he wrote.

Does Chief Keef have the potential to be the most famous rapper with autism? Sound off below.

Watch Chief Keef’s Breakfast Club Interview

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  • Caleb

    I thought 90% of rappers were autistic 😛

    • Anonymous

      no, rappers today have learning disabilities but ol school rappers like pac, big, pun, scarface, big l, slick rick, pharoach monch,mobb deep, just to name a few had substance. today’s rappers are a bunch of ignoramus’

      • Franky

        yea hip hop is full of retards with low IQs. nothing new here

        • bebe

          you are ignorant. you shouldn’t speak that way about any human being. at the end of the day, keef has more money and women than you can ever dream of so keep your negative comments to yourself #pow

          • mikey rokks

            Lol hop off keefs nuts doe. I liked your comment & was with you until you said kief got more money & woman… those are the only two things every nigga dreams of havin.

          • bebe

            I never said those were the things that every nigga dreams of having. This is something that most Americans dream of having. I’m saying that even with his condition, he is in fact living the American “Dream.” u mad?

        • Anonymous

          Fuck you mean most rapper need to think like Kendrick Lamar or meek mills even kanye west

          • Anonymous

            Meek mills

        • Jeff

          Dude wtf this man doesn’t have a low iq bro most people with aspergers have even got a higher iq than most people and not only that tho as an example Lil Wayne has finished school at the highest level

          im not saying this because i like them or anything which i actually don’t really but you just need to learn a bit of respect dude

      • Anonymous

        You want to talk crap saying all these rappers have learning disabilities and stuff when you can’t even spell…. Or use a word correctly for that matter. You need a reality check! #Swerve

      • James

        Go commit suicide you sad faggor

    • pill

      stfu wit yo hatin ass

      • Willy

        that explains it. this nigga so wack

    • Anonymous

      You are a complete ignorant, arrogant, idiotic looser. You need to watch your mouth!!! I have a beautiful 4 year old boy that is on the Autism spectrum. There are different levels of it. They are smarter than the majority “typical” people. I am blessed, would never want to change anything about my child. What u or any other jerk eat, don’t make….. You know the rest!

    • Mo

      After reading all the negative comments, I can really see that common since in not so common anymore. You people that want to talk really have no lives, it’s the truth. If you must resort to putting down people for trying to make their life better then you have a lot of growing up to do even though you’re adults.

    • Fuck ur gran

      Stop being a faggot go fuck ur dead gran

  • johnny boy

    i always knew something was wrong with this nigga

    • om me2 i thought i was nthe only one i mean dat shit is noticable

  • atl born n raised

    what about 50 tyson lmao

    • xhibit

      your are funny man!

      • dale

        yall niggas lame

  • lala

    i thought something was off with him when he does interviews but he can’t help it. its a condition. he is still successful

    • Single Lady

      he can’t help his condition. what you lack, he can do and what he lacks you may or may not can do. much luv to chief keef

  • Chi Town’s Wildest


  • Kammi

    Ok, that explains it

    • Tiny


      • titi gurl

        too funny

  • Diamondzzz

    Ooooh dem bois need 2 put a shirt on in that video. bird chests r not sexy #ijs

  • michael patterson

    this guy is a danger. i see it

    • Bo

      he’s only 16. how in the hell is he a danger?

    • zay

      why cause he’s black or becuase of a fucking tweet..

  • Pratt

    this isn’t anything new. all rappers are freaking retarded. i can’t understand a damn word they are saying.

  • Piper

    ol mental azz nigga prolly collect ssi checks

    • boy gon

      leave him alone hater

  • nino

    hahahahahahaha it makes alot of sense. that nigga can’t talk for shit

  • Jim Jones

    him n 50 tyson are cuzins lolololol

  • nate m.

    all monkeys at autistic. no surpise here

    • natemisafuckingfag


  • dabruhz

    hahahahahaha that explains it

  • JK Growling

    Forget the haters. what does his disability have to do with his talent. even with autism, he is making more money than more than ha;f of you haters. he is laughing at you haters all the way to the bank

    • ryanmac992

      it has to do with the fact that he has no talent haha. its the reason why possibly.

  • Stanley

    ok so who is this kid?

    • chi chi

      he is the hottest rapper in chicago. get with it

  • cedric

    doesn’t surprise me. record companies sign these dumb asses to corrupt the youth. not saying that his condition makes him a dumb ass, I’m just saying that it gives you an example of the people that get deals.

  • Abbey

    most people with autism are natural born geniuses. This could be the reason why he is so gifted in his craft of music. It just goes to show that medical conditions or disabilities can’t stop you from achieving your goals

  • Quan

    i guess that explains his shitty azz elementary lyrics

  • disco guy

    hip hop is full of crack babies

  • #300 Nigga

    My nicca still hardest nicca doin this shit rite now. All yall haters can eat a dicc on Folkz

  • Shante

    Did he really kill that boy doe???

  • Peachez

    Autism or not he still dope

  • Anonymous

    That explains it..

  • parker

    this nigga used his social security checks to pay for his videos lmfao!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you understand how social security works…

  • messy boi wonder

    manigga keef still go hard af on my granny

  • Amy

    omg is that flavor flave

  • Mike killa

    fucking eh! XD

  • d swag

    i knew something was off with this cat

  • triple f life

    no surprise here but he still dope

  • skate on ice

    chief don’t give a fuck what you haters gotta say cuz he laughing all the way to the bank



  • georgette

    who cares. he’s still paid so pow

  • elway

    chief be goin in

  • big squad

    yea this nigga be havin some of the worst interviews known to man

  • kress cold

    Everyone has their flaws. Don’t judge him by his misfortune but his gift. he makes hot music. that’s all that matters

  • Tiffany Donald

    There a lot of ignorant people on this thread. People need to grow up like right now

  • Paul Wall Grill

    Breakfast Club crew did a great job with interview. Being the professionals they are, they handled it pretty well given his condition.

  • Brittany

    Aww poor baby

  • Mariah

    Goes to show that a mental disorder cannot limit anyone. he has a hit song out right now. sky is the limit

  • Symone

    Wow, who would’ve known

  • Tyra

    I think it makes perfect sense. I shall stop judging that boy now lol

    • mikey

      shut up bitch and sug a dick

  • Clint

    I have a family member w/ autism so it is not really something laugh at. Chief Keef still sucks tho..

  • Emily

    Chief Keef is awesome

  • mikey rokks

    Aye, no jab at his autism condition, that’s nothin to make fun of; but lyrically speakin, his music ain’t got much substance. Won’t be talkin bout him 2013, bet.

    • y0lo

      niggah u crazy. keef’s shit slapp. maniggah gonna be around for years to come

    • flying saucer

      I couldn’t agree more with. Chief Keef’s music have no substance and is getting little bit redundant in hip hop. He makes hate music. I will not support that garbage

  • Doubt he’s autistic or has Asperger’s; he wouldn’t be able to fit in well with a gang for long as autistic folks don’t do the group thing very well, IIRC.

    Might have some anxiety issues dealing with reporters and having to watch what he says for a change of pace.

  • Byron

    lil nigga rich though, much respect

  • amos

    so niggas still love sosa

    • stfu stupid


  • debra

    I don’t believe it. I mean he may sound like an idiot. but I don’t think it’s true

  • Will

    makes sense o_O

  • stfu stupid

    yah actin like this niggas mentally challenged or juss not functional at all. its called constructive criticism. he might be autistic but that doesn’t stop him from bein in a gang, smokin tree, poppin bottles, fuckin bitches, drivin foreign cars , & this nigga even got a baby. that seems very functional tah me. ain’t nuffin wrong wit him. my cousin is autistic & he is tha funniest nigga alive yah actin like autistic people really retarded. but no bullshit, chief beats bang but his libes is wack af & half yah niggas on his dick & wanna be him. so tah some this upp, anybody can be famous.

  • tired of this mess

    i dont like it,, he is yet another pawn being used to continue the onslaught of ignorance for our youth. Please consider there is knowledge within our community, there is power and intrisic genius in our community, but the more people that are put on the airwaves to say absolutely nothing, there is no benefit to the listeners.. what will they learn from this music,,, stuff that he does not like, except again the women are exploited and weed is smoked.. great song.. autistic or not..

    • Raul

      hes just talkin about reality(when i say reality doesnt mean YOUR)

  • Anonymous

    he got the 18yr old killed the laughed about it on Twitter. That’s sick…I kinda hope he ends up getting locked up

    • Raul

      that kid jojo was threatin’ chief and all the GBE3Hunna, dont say shit x_x


  • Patrick B

    Psych! this MF sucks ass

  • Andrew W

    He’s never gona be the most famous rapper ever.
    he’s gona blow off like Waka Flocka and Co

  • Dre

    Ya ma niga keef keep doing ya thing # 300

  • Yep

    Represents the youth of america, so frightening yet so true.

  • Jerry

    To be honest, I’m autistic and I do not want to be associated with this moron. Real hip hop is not on the radio, and Chief Keef makes garbage rap, if you can even call it that.

  • Anonymous

    When I first heard chief keef first thing I wondered if he has aspergers no lie, not as insult I just knew because I have it myself. So I googled and what do u know. This kid has all the characteristics . he is in a diffetent world. Sadly asperger individuals have an above average intelligence because they give off obsessive focus and interest (look up any genius u may know) it is not a disability were just different but lack expression and communication but u can acquire it if u commit on self growth. I think this kid is just blinded and brainwashed by his ego nd the media also enslaved to express himself by anxiety and what others may think. He is still young but he’s going down s very dangerous road for someone with the syndrome and what he chooses to sorround himself because aspies are peaceful and visionaries by nature. Don’t judge the kid and don’t be ignorance towards aspergers do ur research and you’ll find many interesting stuff..

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  • mikebob

    Leave keef alone dont speak about him like that so what hes got asbuger I respet him and i fuck with him all you niggas are jelluz of him coz hes got more money than u niggas wonna be like him

  • 207mal

    Niggas make jokes about broke niggas everyday then soon as its to one of y’all shitty rappers y’all think niggas hating because they got money smh lol get tf out of here with that #Ignorance at it’s best

  • Peopleareidiots

    You guys are retarded if you believe Aspergers is a mental disorder. It’s not. I have it it’s a autism. This site just contradicted itself what a dipshit. #GetWokeBitch

  • $parkle Puss

    He has the capacity to mock a murder victim on social media, so there’s that. Autistic or not he sounds like a POS.

    I swear to GAWD, Americans make the stupidest bottom-feeders famous. Just look at our president & all the attention he gets every time he takes a shit. Stop talking about these mental midgets & they’ll go away! The record labels & media only feed us what we will eat. SOMEBODY is buying this guy’s retard rap or else he wouldn’t be famous. Stahp.

    P.S. – I have Asperger’s and have no qualms about words like “retard” because the two are not synonymous. Autistic people can be geniuses, retards or anything in between. (In terms of IQ, anyway). This fella appears to be somewhere on the lower end of the intelligence–and empathy–spectrum.

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