Jets Defensive End Quinton Coples Calls Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Brand ‘a Beautiful Thing’

Newsday reporter Kimberley Martin was present to witness Jets defensive end Quinton Coples engage in the sacred ritual of branding.

She described the scent of burning flesh as “overpowering” as his “skin crackled, bubbled and hissed under the scalding heat of flaming metal.”

Coples likened the smell to “bacon.”

“Your burned skin smells like bacon,” he told Newsday. “I never knew.”

Coples told Martin anyone could get a tattoo, but a brand makes his membership in Omega Psi Phi Fraternity official.

Gazing at the large keloid-scarred Omega symbols on his arms, he simply said, “It’s a beautiful thing.”

Check out gallery to view more photos of Coples’ brand by clicking here.

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  • CiCi

    that nasty looking brand is far from beautiful

    • loddy doddy

      IKR!! looks like someone went diarrhea in his arm

  • Alpha Swag

    That nicca look like he got a pile of dooky on his arm LMBAO!!!

    • whitemike

      ROFL LMAO!!

  • Marsha Brady

    ewww. i love the ques but that is not sexy

  • Hillary


  • Anonymous

    That is the ugliest thing i have ever laid eyes on.

  • OWTestMuthaFugga

    Roo 2 da Bruhs!!!

  • waka flocka flame

    He got money, he need to get that shit surgically removed asap

    • Jacob

      I don’t get it. Does he have a skin disease or something?

  • Anonymous

    QBs and RBs aren’t scared of him because of his size. It’s because of that whatever-the-hell-that-is thing on his arm haha

  • beautiful

    i don’t get it. why would he do that to himself?

  • Roderick

    I think everyone should start making a caption for the photo above lol

  • rick shadez

    his arm has a venereal disease lol

  • Abby

    i like it. i think it looks sexy

  • KAPsi til i die

    Whoever did his brand didn’t give a f*ck!! lmao

  • Bama

    Someone took a shit on his arm

  • band geek

    why is he covering his face? he should be covering that hideous keloid on his arm!!!

  • r3d

    i luv da bruhz

  • Jennifer

    I think it is beautiful. i wish i could lick it all day long!

  • dat nupe


  • Brian

    What kind of tattoo is that?

    • Reagan

      It looks cancerous. must be a tumor

      • Anonymous

        I’m a Sigma and I have 4 brands, but mine didn’t keloid! ! That’s about as whack as his frat. My brother pledged that frat, I gave him a sympathy card!

  • Ac

    I’m a Sigma and I have four brands! One of the greatest regrets of my life! My brother is an Omega and my other brother is a Kappa, they have no brands! I should have followed their examples; Just young n wild!

  • Raheam

    RQQ to the bruhs that shit Owt dog I got 4 brands mine didnt raise that much I wish they would have B owt team RQQ

  • jetsfan4life

    i feel like i would pop if he ever fell on
    its to far above da skin it looks terrible

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