K.O The God & Tone T.A.L.I.B.A.N.D ‘Want It All’

K.O The God wants it all and will get it by any means necessary.

K.O, who hails from the Englewood neighborhood in South Side Chicago, released his latest visual to single “Want It All” featuring Tone T.A.L.I.B.A.N.D.

The two trade bars in this Ramsay Tha Great-production and narrate their street dreams of making it to the top.

K.O lets the viewer get a glimpse of his humble beginnings in the Dada Creative visual as he croons in the song’s hook, “I just want it all because I never had it before/All I know is buck, buck, buck because being broke is not a joke.”

K.O then unleashes some bars in the track, rapping, “All my ni**as hungry, they eating through the grissle/I got a couple savages walking around with some missles/Yeah, I got a rocket launcher, AK and some pistols/All my bullets breaking through your bones, ripping your tissue.”

Tone follows K.O’s verses, “My demeanor is brighter than Sarafine with a mixture of kerosene that is lit with a cherry beam/Then I vacate from the scene and I meditate on my green to a better space so serene on a money chaser’s dream.”

K.O the God is definitely grinding and will undoubtedly have it all soon.

Check out K.O the God’s ‘Want It All’ featuring Tone T.A.L.I.B.A.N.D

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  • Martin Malone

    he da truth

  • These animals don’t know how to be civilized; just a useless bunch of thugs

    • Mr. Guwop

      go to their world and lets see if you survive. they just tryna make it like everybody else

  • Yung Jeezy

    dat nigga got on a hornets hat wit a green color coordinated button up lol

  • Anonymous

    hold on this sounds like in a daze o_O

  • Tyler Created Me

    ko talented n shit but leave those guns off camera. y’all want to get signed but yall gon scare the labels away. they aint gonna want to invest in you

  • connie

    he sing n rap dats dope

  • taylorgang

    this shit wack oml

  • Don Walker

    K.O u a very talented dude. i cant wait to hear more from u

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